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W I T H #
About Me
About you
• How do you feel?

• What would you like to feel more of?

• What would you like to feel less of?

You have Choices
• Modern Approach to health

• Holistic Approach to health

• Healthy Balance between the two

Modern Approach
• Typically only addresses symptoms not CAUSE

• Synthetic

• Side effects (known & unknown)

• $6.5+ trillion/year spent on global healthcare

• Broken system

• Are we healthier?
Holistic Approach
• Addresses body’s needs

• Extracted from plants

• Enhances overall health

• Little to no side effects

What is an essential oil?
• Sourced from nature, Effective, and Safe

• Naturally derived aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from

plants for health benefits.

• Contain hundreds of different compounds, providing complex and

versatile abilities to combat threats without building up resistance.

• Affordable. Cents per dose!

Importance of quality
• Plants harvested in their natural habitat

• Verified - pure; free of fillers and harmful contaminants

• Stringent third party testing ensures authenticity and potency.

• You can check the testing of each batch of oils

How to use oils
Aromatic Topical Food Additive
Breathe in or diffuse to:-

• Create a welcoming environment

• Freshen the air

• Calming

• Supports your respiratory system

• Use a cool mist diffuser – avoid excessive heat

• Fresh and cooling effect

• Opens up airways

• Soothes digestive discomforts

• Supports focus

• Great for exercise

• Add 1 drop to a carrier oil or natural moisturiser

• Make up your own roller bottles

• Add a drop or 2 to the bottoms of your feet or area of concern.

Ice Blue
• Apply before and after exercise

• Soothes sore joints and muscles

• Use for a deep tissue massage

• Soothes head and neck tension

• Great for before and after exercise

Food Additive
• Add a drop to water or tea

• Add a drop to food

• Do this only with doTERRA Oils and read the label

• Only use in glass or stainless steel

• Neutralises odours – cleanses the air

• Add a drop to water or tea or food

• Support healthy digestion

• Dilute in spray bottle to clean

• Uplifting to your mood

• Soothing and calming

• Supports a restful sleep

• Calms stings, bites and cuts

• Add a few drops to your feet or pillow before bed

• Supports skin
Tea Tree
• Add a few drops to a spray bottle for cleaning

• Calms stings, bites and cuts - supports skin

• Diffuse during the cooler months for support

• Add to shampoo to cleanse the scalp

• Renowned for its cleansing qualities and to revitalize the

appearance of the skin

• Apply to fingernails and toenails after showering to cleanse and

keep nails looking healthy
• Overall body support

• Apply topically to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections

• Massage into body to promote feelings of relaxation

• Use to promote a restful sleep

• Overall body support

• Use 1 drop in Italian cooking

• Always use diluted

Easy Air
• Respiratory support

• Natural replacement for vapour rub

• Diffuse for a restful sleep

• Breathe in to open airways

• Dilute and rub on chest and back

• Digestive support

• Add 1 drop to water before food

• Use to support sinuses

• Protective blend

• Diffuse during the cooler months

• Add to spray bottle for cleaning

• Add to roller bottle for over all body support

Natural Home
• Non-toxic cleaning

• Non–toxic laundry

• Non-toxic self care

Daily health habits
Microplex VMZ Alpha CRS xEO MEGA

• Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals • Digestive Enzyme • Source of omega-3 fatty acids,
for the maintenance of good health eicosapentenoic acid (EPA) and
• Helps to support liver function
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
• Source of antioxidants that help fight, protect
• Provides antioxidants to help protect cells
against and reduce cell damage caused by free • Helps support cardiovascular and cognitive
against oxidative damage
radicals health

• Aids in digestion and supports a healthy • Helps in the absorption of calcium and
immune system phosphorous for the development and
maintenance of bones

Multi Vitamin Happy Cells Omegas

Thank You
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What next

Message your name and your top three health concerns to me on

04# to be eligible for your extra free gift.

Or pm me on m.me/# with any questions you would like

answered straight after this class
Would you like more information?
# and I are here to answer your questions.

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Let’s make
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