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Semana Cultural


 Amazing Sorprendente
 Unexpected Ynesperado
 Stylish àon estilo
 Tempting Êentador
 Relaxing elajante
 Adventurous c enturero
 Liberating |iberador
 Inspiring Ynspirador
 Attractive ctracti o
custralia is one of the se en continents of
the world. àan you remember the names of
the other continents?

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J ¼= J  dólares australianos:
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     abbre iated as

) is custralia's oldest and most
populous state located in the south-
east of the country north of Victoria
and south of Queensland. Yt was
founded in J and originally
comprised much of the custralian
mainland as well as |ord Howe
Ysland and Norfolk Ysland. New
Zealand was not initially part of the

 ruring the Jth century large areas

were successi ely separated to form
the British colonies of Êasmania
South custralia Victoria
Queensland and New Zealand.
 r   is a state located in the
southeastern corner of custralia. Yt is
the smallest mainland state in area but
the most densely populated and
urbanised. Prior to European
settlement some 30 000 Yndigenous
custralians li ed in the area now
occupied by the state.

 European settlement in Victoria began

in the J30s as a farming community.
Êhe disco ery of gold in JJ
transformed it into a leading industrial
and commercial centre. Victoria is the
second most populous custralian state
after New South Wales with an
estimated population of  0 00 as of
June 00. Melbourne is Victoria's
capital and largest city with more than
0% of all Victorians li ing there

 @  is a state of
custralia occupying the north-
eastern section of the mainland
continent. Yt is bordered by the
Northern Êerritory to the west
South custralia to the south-west
and New South Wales to the
south. Êo the east Queensland is
bordered by the àoral SeaX 
and Pacific Ocean. Êhe state is
custralia's second largest by area
following Western custralia and
the country's third most populous
after New South Wales and

  c  is a state of custralia

in the southern central part of the
country. Yt co ers some of the most arid
parts of the continent; with a total land
area of 3  square kilometres
3  sq mi) it is the fourth largest
of custralia's six states and two
 With nearly J.6 million people the state
comprises less than J0% of the
custralian population and ranks fifth in
population among the states and
territories. Êhe majority of its people
reside in the state capital cdelaide
with most of the remainder settled in
fertile areas along the south-eastern
coast and i er Murray.

  is an custralian island and

state of the same name. Yt is located
0 kilometres J0 mi) south of the
eastern side of the continent being
separated from it by Bass Strait. Êhe
state of Êasmania includes the island of
Êasmania and other surrounding
islands. Êasmania has an estimated
population of  0 March 00) and
an area of 6 0J square kilometres
6 J0 sq mi).
 Êasmania is promoted as the O  
  and the "Ysland of Ynspiration"
owing to its large and relati ely
unspoiled natural en ironment.
Western custralia
   c  is a state
occupying the entire western
third of the custralian
continent. Êhe nation's largest
state and the second largest
subnational entity in the world
it has .J million inhabitants
J0% of the national total)
% of whom li e in the
south-west corner of the state.

 Êhe southwest coastal area is

relati ely temperate and was
originally hea ily forested.
 ‘luru is one of custralia's most
recognisable natural icons. Yt is
the second-largest monolith in
the world after Mount
cugustus also in custralia)
more than 3J m 6 ft) high
and  km  miles) around. Yt
also extends . km J. miles)
into the ground.
 ‘luru also referred to as cyers
ock is a large sandstone rock
formation in the southern part of
the Northern Êerritory central
 ‘luru is sacred to the cboriginal
people of the area. Yt has many
springs waterholes rock ca es
and ancient paintings. ‘luru is
listed as a World Heritage Site.
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Õ  à 

 Êhe Great Barrier

eef the world's
largest coral reef lies
a short distance off
the north-east coast
and extends for o er
 000 kilometres
J 0 mi).