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How to Use/Print these rules

You can edit ANY text box to type ANY rules you

** When printing these rules, make sure to click

“Scale to fit paper” in the printing options to
ensure the borders print correctly.

To do this in PowerPoint 2012:

1. Click File – Print
2. Click where it says “Full page slides
3. Click “Scale to fit paper”

If you are using Whole Brain teaching in your

classroom, print these 5 rules (pages 37) to display
and refer to on a daily basis. Laminate them for
durability or place in a plastic sheet protector (cut
the sides with the holes off).

The signature slide is optional to print. After

discussing the rules with your students and
practicing them, have your students sign the purple
page saying they agree to follow these rules. (If you
laminate this, you can clean it off with Expo cleaner
at the end of the year to reuse it!)

Pages 9 –14 have different pictures you may choose

to use for your Whole Brain rules (or any classroom
Rule #1

Follow directions
Rule #2

Raise your hand

for permission to
Rule #3

Raise your hand

for permission to
leave your seat
Rule #4

Rule #5

Keep your dear

teacher happy
Rule #1

Be prepared
Rule #2

Be respectful
Rule #3

Be a good
Rule #4

Be a good
Rule #5

Be responsible
Rule #6

Be your best
These posters are being provided free to use in your Whole
Brain Teaching classroom. Feel free to share these with
your colleagues.

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