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What is Outsourcing
Types Of Outsourcing
Reasons Of Outsourcing
What is a Call Centre
Services of Call Centre
Benefits of being in a Call Centre
Top Countries Outsourcing
Time Zones
Hierarchy in Call Centers
Notable Call Centers in India
Communication Skills
Telephonic Skills
Reading & Listening skills
Neutral Accent - Reduction of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
Jaw Exercises/Passage Reading Exercises
Pronunciation of Consonants & Vowels
Intonation Syllable Stress

Resume Preparation
Round of Interviews
Aptitude Test
Personal Interview
Mock Sessions
F. Other Requirements
— What is Outsourcing?
Is where two organizations may enter into a contractual agreement
involving an exchange of services and payments

— BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)-
Is typically categorized into back office outsourcing - which includes
internal business functions such as human resources or finance and
accounting,, and front office outsourcing - which includes customer-
accounting customer-related
services such as contact center services.

— KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)-

Is a form of outsourcing
outsourcing,, in which knowledge-
knowledge-related and information-
related work is carried out by workers in a different company or by a
subsidiary of the same organization. The offshore team servicing a KPO
contract cannot be easily hired overnight as they will be highly educated
and trained, and trusted to take decisions on behalf of the client.

— ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing)-

p p


 The cost of labor in some of the developed countries is

extremely high and creates a huge expense for the employers. If the same jobs
were to be done at a far lower price by equally skilled personnel then it is
definitely advantageous.



India uses the latest in software, technology and
infrastructure to provide global customers with high-
high-quality outsourcing solutions.

— [p  !"  
[p  !"  
The time zone advantages between India and
countries in the U.S and U.K has proved to be another important factor why
companies outsource to India. Organizations who wish to provide their customer
with 24x7x365 days customer support or helpdesk services can outsource to

— r#   
  $ !"""  - The move to
outsource helps the higher income earning countries to move to higher segments
of the value added chain as they are now free of some tasks that have been

— ·"
- Organizations make large investments in their

operations and have to deal with a number of economic and political changes,
which may prove risky for their businesses. By outsourcing, companies are able to
reduce some of the associated risks because service providers also share in some
of the costs. This reduces the cost burden on the outsourcing company.


A CALL CENTRE is a centralized office used for the purpose of
receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by
telephone.. A call centre is operated by a company to administer
incoming product support or information inquiries from
consumers. Outgoing calls for telemarketing
telemarketing,, clientele, product
services, and debt collection are also made. In addition to a call
centre, collective handling of letters
letters,, faxes
faxes,, live chat,
chat, and e-mails
at one location is known as a contact centre.

A call centre is often operated through an extensive open workspace for

call centre agents,
agents, with work stations that include a computer for each
agent, a telephone set/
headset connected to a telecom switch,
switch, and one
or more supervisor stations. It can be independently operated or
networked with additional centers, often linked to a corporate computer
network,, including mainframes
network mainframes,, microcomputers and LANs
LANs.. Increasingly,
the voice and data pathways into the centre are linked through a set of
new technologies called computer telephony integration .

— &  "   

&  "   


Call center services for online sales, order taking, order entry,
answering services and customer services amongst others.
— D " % 

D " % 


Outbound telemarketing services for high-

high-quality appointment
setting and merchant account services.
— [p   "

Outsource technical helpdesk services to transform your business
processes and provide strategic business value.
— r'




Outsource disaster recovery services for strategies that can help you
deal with potential disasters.
— ·( 


Outsource email support services and be assured that your

customers' emails would be answered accurately within a quick
turnaround time.

Outsource chat support services to provide your customers with
efficient services on a 24x7x365 basis.
 ! ›""›#$!%
&"#'% Call centers in India offer good starting salaries with regular raises every year. This is much higher than individuals
working in most other traditional professions like Government jobs, teachers, clerks and armed forces. there is no doubt
that money is very important these days and call centers are a good opportunity to earn some good money. Therefore you
need not be just an engineer or a doctor to earn good money.

()*" ›!% All call centers require you to be fluent in English, although most do expect you to have at least a
bachelors degree like BSC or BA. For certain types of jobs like Medical or Tech. outsourcing, having a background or
education in that field can certainly add to your advantage. Bilingual (people who speak multiple languages) individuals
who are fluent in Spanish, German and French have a great advantage over others. Spanish language has nice penetration
in United States due to Mexican (Spanish speaking) immigrants, similarly French has a great demand in Canada.

+›",!#-% Well there is no running around to get your work done, most bigger call centers will even provide you a
convenient cab service from several pick-up locations in the city. This is especially convenient for girls of India because of
elevated women crime in recent years. Your job requires talking over the phone after going through an intensive customer
support training. Most call centers also provide free snacks and drinks to their employees.

./#!,01 "2"'!›0/$!"'% People with just a few years on experience are in great demand,
and will usually be able to change their jobs to a competing call center company for a better salary and position.

3!$!#/% Call centers provide training and how to deal with customers and the best part is that they even pay
you when they train you. The training typically lasts for a few weeks and often followed by a supervised practical

›"*#›% Many call canters provide good health insurance for your family at a low cost. They may even
provide counseling to deal with the stress is you happen to deal with a tough or abusive customer.

5!!#*'!,!#-!6#% Often Indian all centers have an overseas office, they will regularly send a small
percentage of their employees to countries like United States, Britain etc .. so that they understand their working
environment better. These trips can not only be fun but also a great opportunity to earn higher money in US dollars.

# would be odd working hours and abusive clients.

›!›"*!% There are several pros and cons of working in a call center. Biggest advantage being the salary and biggest
disadvantage being the odd lifestyle.
— United States
— United Kingdom
— European Countries
— Middle East
The United States of America is the largest
outsourcer in terms of both volume and value.
The next largest outsourcer is the United
Kingdom. However, these countries seem to
bear different viewpoints. Whereas there is a big
outcry against outsourcing to India in the US,
the UK has recently retreated its faith in the
wisdom of outsourcing to India. Other European
countries are the third resource for outsourcing
to India.
|  m
mifferent US time zones: CST, EST, PST, Mountain ST, Atlantic ST, Hawaii
Hawaii--Aleutian ST, Alaskan ST


PM-09:30 PM
PM-03:30 AM
PM-02:30 AM
PM-05:30 AM


The levels of 0 7 refer to the  8   within an organisation.
The organisation chart above shows a business with four levels of hierarchy from
the Managing mirector at the top, to assistants and team members at the bottom.

ƥ In overall charge of business
ƥ Appointed by shareholders
ƥ Responsibility for key business functions

ƥ Report to mirectors
ƥ Responsible for specific departments
ƥ Oversee budgetary control
ƥ Responsible for allocating jobs to subordinates
ƥ Checking quality (quality control)
ƥ Maintaining discipline
ƥ Tasked with ensuring that teams of employees work well
ƥ Associated with a matrix organisational structure
ƥ Allocates workload & jobs between the team members
ƥ Focuses on quality & team motivation
 !!"  `` 


— Accenture
— Hewlett Packard
— Convergys Corporation
— Core Logic
— Mphasis
— Infosys
— Wipro Technologies
— Aviva
— Ocwin
— Tata Consultancy Services
    # %
  "     )

  "      !  !!  $ % ! & 
  ! ' (! $(  % " ) $ )   *&

  % ( ' %   "  !  (  

$ "!% % "%&
m+ m| m
— Communication Skills ƛ
Firstly what is Communication ,Refers to exchange of information, message, ideas or anything between two or more person.
The form could be anything such as written, electronic or verbal. The one who initiates a message is known as a encoder and
the once who receives and interprets the message is known as a decoder. Please remember its not what you say but how you
say. Communication is an art and mastering that art can be the key for building       7.
 7. So lets
talk and improve our communication.

— Speaking
ƥ Know what you want to say
ƥ Control Fear
ƥ Stop Talking and Listen
ƥ Think before you talk
ƥ Believe in your message
ƥ Find Out what your Listener wants

— Techniques
ƥ Eliminate Audible Pauses -Any kind of restlessness, stammering and use of fillers like ahhh, looking here and there
indicates signs of restlessness
ƥ Enunciate Clearly
Clearly-- Please speak with Confidence and conviction
ƥ Practice Pronouncing Words Properly
Properly-- a big no no for all the slang's.
ƥ Exercise Tongue, Jaws and Lips Lips-- clarity of thought and ideas.
ƥ Make Eye Contact
Contact-- to maintain the audiences interest.,.
ƥ Gesture
Gesture-- always maintain a good posture i. e chin up, shoulder straight and remain relaxed.
ƥ Watch your tonetone-- vary your tone
— 7 
" 78         7     7  

!› %
8  › 
! 8  › 

    9"   :

'  8   7     7     
 7 7; 

—  <  =  7    

—  ' <
 '  < !  
8  › % > 7  ?    0  7 =
! 8  › %>0 ?/ 

%>0 ?/ 
 2'@?    87  2'@› ?=
— ' 6 <
' 6  < ›     7?    
—    ›  <
 ›  < - ? 
—   <
 <   ?  7 ?   
— ›   <
<   ;   ?
8  › % >/ 8?7     0   >
! 8  › % >p %       " *
—  › <

 › %

7 :B
Ë A7    :B
Ë A097=7B
    7 B

/ 7       

7 C      1
1 1
/              7
ƥ " 
"          77 
7   D7  8 77    ?77 
   7  D  
Being a good listener is quite crucial.
Prepare to Listen -Listen without interrupting, "77?
  8 7  7 7
Focus on the Speaker-
Speaker-Gather the facts and make a note of them.
mistractions-mistracted by colleagues or external noises.
Screen Out mistractions-
Ask Questions ƛ To gain more information
Avoid maydreaming
Concentrate on the Message -Take their details so you can get back to them
Jot Shot-
Shot- Writing down the brief
1 A=  7     7  B
›7  ?7  ?

ƥ #  %

- 7› 1 / 7 7›7 ?  

- 7› 1
#  7    1 1 #   ? D? 7 
ƥ Neutral Accent - Reduction of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)

English is the most widely spoken international language. The vocabulary being used is same all across
the universe. But the accent with which people speak English differs from place to place. United States
has its own accent of English, British have their own accent and other countries have got their English
accent influenced by the national languages. When a person speaks the regional languages (the mother
tongue of the person), those too influences his English accent. US people have the accent of speaking
English slowly, and without stressing on the letters. British people have the accent of speaking faster and
again not stressing on the letters. Indians generally speak faster and by stressing on the words. These
variations pose a significant difficulty in understanding the language.

Accent neutralization, also known as elocution, is a systematic approach used to learn or adopt a new
accent. It is the process of learning the sound system, changing the way you use your mouth, teeth, and
tongue to form vowel and consonant sounds, modifying your intonation and stress patterns, and
changing your rhythm.

Why NA: Customers have difficulty understanding the accents.

How to Speak NA:

1. Frequently listen to English speakers and repeat the same.
2. Watch English movies, listen to BBC News and try imitating the readers, audio clips.
3. Read dictionary to learn the meaning of the word
4. Record your speech .
5. Increase your reading ability.

While you speak English with your friends or family, you can speak casually. When you speak English for
official purpose or business related, speak in a neutral English accent.
2      ,
›    are formed by obstructing the flow of air from the
lungs. As a first approximation, consonants vary in these

2Intonation Syllable Stress
7   E ?  8   %

›   ›   ›  ›

0!  7 7 !  7 7  /#7


#    ›  

 ›    % 7  7    7

 7    7..

8 8  78 7  8 

8 8  8  8  

.  F ›   G(11      H%7 

 F ›   G(       H%7  11
11 7

    /     7

      I  7

 7  68 ›       7  %7   7  


7   7        

6 0   7%     

& 1 0 7 7 *=? D  ; ?    
( -  J   ›  1
-  J   ›  1 ›          77  
8I    78   7  7  87   
 7 7C 8   7     7 ?  7 
           7 8 8   ?  ?
+    K1
    1 1 7      7      7 7 
7          ?  7  7  .

%   ,    -

!   .  

"  %     &/
0      1
7 11   C       7  7  7 I8 7 7
  7 7 7  ?8          7 7 7 
   11   7 7  ? ?  ? =  
› 11 
metails required:

— Your Permanent Address with contact details

— Job Objective
— Experience Chronicle starting from the last worked job - mescribe your
companyƞs name, your designation and the duration you have worked
and the responsibilities that you handled in the job.
— IT Skills
— Extras Courses
— Education details from 10th to Post Graduation
— Accomplishments
— Personal Vitae ƛ mate of Birth, Permanent and Temporary Address,
Marital Status, Religion, Nationality, Languages Known.
 m | | |

— PIR - Personal Introduction Round

— JAM - Just a Min Round
Candidate would be given a topic to speak on. He would be assessed on Grammar,
pronunciation, flow of thought and mother tongue influence.
— Voice And Accent - Test
— HR Round ƛ Salary, Work Timings and others benefits
Aptitude Tests

A test is an assessment, often administered on paper or on the computer, intended to

measure the test-
test-takers' knowledge, skills and aptitudes. Is a test used to predict future
performance in a given activity. Aptitude and ability tests are designed to assess your
logical reasoning or thinking performance.

Grammar and spelling.

Simple Mathematics.
Logical Thinking.
Manipulate shapes in two dimensions.
In Engineering, Fire Services, Military Jobs.
Accuracy of detecting the errors.
Exercises on Word, Spreadsheet etc.
 ! |'"
Personal Interview conducted by various people (like HR Head, Technical Head etc.) .It mainly depends on the
requirement and also for the further satisfaction of the organization.
What is the purpose of joining?
Will you think you will fit into this position?
How will you rate our company compared to others?
Are you willing to work in a Team?
mo you have the capability of doing single handed jobs?


What contribution can you give to the organization?

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?
Why donƞt you study further?

How would you handle a Furious Client?

—›  )  
Tell Me About Yourself
What is Your Strengthƞs and Weakness
Tell Me About Your Family Background

The one-
on-one interview would be the acid test of a candidateƞs eligibility and one successfully clearing it surely
would make a berth for him in the particular industry.
|m + | |

— Prior to opening the door, adjust your attire so that is falls well.
— Before entering enquire by saying, ƠMay I come in Sir/Madamơ. If they allow you to do so, make sure you
shut the door behind you softly.
— Face the panel and confidently say ƠGood day Sir/Madam.ơ If the members of the interview board want to
shake hand then offer a firm grip maintaining eye contact and a smile. Seek permission to sit down.
— Lead The Interview
— Enthusiasm
— Be Brief
— monƞt Bluff
— Avoid Slang
— Be Poised
— Ask Question, If Necessary
— Eye Contact
— Listen Carefully

— Courtesy and Manners

 mmm| m
› %

A call which is played without any mechanical devices such as telephone etc. with the help of the evaluator to
check the quality of the call with an answerer to create issues for the mocker who is going to take the call, can
be termed as a Mock call.

› %

A mock call is done with the help of one executive who is going to make a call, one quality analyst who will be
there for monitoring or evaluating the call and at the end of the call will give feedback about what is good things
happened on the call and what are the things which not to be used during the call, and what is the extra thing
which can be added in advance so that a good call may become an excellent call, and at last but not the least a
Senior professional or you can say a person who will receive the call acting as a customer. The caller will make a
call which will be received by the Sr. executive available there, the caller will go with the parameters provided by
the quality considering all points in mind, but the Sr. executive will try to confuse the caller by creating new
issues for the executive. At that time the executive must not give any such information which is not true or we
can say which is wrong and fake information, if he by mistake also said a single line which is not true, the quality
analyst will marked him negatively, and this can create problem for him in passing the mock call.