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What is Business Objects









„ s „hat BO Pr ides
!n edge Sharing Pan

‡ Designer
‡ BusinessObjects
‡ Superis r
‡ WebInteigence
‡ Br adcastAgent Serer

‡ Intr ducti n
‡ Defining c nnecti ns
‡ Seecting and ieing tabes and c umns
‡ Creating j ins
‡ Res ing  ps
‡ Creating casses and bjects
‡ Managing unierses
Intr ducing Designer


intended specifica f r  u the unierse designer.
With DESIGNER,  u can create unierses, the
semantic aer that is ates end users fr m the technica
issues f the database structure. Unierses can be
dedicated t specific gr ups f end users in  ur
c mpan r rganizati n.
Phases In Unierse Design

‡ Panning
‡ Anasis
‡ Design
‡ Impementati n
‡ Maintenance

A unierse is a business- riented mapping f the data

structure f und in databases: tabes, c umns, j ins, etc.
A unierse can represent an specific appicati n,
sstem, r gr up f users. F r exampe, a unierse can
reate t a department in a c mpan such as marketing
r acc unting.

A cass is a  gica gr uping f bjects ithin a unierse.

In genera, the name f a cass refects a business c ncept
that c nes the categ r r tpe f bjects.

An bject is the m st refined c mp nent in a unierse. It

maps t data r a deriati n f data in the database.



Defining C nnecti n
Seecting And Vieing „abes
And C umn
Res ing L ps

Detecting L ps
Using C ntexts
Attaching C ntexts „ L ps
Creating Casses And Objects
Inserting Objects In Cass



Defining Hierarch
Managing Unierses

‡ Imp rt
‡ Exp rt


Anasis, Rep rting & Quer „ 


ÚÚ !" 






 ÚÚ !"%Ú&

What data s urces are aaiabe?

‡ Reati na databases (RDBMS), such as

ORACLE, Micr s ft SQL Serer, Inf rmix
and IBM DB2.
‡ Mutidimensi na (OLAP) databases, such
as Micr s ft OLAP Serices, Hperi n
Essbase, and ORACLE Express.

‡ „ext fies and spreadsheets

‡ Packaged appicati ns such as SAP
‡ Virtua an data s urce using Micr s ft
Visua Basic f r Appicati ns (VBA)
pr cedures.
Creating Rep rts
P er Of BusinessObjects
We Can...

‡ Define sc pe f anasis
‡ Define c nditi ns
‡ Create Master/Detai rep rts
‡ Break up tabes and dispa cacuati ns
‡ Add F rmuas, L ca ariabes and
Functi ns
‡ Create Charts
We Can...

‡ Anaze data in Dri m de

‡ Use Sice and Dice
‡ F rmat the rep rts
‡ Exp rt rep rt resuts
Defining Sc pe f Anasis
Defining C nditi ns
Creating Master/Detai Rep rt
Breaking Up „abes
Dispaing Cacuati ns Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
F rmuas, L ca Variabes And
Functi ns




 !p "#

Creating Charts Step 1
Step 2
Anazing Data In Dri M de
Using Sice And Dice M de
F rmatting „abes & Charts
Exp rting Rep rt Resuts
What Is Superis r


ÚÚ !"





When Y u Use It First „ime




    +  " 


      * ,  


  - $ .    *   


  *    $



„pes Of Users

‡ Genera Superis r
‡ Superis r
‡ Superis r-Designer
‡ Designer
‡ End User
‡ Versatie User
Res urces

‡ Unierses
‡ D cuments
‡ Rep sit r D main
‡ St red Pr cedures
Rep sit r D mains

‡ Securit D main
‡ Unierse D main
‡ D cument D main
Securit D main









*  ÚÚ !"   



Unierse D main

" *   


01(     * 


D cument D main



ÚÚ !"+   



„pes Of Rep sit r Instaati ns

‡ Defaut Instaati n
‡ Cust m Instaati n
‡ Rec er Instaati n
Defaut Instaati n





Cust m Instaati n







  * * 
Rec er Instaati n











Superis r¶s Basic Pr cedures

‡ Creating user gr ups

‡ Creating users
‡ Checking user auth rizati ns
Managing User And Gr ups
Managing User And Gr ups

‡ Managing Gr ups
‡ Managing Users
‡ Finding User and User Gr ups
‡ Printing User, Gr ups and Res urces
Rep rts
Managing Gr ups

‡ Creating Gr up
‡ Defining Gr up pr perties
‡ Deeting a Gr up
‡ Renaming a Gr up
Managing Users

‡ Creating a User
‡ Defining User Pr perties
‡ Changing a User Pr fie
‡ Assigning a User t a Gr up
‡ C ntr ing User L gin „ime
‡ M ing a User fr m One Gr up t An ther
‡ Disabing/Enabing a User
‡ Deeting a User and Rem ing a User fr m
a Gr up
‡ Renaming a User
‡Finding A User / User Gr up

  1   ( (

Managing Res urces

‡ Managing the Rep sit r

‡ Changing r Rem ing the schedue f the
‡ Managing C nnecti ns
‡ Imp rting/Exp rting Unierses
‡ Deeting Res urces
Assigning Res urces „ Users
Assigning Res urces „ Users

‡ Assigning BusinessObjects Pr ducts t

‡ Assigning Unierses t Users r Gr ups
‡ Assigning St red Pr cedures t Users r
Gr ups
‡ Assigning D cuments and „empates t
‡ Assigning Rep sit r D mains t Users
Imp rting And Exp rting Users And
Gr ups
Br adcast Agent
What is Br adcast Agent


and INFOVIEW users t aut matica pr cess and
pubish their d cuments ia the rep sit r, an intranet,
extranet and the W rd Wide Web.
Br adcast Agent Features

‡ Aut mated d cument scheduing and

pubishing - h  end users submit
d cuments, and the pti ns the can use
‡ On the serer side, CORBA-enabed
features such as  ad baancing and serer
ptimizati n using caches
‡ „racing BROADCAS„ AGEN„ actiit
‡ Access and securit
What Br adcast Agent Can D

‡ Refresh and print d cuments...

‡ Use a printer that the end user seects, n t
just the defaut
‡ Rep rt bursting, i.e., refresh the d cument
ith each recipient¶s user pr fie
‡ Sae as rtf r text
‡ Perf rm cust m tasks ith VBA macr s
‡ Pubish n channes
‡ Begin pr cessing n if a c nditi n such as
increased reenue is met
‡ At reguar times r interas, f r exampe
eer Frida at midnight
‡ At start and st p dates that  u set
‡ Pr cess  ur d cument n hen an ther
fie is present
H  Br adcast Agent
W rks ?
C mp nents f Br adcast Agent

‡ BO Serices Administrat r
‡ „he Scheduer
‡ „he BO Manager
‡ „he C ns e
BO Serices Administrat r




„he Scheduer

"     #  










 ÚÚ !"



„he BO Manager

Ú5     *



ÚÚ !" 
ÚÚ !"




„he Br adcast Agent C ns e








Br adcast Agent W rkf 
Br adcast Agent As A Distributed
S uti n


* * 
%    *  
  &     %

 * &  * % * 



 m ›
What Is Custer ?


!(Ú, "  

3 "  


3 ! 
C mp nents f BCA Manager

Componn po

„he utiit that BCA uses as
its bject request br ker
0  0 %,0&
%,0& Aut matica actiates
bjects in the distributed
net rk, f r exampe hen
faiure ccurs.
BCA And WebI
Using BCA Administrat r „ 
Setting Parameters Of
Using BCA C ns e
C ns e Opti ns

‡ Batch ID
‡ Categ ries
‡ C nditi ns
‡ Cr ss-Patf rm
‡ Deete Fie Watcher
‡ Descripti n
‡ D c ID
‡ D cument „pe
‡ Ended at
‡ Err r
‡ Expirati n Date
‡ Fie Sstem f der
‡ Fie Watcher
‡ First Begin Date
‡ Frequenc
‡ H st name
‡ H„ML F der
‡ Macr Inf
‡ Next Schedue
‡ Oerrite M de
N n Pr cessed „ask Status

‡ Waiting
‡ Suspended
‡ Running
‡ Deaed Executi n
‡ Retring
Pr cessed „ask Status

‡ Successfu
‡ Faied
What Is WebInteigence






/ //
What Y u Can D With WEBI

WEBIN„ELLIGENCE c mes in t m dues, b th f

hich  rk n t p f Business Objects INFOVIEW.


Adantages f WEBI

‡ Securit
‡ High Aaiabiit and Perf rmance
‡ Zer Administrati n Cient
‡ Sef-Serice Data Access
‡ Unified metadata
WEBI Functi na Basics
WEBI Architecture
H  WEBI „aks With
Web Serer
H  WEBI Queries Inf rmati n
















H  Users L g int WEBI
Sessi n Management
User Authenticati n
Running Quer n WEBI
Using Inf ie
WEBI H mepage
„pes Of D cuments

‡ C rp rate D cuments
‡ Pers na D cuments
‡ Inb x D cuments
‡ Schedued D cuments
C rp rate D cuments



Pers na D cuments



  * 8

 9: * :/
 :8   9

Inb x D cuments


Schedued D cuments




Creating D cuments
Using Secti ns
Saing as Pers na D cument
Pubishing „ C rp rate
D cuments
Sending D cument t Users
Driing D n
Adding C nditi ns
„urning „abes „ Charts
F rmatting D cuments
Changing Opti ns
„hank Y u