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What is Leadership?
-the action of leading a group of
people or an organization
-it is the ability to be sensitive to
other’s needs and show concern for
their well-being
Effective Leadership
- they are the people who have the good
interpersonal skills and create cooperative
relationships (friendliness, outgoing, courteous)
with their followers and able to take socially
responsible decisions.
Workshop 2

1. List atleast 7-10 best Qualities of an Effective

2. Discuss the Number 1 question with your
group and assigned/appoint 1 member to be
the Secretary, 1 facilitator for the discussions
and 1 presenter.
Qualities of an Effective leader
1. Share their Vision
- a leader with vision has a clear idea of
where they want to go, how to get there and
what success looks like.

2. Lead by Example
- as a leader, the best way to build
credibility and gain the respect of others is to set
the right examples.
3. Demonstrate Integrity
- a leader with integrity draws on their
values to guide their decisions, behavior, and
dealings with others. They have clear
convictions about what is right and wrong and
are respected for being genuine, principled,
ethical and consistent.
- they have a strong sense of character,
keep their promises and communicate openly,
honestly and directly with others.
4. Communicate Effectively
- the ability to communicate clearly,
concisely, and tactfully is a crucial leadership
- the best leaders also communicate to
inspire and energize subordinates.

5. Make Hard Decisions

- to be an effective leader, the ability to
make fast, difficult decisions with limited
information is critical.
- make your final decisions with
convictions, take responsibility for it and follow
for it and follow it through. Being a resolute and
confident decision-maker will allow you to
capitalize on opportunity and earn the respect
of your team.
6. Recognize Success
- frequently and consistently recognizing
achievement is one of the most powerful habits
of inspiring leaders.
7. Empower Others
- great leaders understand that for people
to give their best, they must have a sense of
ownership over their works and believe that
what they’re doing is meaningful.
8. Motivate and Inspire
- the best leaders drive their team forward
with passion, enthusiasm, inspiration and
Shukran and Wassalam!!!

Darwisa Jamilon-Musaddin