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1/27/2011 CHARU NAGPAL 2


1/27/2011 CHARU NAGPAL 3

]The major purpose of
descriptive research is
description of the state of
affairs, as it exists in the
]It includes surveys and fact-
finding enquiries of different

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1/27/2011 CHARU NAGPAL 5

mIt is based on the
measurement of quantity
and amount
mIt is applicable to
phenomena that can be
expressed in terms of
1/27/2011 CHARU NAGPAL 6
ëConcerned with qualitative
ëIf we are interested in
investigating the reasons for
human behavior ͙ which is a
part of qualitative research
Related to some abstract
idea or theory
It is generally used by
philosophers and thinkers
to develop new concepts
or to interpret existing ones
Relies on experience or
observations alone
It is data based research
Coming up with conclusions
which are capable of being
verified by observation and
1. Assists in solving various
operational and planning
problems of business and
2. Helps to establish social
relationships and solves social
3. Research is used in all fields of
applied economics, applied
finance and applied
mathematics etc͙
1.Situational Analysis
2.Formulation of research
3.Research Design
4.Data collection
5.Data processing
6.Data analysis and
7.Report writing
1.Sampling errors
2.Non sampling errors
mÕarketing research studies are
based on samples of people or
products or stores
mThe results emerging from such
studies are then generalized
1.Defective problem definition
2.Defective population
3.Frame error
4.Non response error
5.Experimental error
6.Poor questionnaire design
7.Interviewer bias
8.Data analysis error

1.Search of secondary data and Literature
2.Survey of knowledgeable persons or
experience survey
3.Case study