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• A progressive, black lesbian minister from Detroit, Michigan who is affiliated with the
Fellowship of Affirming Ministries and the United Church of Christ.
• Married to her wife, Kentina, a chaplain and religious educator. And together they
have a daughter named Sophia..
• Earned a Master of Divinity from Lancaster Theological Seminary.
• Naomi is the Faith Work Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force
• Professor in the Theology and Religious Studies department at Villanova University.
• Passionate about fighting oppressive systems of racism and homophobia through
preaching truth to power and building an inclusive and affirming Christianity.

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• Present Day Activist
• The Christian Left
FOR SUCH AS A • Anti-Racism and Anti-Homophobia in the Trump Era
TIME AS THIS • A message of hope in a time of fear
• “To rebuild the broken hearts of the community.”
(Leapheart, 2015)
• Faith Work Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force
• Served as a member of the Faith and Spiritual Affairs
Advisory Board of the City of Philadelphia Department of
ACCOMPLISHMENTS Behavioral Health and Disability Services
• Community Organizer for POWER
• Published in the volume, From Generation to Generation: A
Commemorative Collection of African American Millennial
Sermons from the Festival of Preachers 2010-2015
• A voice of hope for black queer Christians at the
intersections of race, faith, and sexuality
• Condemns the sins of racism, sexism, and homophobia
BLACK QUEER • “God's Spirit will pour out on ALL flesh, which includes
PERSONS Black, Brown, indigenous, poor, queer, trans,
undocumented, and disabled flesh.” (Schmit, 2019)
• Board member of Roots of Justice
• Resistance through existence
BLACK QUEER • Inspires black congregations to stand up to oppressive
POLITICS systems through traditional and nontraditional politics.
• Advocated for amending the Religious Freedom and
Restoration Act of 1993

• Pedagogy- a system of instruction, teaching. • Nontraditional Politics using creativity to fight systems of
• Liberation- level of freedom through thought or action and
rejecting certain images and replace with another image. • Traditional Politics rallying marginalized communities to
• Praxis- action that follows a particular theory and creates
political and economic change. • Sermons that challenge the ideologies of the oppressor.

• Autonomy- defining one’s self independently of outside • “Revolutionary Mothering” parenting praxis through
influences. which we work to end white supremacy, patriarchy,
homophobia, transphobia, and economic exploitation
• Encouraging marginalized communities that they define who
they are and own their power.
• Influential Black Queer Christian
• Exposes systematic oppression
• Rebuilder or people
• A message of hope, not fear
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It brings the intersections of race,
sexuality, and religion together.

Image Source: Jewish Press

“No matter what it looks like on
the outside, when our hands go to
work, things change. When our
hands go to work, the opposition
falls back. When our hands go to
work, the city is rebuilt.”

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