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Good Housekeeping

A messy shop can hide hazards! Keep it clean

Bad Housekeeping

 Poor housekeeping is a hazard to yourself

and others.
Buddy System

Be Safe! Don’t be
alone when working
with hazardous
materials or in
dangerous work
conditions. Your life
can depend on it!!
Buddy System
 When performing potentially
hazardous/dangerous operations
– Make sure someone is in the
studio/workshop with you or
– Notify someone that you are in
there and what time you will check
with them when you complete your
– Check-in with that person if you
exceed your time estimate or if you
The Results of Poor housekeeping:
 Accidents
– Cluttered counter tops are a good source of
– Poorly maintained equipment or apparatus
can break spilling its contents, damage other
equipment or flying debris can cause injury.
– Containers and equipment on the floor are a
trip and spill hazard.
Safe Use of Equipment
 There needs to be a written Standard Operating
Procedure for all equipment.
 Everyone should be properly trained by someone
who is qualified before using any equipment.
 Improperly used or maintained equipment can
be dangerous to your health or can result in
expensive damages.
 Fires are common result with inappropriate
equipment usage.
Safe Use of Equipment
 Let the people around you know that you will be
using the equipment and that they are aware of
any possible dangers.
 Like with chemicals, wear the proper Personal
Protective Equipment to insure your safety!!
 Clean the equipment and the area around it
after you have finished. Clutter can hide
potential hazards.
Safe Use of Equipment

Keep your guards in place

Safety equipment is there for a reason,

your safety.
Be Aware!!

 Read the posted

warning signs!!
 Wear appropriate
Personal Protective
 Don’t place yourself
in a potentially
hazardous situation