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Laraine Dave
 Cancer survivor
 Drinks Kombucha daily
Chinese Medicine Journal
“Kombucha is a potent antioxidant
demonstrated to reduce the damage
induced by oxidative stress.”
“Kombucha may repair damage
caused by environmental pollutants
such as TCE and may be beneficial
to patient suffering from renal
History of Kombucha
Firstrecorded history of Kombucha
date back to the Tsin Chinese Dynasty
2000 years ago.

InJapan, 415 AD the name

“Kombucha” first came to rise.

Last year sales of Kombucha in the US

topped $295 million. Up 25% over a two
year period.
So what is Kombucha?
A Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and
 Contains amino acids, Vitamins B1,
B2, B3, B6, B12 and C, antioxidants,
probiotics, organic acids and active
Brewing Kombucha
 To start you’ll need a culture, a little bit
of already fermented tea, sugar and
some loose leaf tea or tea bags.
Brewing Kombucha
Allow to sit in glass
jar for 7 to 14 days

Bottle and let Komucha

mature for another 5 days.
 Has a long history and gaining
popularity here in the states

 Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and


 You can brew it at home

 It’s good and good for you!