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Full name : Steven Paul Jobs

Birth date : 24 February 1955

Birth location : San Francisco, California

Social background : lower middle-class. Father was fixing cars for a living.

Education : high-school certificate. Dropped out of Reed College after

one semester.

Occupations : chairman & CEO at Apple Inc. + Director at The Walt Disney

Net worth : $5.5 billion according to Forbes' 2010 ranking Ͷ 136th

richest man on Earth

Annual salary : $1
ÊApple already had innovative work culture and,
Jobs was an established leader, Jobs· and Apple· s talent
´ emerged from when the iPod was born.

ÊSituational factor played more important role.

ÊCrisis- primary source of motivation, creativity.

ÊAdobe · srejection quickened Apple· s pace of software


ÊGoal of developing ´best customer experience͟

achieved through the iPod.
›ig Five personality model:

Extravert: High spirited :: High

Agreeable: Cooperation :: Average
Conscientious: High standards :: High
Emotional Stability: Confident :: High
Openness to experience: Creative :: High
Self- monitoring


Pro-active personality
›TI model.s:yers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Extraverted vs. introvert : Extravert

Sensing vs. intuitive : Intuitive

Thinking vs. feeling : Thinking

Judging vs. perceiving : Perceiving

Apple*is* a learning organisation.

Follows Double-loop learning.

Shared vision
best customer experience.
Discard old ways of thinking
innovative in nature, requires freedom to
modify policies as per the situation.
All processes are interrelated
-participative management.

Open communication
-Jobs encourages sharing of ideas.

Company interest over self

-Jobs prepared to take any risks for interest of
Apple͛s advancement.
Ê Šearn from past experiences by improving

Ê Integrate advanced technologies with

Ê It ispiracy, not overt online music
stores, which is our main competitor.
Steve Jobs is the most
captivating communicator
on the world stage.
If you adopt just some of
his techniques, your ideas
and presentations will
stand out in a sea of
Here is the great things he said, golden lessons to
help you succeed in life, Jobs-style:





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