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After the Banglos community was hit by strong

typhoons, Smart and Gawad Kalinga have
collaborated with the local fishermen-turned-
sculptors into creating beautiful wooden art
pieces to start anew in Barangay Banglos.
To establish Banglos sculptures as world-class
art pieces.
Introduce Banglos art as world-class art pieces
and bring them closer to those who want to
make a difference while enjoying a beautiful
work of art.
Target Market
Carina, 29, gallery owner and art

“I choose only the most beautiful

artworks and sculptures for my

With Carina’s impeccable taste, she

shapes the local art scene by
showcasing beautiful and meaningful
works of art.
Target Market
Jeremy, 36, interior designer.

“I want to showcase the best

works of art when I design
different places as well as have
one for myself at home.
Ultimately, I want to showcase
the talents of our local artists.”

Jeremy shapes the homes of

different people by fusing design
with personality.
We help shape the Philippine art scene by
appreciating and promoting local-made world-class
art pieces.
Big Idea
(Shaping The Things To Come logo)

Shaping Passion.
As a community of artists, they turn the very wood that
their homes into beautiful works of art.

Shaping Tomorrow.
We, too, can help shape their future when we buy their
Shaping The Future With Art
We partner with different EU organizations that thrive
in art-inclined events and campaigns to help us
promote this art exhibit. This partnership helps us
reach a greater audience.
Pre-Event: Invitations
We send out invitations which come with a small piece of wood, that
is later used for an activity.

“You are cordially invited to the opening of Shaping The Things To

Come, an exhibit of world-class sculptures at the Venice Piazza at
the McKinley on July 5, 2013 at three o’clock p.m.
This exhibit will continue until August 5, 2013.
Shaping The Things To Come identifies and promotes the Banglos
Art sculptors from Gen. Nakar, Quezon.”
Pre-Event: Banners
We display banners all over the McKinley community
inviting them to visit the Banglos booth.

“We shape the future of Banglos.

Banglos shapes the future of Art.
Shaping The Things To Come.
July 5 – August 5, 2013 at the Atrium, Venice Piazza
Shaping The Things To Come

Through this exhibit, we share the rich and storied

experiences of the Banglos community and how this has
shaped how they view the world today.
Sample Sculpture Description:

Shape of a New Day

This rooster symbolizes the strength of the Banglos community after a
devastating calamity left the barangay in ruins.
Shaping Solidarity: Banglos Chisel

At the venue, we allot a table that is enclosed in a frame.

When attendees visit the booth, they put their wood
pieces (that was part of the invitation) inside the frame
that will later reveal that these pieces form a giant
chisel—an essential tool for the Banglos artists.

This shows how we are one with them in shaping their


(Picture of FRAME/CHISEL)
We tell the story of the Banglos residents and how they
shape their lives today after the typhoons destroyed their
homes. Resilient and strong like the wood they make
use of to make beautiful art pieces, we take inspiration
from driftwood and create a booth with that overall look
and feel.

(Picture of booth—The walls are lined with brief

Banglos stories depicting their strength to shape
how they want the community to become. There is a
registration table, and another table for the
completed CHISEL image from the launch. Wooden
sculptures rest on differently-shaped pedestals.)
Help Shape the Art Scene
Representatives from the different EU organizations
grace the event to help shape our art scene with their

Each representative receives a commissioned art piece

from the Banglos community which can help shape the
future of our cultural partnerships.
Smart helps shape the future of Art

We create a virtual gallery on Pinterest and Facebook to

let everyone know about our ongoing exhibit. We post
only the top 5 pictures of the wooden art pieces to
encourage them to visit the exhibit.

To raise awareness, we also post photos of esteemed

guests and partners who have supported this exhibit.

We also create a virtual walkthrough of the event where

we feature
Launch Program Flow:
09:00 AM Opening
09:15 AM Opening Remarks from Rey Paz Contreras
09:30 AM Ribbon Cutting by Smart and GK representatives
09:35 AM Toast led by EU organization representatives
09:45 AM Speech by Banglos Artist
10:00 AM End of launch
Selling Booth
We feature a selling booth at the ATRIUM that showcases
the Banglos sculptures.

We tap different high-end lifestyle magazines for a
magazine feature following our exhibit.

• Discover Banglos Art
• Future of the Banglos Community takes shape in
world-class wooden sculptures