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 Music emotion recognition(MER) detects the naturally emotional expression of

people for a music clip.
 It is an interdisciplinary research involving not only signal processing and machine
learning, but the understanding of auditory perception, psychology, and
 Experiments will be conducted via the measure of the correlation between
diverse emotional expressions and various musical cues.

2)Literature Survey
3)Problem Statement
5)Scope of the project
 Music Emotion Recognition(MER) System has been developed since the
emotion vary from person to person while listening to the same music.
 Characteristics such as timbre, intensity and rhythm are used.
 The ambiguity of emotional description has been reduced.
 Valency Arousal plane is used in which emotion states may vary according to
ever changing melody.
 Hevner helped in categorizing various adjectives into 8 different groups each
representing a class of mood.
 Russell later came up with the circumplex model.
 Thayer too came up with a dimensional model plotted along two axes with
mood represented by a two dimensional co-ordinate system.
 Yi Liu and YueGao extracted the Audio Features such as Rhythm, timbre,
intensity. They used and studied the Gaussian Mixture Model and Support
Vector Machine as classifier.
 Chia-Chu Liu and team presented an emotion detection and classification
system for pop music.
 Music listeners have tough time creating and cut off the play-list manually when
they have hundred’s of songs.
 It is also difficult to keep track of all the songs.
 Sometimes songs that are added are never used.
 User’s have to manually select songs every time based on interest and mood.
 Currently in existing application, music is organized using play-list and play-list
songs cannot be modified or altered in one click.
 User’s have to manually change or update each songs in their playlist every
 Classification of songs than just using traditional information
 Artificial intelligence acquires the capacity to detect mood of a person
 Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence
 There is slight difference between mood and emotion.
 Detect the user’s mood and accomplish it with the suitable music.

 Human mood, cultural back ground, individual personality, choice of song

etc.. affects the categorization of music.
 Adjectives describing emotions can be ambiguous.
 Choosing a song suiting our mood.

Mood of the music is a basic aspect and finds its usefulness in music retrieval
systems or mood taxonomy applications.
 System : intel core i5
 Harddisk : 1TB
 Monitor : 15 VGA Colour
 Mouse : Logitech
 RAM : 4GB

 Operating System : Window xp/Window7
 Software tool : Anaconda
 Code language : Python
 Database : Mysql
 Hosting : AWS(Amazon Web Server)
 We can detect the mood of the person
 Based on the mood on the person we can post the addvitisments
 It helps in the promoting marketing producuts
 Example:Amazon adds, Youtube adds, Facebook adds etc..
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