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Involves three interacting sets of systems

’ ©ersonal systems
’ Individual nurses and patients
’ Interpersonal systems
’ Are generally small groups - Family
’ Social systems
’ Religious organizations, universities, and
mhe mheory of Goal Attainment

’ mhe essence of goal attainment theory is that the

nurse and the patient work together to define
and reach goals that they set together. mhe
patient and nurse each perceive, judge, and act,
and together the patient and nurse react to each
other and interact with each other.
’ King believes that the main function of nursing is
to increase or to restore the health of the patient,
so then, transactions should occur to set goals
related to the health of the patient.
Importance of the Study

mhe outcome of the study will help different

groups in the community.
* For them to see the possibilities of improving
or introduce a new health care delivery
system would mean improving the life of the
people in the community.
* So that decisions will be guided
* mhe outcome of this study will encourages the
nurses to enhance the health care system
through health teaching, responsible and
immediate implementation of nursing care,
and promoting health towards the
’ mo create awareness among the community
’ Community people will be motivated by the
desire to increase well-being and actualize
human health potentials.
* mhis may serve as a reference for future
Related Studies

Magno (2001) - Which dealt on the Health Care

System in Barangay Sambag 1 and Sambag II.

Melanez (2003) ʹ Which dealt on the Health

Indicators of Effectiveness of Health Care
System in Duljo Fatima, Cebu City.
Research Method

Descriptive design was used.

* mhis study sought to observe, describe,
document aspects through the aid of
questionnaires, interviews, statistical
treatment, and analysis of data generated
from responses to questions asked in the
survey instrument.

mhis study was conducted among the

employees in the Department of Health in
Lapu-Lapu City, whose perception about the
effectiveness of the ©roposed Mobile Health
Clinic were collected and documented.
©rofile of Respondents as to Age
©rofile of Respondents as to Gender
©rofile of Respondents as to Civil Status
Effectiveness of the Mobile Health Clinic as
to Accessibility

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Effectiveness of the Mobile Health Clinic as
to Affordability



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Effectiveness of the Mobile Health Clinic as
to Functions



Effectiveness of the Mobile Health Clinic as
to Delivery of Services

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’ mhis study on the DOH employees͛ perception of
the effectiveness of Mobile Health Clinics on the
accessibility, affordability, functions and services
had made the researcher draw the following
conclusion. Based on the findings the researcher
concluded that the DOH employees are generally
positive with the concept of having mobile health
clinics that would cater to the needs of the
people in the community. mhe DOH employees
found it effective on all four areas as to
accessibility, affordability, functions and delivery
of services.
1. mhe main recommendation resulting from the study is that for the Local
Government Unit to conduct further study as to its cost and budget
allocation for the project.
2. Another recommendation resulting from the study is that before
delivering any community based health care system the local
government should increase the awareness of the community as this will
promote optimal involvement.
3. It is further recommended that different offices of the Local Government
(i.e Mayor's office, mreasurer's Office, Department of ©lanning Services,
Information mechnology and Local health officers) should collaborate in
order to realize a mobile health clinic for the public such as those
implemented by private sectors.
4. If similar program will be realized by the local government, future
researchers are encouraged to conduct similar studies by utilizing other
variables like comparison of effectiveness of mobile health clinics between
privately owned mobile health clinics and government operated mobile
health clinics.

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History of Medical Coaches
US Based Mobile Health Clinics
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