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Group Member
Girish Gujar. TU1S0809007
Mahendra Bangar. TU1F0607062
Sushil Meher TU1F0607032

The focus of this project is to develop a

microcontroller based methodology to assist decision-
makers in identifying and ranking bus stops in high auto-
pedestrian collision concentration areas. An enhanced bus
identification system is one possible solution to address
the growing congestion problems in urban areas.


RF Technology Microcontroller


Radio Frequency (RF) in the range of 3 Hz and

30 GHz. RF communications are typically
support 1200 to 9600 baud. Recently
developed modulation schemes and spread
spectrum technologies are achieving up to
19,200 baud.


Õ !"     

#$%Õ$&YÕÕ $

'$%$ ( $
A power supply can by broken down into a series of blocks,
each of which performs a particular function.

For example a 5V regulated supply:


-The  " ) output is suitable for lamps, heaters and special
AC motors.
-It is ë  suitable for electronic circuits unless they include a rectifier and a
smoothing capacitor.


-Here the A.C. signal coming from the transformer is rectified &
converted into the pulsating D.C. this is further fed to the filter

-The   output has a small ripple. It is suitable for

most electronic circuits

    w   w 

- The regulator is used to give constant output whatever is its input voltage.
- The input to this unit is 15 V D.C & its output voltage is constant to 5 V. & 12 V.
- since we are using two different types of regulators 7805 & 7812.
w w  

  )  Õ ë Y 


Ú ! !



Circuit Diagram of Transmitter Module


  )  $" Y 


! !


  )  $" Y 

D The AT89C51 is a low-power, high-
performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer .

D 4K bytes of Flash

D 128 bytes of RAM

D 32 I/O lines

D Two 16 bit timer/counter

D The device is manufactured using Atmel͛s

high-density nonvolatile memory technology. Y 
` M

è `CD͛s are passive display having low power

consumption and contrast ratio.

è `CD display used here is having 16x2 size. It means 2

lines each with 16 character.




è It has Inbuilt IC :-HD44780

è Character is display by 5x7 dot pixels
` M  
8 data pins D7:D0
RS: Data or Command _ .

Register Select _ !
R/W: Read or Write _ !"
E: Enable (`atch data) _#+_#- +, -
-RS ʹ Register Select
RS = 0  Command Register
RS = 1  Data Register  

-R/W = 0  Write , R/W = 1  Read

-E ʹ Enable
Used to latch the data present on the
data pins.
-D0 ʹ D7
Bi-directional data/command pins.
Alphanumeric characters are sent in
ASCII format.
›   ` M

1. Make R/W low

2. Make RS=0 ;if data byte is command
RS=1 ;if data byte is data (ASCII value)
3. _lace data byte on data register
4. _ulse E (HIGH to `OW)
5. Repeat the steps to send another data byte
!  =="







- This unit is the only analog IC used in whole project

- It has the capability to sample & store the voice

signal at 8KHz.

- It is re-recordable IC . It can store voice of up to 8

min. duration .

- This will be interface with microcontroller using S_I

(Standard _eripheral Interface) protocol.

- This unit requires +ve 3.3V DC for it͛s proper

_ ›    

Can be used in bus for the identification of coming


Can be use as a Bus route indicator

Can be used by big organizations to locate their

private vehicles.
- This system will be useful for effective time
utilization of passenger.

- Increase passenger satisfaction.

- Higher efficiency of bus operation & passenger

oriented transportation system.

- Fully Automatic .

 Installation of RF transmitter
required at all stops.

 Installation of RF receiver
required in all buses.
 No radio frequency interference (RFI) to the existing terrestrial
wireless systems. We have used 434MHz frequency band for
the data transmission, which is specially allotted for
experimental purpose.

 Digital transmissions make more efficient use of spectrum and

have better threshold margins.

 Digital modulations are more robust, are error free, and

predictable under most conditions.

 Signal transmission at a rate of 1200 bps.

 Coverage range up to 100 feets.


We have given a brief introduction of our project

͞Microcontroller Based Wireless Stop or Station
Identification in Bus͟. Hope we have enlighten a lot on its
technical and functional description .Our aim towards is
to provide a simple, costʹeffective, and moreover future
expandable system, to provide a reliable facility for
common people in term of navigation.
Circuit diagram and details : http://www.google.com/
`CD : http://www.freewebs.com/maheshwankhede/lcd.html
Kiel : http://www.kiel.com/dd/ and (Electronics For You ;Feb 2010)
`CD-AT89S52 interface : http://microcontrolleravr.com/lcd-interfacing-
AT89X52.h : http://www.keil.com/dd/docs/c51/atmel/AT89X52.h
`CD.h : http://homepage.hispeed.ch/peterfleury/avr-lcd44780.html