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 Computer networking devices are units that
mediate data in computer network
 Network equipment, intermediate systems
(IS) or interworking unit (IWU).
junction of networking devices



Networking devices are follows :-
 Cannot link unlike segments.
 Cannot join segments with different access
methods (e.g. CSMA/c d &token passing).
 Do not isolate & filter packets .
 Can connect different types of media.
 The mot eco way of expanding networks.
 epeaters &hubs works at the osi physical
layer to regenerate the networks signal &
resend them to other segments.
 Primitive hubs can be viewed as a multiport
 It regenerate data& broadcasts them to all
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 wayers 2 switches can not take advantage of
multiple paths.
 outer works at the OSI wayer 3 (network
 They use the µlogical addressµ of packets and
routing tables to determine the best path for
data delivery.
c As packets are passed from router data link layer
source and destination addresses are stripped off
and hen recreated.
c Enables a router to route a packet form a tcp/ip
ethernet n\w s to tcp/ ip token ring network.
c Only packets with known network address will the
passed- hence reduce traffic.
c outes can listen to a network and identify busiest
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 Switches operate at the data link layer(layer2) of the
OSI model.
 Can interpret address information.
 Switches resemble bridges and can be considered as
multiport bridges.
 By having multiport can better use limited
bandwidth and prove more cost-effective than
 Switches divide the a networks into several isolated
 educe the possibility of collision .
 Collision only occurs when two devices try to get
occurs to one channel.
 Each channel has its own network capacity suitable
for real-time application (e g video conferencing).
 Since isolate, hence secure
 data will only go to the destination but not others.
 bridges connect network segment.
 They are used to increase the maximum possible
size of the network.
 The bridges read the physical location of the source
and destination computer from address.
 A bridges selectively determines the appropriate
segment to which it should pass the signals.
 ÿateway comprise of software dedicated
 Network or combination of both.
 A gateway is a device that can interpret & translate
the different protocol that are used on two distinct
network, gateway operates in on 7 layer of osi
 Networks model.
 A gateway can actually converted the data so that
it works with an application on a computer on the
other side of the gateway.