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"It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating
and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.
Factors affecting Recruitment:
1. The size of the organization.
2. The employment conditions in the community where the
organization is located.
3. The effects of past recruiting efforts which show the organization's
ability to locate and retain the good performing people.
4. Working conditions, salary and benefit packages offered by the
5. Rate of growth of the organization.
6. The future expansion and production programs.

Internal Factors:
1. Recruitment policy of the organization
2. Human resource planning strategy of the company
3. Size of the organization and number of people employed
4. Cost involved in recruiting employees
5. Growth and expansion plans of the organization
External Factors:
1. Supply and demand of specific skills in the labour market.
2. Political and legal factors like reservations of jobs for
specific sections of society etc
3. The job seekers image perception of the company.

ß Steps of a Recruitment Process: Personnel recruitment process
involves five elements:
ß 1. A recruitment policy
ß 2. A recruitment organization
ß 3. A forecast of manpower
ß 4. The development of sources of recruitment
ß 5. Different techniques used for utilizing these sources & a
method of assessing the recruitment program

ß The Main Objective of a selection procedure is to
determine whether an applicant meets the qualification
for a specific job, and then to choose the applicant who is
most likely to perform well in that job.
ß The entire process of selection begins with an initial
screening interview and concludes with a final
employment decision. When a selection policy is
formulated, organizational requirement like technical
and professional dimensions are kept in mind.

ß Reception of applications or preliminary screening
ß Application bank that gives a detail about the applicant's background
and life history
ß A well conducted interview to explore the applicant's background
ß The physical examination
ß Psychological testing that gives an objective look at a candidates
suitability for that job
ß A reference check
ß Final Selection approved by the manager
ß Communication of the decision to the candidate.