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Peace Education

in the Workplace
vis-à-vis The
Teacher’s role
Cerelo (2001) defined peace as:
 A state of quiet or tranquility; freedom from violence.
 It is a state or reconciliation after shift or enmity friendly
relations, agreement and control.
 It can also mean freedom from anxiety or spiritual
 Peace is also defined as a state of LAW or civil
government, a state of JUSTICE or goodness, a BALANCE
or equilibrium of powers.
Two Types of Violence
Direct Violence Indirect Violence
 A form of violence where there is  Is a form of violence where
straight physical infliction of pain to circuitous manifestation of
personal and institutional well0being aggression, cruelty, and other forms
through the use of force. of demeaning behavior that
Examples generally affect the very essence of
human life.
 Personal : assault, rape, brutality,
terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing. Examples

 Institutionall: war, state-sponsored  Structural : sexism, racism,

terror, industrial destruction of plant discrimination, poverty, hunger, lack
and anumal life. of education and health services.
Two Distinction of Peace
Negative Peace Positive Peace
 Is the absence of  Is the state of
organized violence. It is a cooperation and
state where there is no
integration between
violence but there is no
other form of interaction major human groups.
either and where the best
characterization is
peaceful co-existence.
Level of Peace
 The innermost core in the various level of peace relationships.
 Boyd (1998) cited that personal or peace of mind may be
known by its effect on the subjective or inner life.
 Physically, peace is the absence of stress.
 Emotionally, peace is experienced as the letting go of
suffering and desire, and the appreciation and acceptance
of life.
 Mentally, when tasks are done and reflection is compleye,
the waves of the mind come to rest.
 Also called as interpersonal peace. Which includes social
relationships that promote and shape peace.
 It takes a single person to win another heart through
patience, kindness and love in order to create a new
 Life always give back what is giving out.
 Life is not a coincidence but a mirror of our own action
 No man is an island, our everyday life is an ongoing
negotiation and involvement with others.
 The magic is “ have peace”, make peace , and the rest
has it.
 When there is peace in the community. It spreads all over
the nation, then obviously there is national peace.
 According to Sedico (2000) in hgis write up the “the
meaning of peace” he stated that national peace pertains
to the serenity of the nation. Where there is the absence of
war, bombing, strife, terrorism, mob and other forms of
violence peace all over the nation lingers.
 National peace include the safety nets of the national
government to counteract terrorism, poverty alleviation,
stabilization of prices, and other noble peace programs to
maintain better peace and order situation in the country.
- also known as global peace
According to the Global campaign for peace, all netizens
should posses the following:
a. understanding global problems
b. Acquiring skills in resolving
c. Knowing and living by international standards of human
rights, gender and racial equality.
d. Appreciating culture diversity
e,. Respecting the integrity of the earth.
 Otherwise known as “Peace Between Humans and
beyond. It is said that peace can never be achieved by
peaceful self alone. Peace can be very ideal if we have a
peaceful relation between humans, the earth and

 “ I wish to be happy may all beings everywhere find

happiness, as I wish to feel peace, may all beings
everywhere know peace.
Boyd (1988)
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