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Ê NAPOLEON : political and organizational leaders who use their

powers false propagandas and threat the people
Ê SNOWBALL: leaders work for the betterment of people but selfish to
some extent
Ê BOXER : energetic,
energetic, loyal, strong, dedicated and faithful peasant
Ê SQUEALER : governments advisors or favorite workers(
spoons),ministers of propaganda
Ê MAJOR :fuels to be rebellious
Ê MOLLIE :elite, self centered and people who leave their country in
war situations
Ê BENJAMIN :represent the aged population who felt that existing
system wouldn't help them at all
JONES:: elite
Understanding of the world
hNo question, now, what had happened to the
faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked
from pig to man, and from man to pig, and
from pig to man again; but already it was
impossible to say which was which.͞

0he world would become a victim of totalitarianism

totalitarianism. Seems like
in future every aspects of people͛s life would be controlled or
monitored as discussed in the animal farm. 0hey would be
directed to follow the policies and rules made by the
government. 0hey could not question it and have to obey it
like robots
þ communism where there is no socialism
þNo Equal rights
þDiscrimination on every thing
þFear of being killed
þFraud in trading
þCorruption, there is no accountability, no body is answerable and
held responsible
þSelfishness and self interest
þ0arget killing and political leaders murders
þWestern countries are exploiting the third world countries
þMarketing evils
þHistorical perspectives( democracy comes alive when people
organize and bring change)
þGovernment and organizations conspiracies ( hypocritical)
Ê 0he author hated communism so much because it was not pure
socialism he distrusted the leaders who lived in mansions while the
common folk slaved in the fields. communism , he thought, was just
another way for the elite to control the majority of peasants. In almost
every country of the world the political leaders lived in mansions,
castles etc but the poor always suffered, they never got jobs, they are
treated like slaves, are given false hopes, given the illusion of
prosperous future which just happen for the rich and elite as discussed
in animal farm.

Ê In the organization there is Nepotism

Nepotism, lobbying, self interests of the
higher authorities, exploitation the new and young employees, put
burden of work on the employees enjoy all the perks an enjoy
appreciation on the work done by employees.

Ê In the countries political leaders are enjoying all the perks and living
luxurious life and the people are becoming poorer. leaders are selfish
like napoleon and they do not even bother about the welfare of the
people. 0hey give all the luxuries to their children but are not providing
the basic necessities of life to the public.
þ0hey are trading off their resources and people (Aafia Sidique) for
their own self interest and benefits.

þ0he leaders an d landlords sit idle and take work from the people like
the farmers in Pakistan or in other countries.

þ If their capable and dedicated strong worker grow older they give a
damn about that persons health or well being they just through it out or
sell it or kill it. 0his is happening all around the world, in Pakistan also
the labor and peasant classes are treated this way.

þPeople are dying in cities, target killing, bomb blasts in the Islamic
countries but no political leader is feeling guilty about it. people are
insecure, there is no freedom of speech like in the farm
Ê 0he dogs are resembled with the security agencies who are
directed by these fake and undeserving ministers and their

Ê Elites don͛t let the poor people to move ahead and they want
them to be their servants or slaves forever. As Mr. Jones did.
Elites and the landlords sell the products produced bye the
peasants and employees and earn higher profits and give
nothing to the poor. 0hey threat them of being killed

Ê Zardari͛s and other rich political leaders kids are living a

luxurious life and the people are not even getting food an clean
Society at large:
class exploitation, use of religion, slogans and fears etc
0here are upper class i.e. elites, middle class and lower class.

Ê In animal farm the elites were these Mr. Jones, Napoleon, snowball and
other farm owners. 0hey enjoyed all the profits, benefits and luxuries. they
were all corrupt ,they had all the resources and ways to get advantage of
the poor.

Ê All over the world the people who enjoys power and control they are all
involve in corruption and exploitation of the poor. Middle class remains safe
to some extent like the porkers on the farm but the poor class always
remains the victim of politicians, elites etc

Ê 0he political parties use Islam or other religions in politics to emotionally

and spiritually effect the people and to get their support. Some of these
parties are in Pakistan make alliance with the government to get the
Ê è legs good , 2 legs bad, people were taught this to beware
of humans and they were changing the perception of other
animals to make them against human beings and loyal to them.
Political, religious and other leaders wash the brains of their
followers to hold their support an prepare their own
commandments. 0he followers blindly follow their leader
without questioning and if some dare to ask they were
threatened to get in line. In Pakistan people don͛t even know the
direction they are dragged to and they don͛t have the guts to ask
or they are feared to be killed or kidnapped.

Ê With the slogans (propaganda) governments and organizations

want people to support their policy without even knowing
anything about it.
Ê 0here is inequality among the people and the leaders and always
will be as in the animal farm that the pigs were given higher

Ê Core of corruption: 0hose in power will do anything to

remain in power. 0hey will seek more control. Like napoleon
did(killed snowball). Dictators do, leaders in organizations or in
politics do.

Ê Cultural war: post modern world has given challenges:

Young people (no values, feelings, no law guide, lost without
compass, no guidance) Baby boomers have morals because they
remember GOD laws
Main theme of 198è:
0his book was about to warn people about the danger of totalitarian
government in the west. In the book 198è,Big Brother doesn't only
enslave its citizens, it mentally embodies them; instead of one Nation
under God, it was a system of one 0HOUGH0 under Big Brother. Every
aspect of humans life was controlled, directed and monitored.

Some of the controlling techniques includes:

Ê 0he giant telescreen in every citizen͛s room to monitor behavior i.e.

everywhere they go, citizens are continuously reminded, especially by
means of the omnipresent signs reading ͞BIG BRO0HER IS WA0CHING
YOU,͟ that the authorities are examining them.
þ0here was an organization called the Junior Spies, which brainwashes and
encourages children to spy on their parents and report any instance of
disloyalty to the Party.

þParty controls every source of information and rewriting the content of all
newspapers and histories for its own ends.

þ0he Party does not allow individuals to keep records of their past, such as
photographs and documents. So that they would be able to control their
past and present both.

þNewspeak language introduced to replace English because it is impossible

to even conceive of disobedient or rebellious thoughts, because there would
be no words with which to think them.
Current Pakistan and the current world order

Ê Pakistan is one of the blessed countries of the world. it is

blessed with natural resourses,all è seasons, fertile land,
skilled and hardworking people but Pakistan has always
remained unblessed when it comes to leadership except
for some. 0hese are all corrupt like napoleon, snowball,
Mr. Jones and Fredrick. Zardari and his government is
eating out all the fund, imf loans they are giving higher
authorities and ministries to their friends and relatives and
to the undeserving people of their party u haven͛t even
graduated. 0hey don͛t bother about the welfare of the
people and the ministers are moving all over the world on
the governments expense and their families are
performing hajj also on Govt expense. there is corruption
in each and every government organization even in the
religious ministry( hajj corruption case)
þFamilies of the leaders are leading luxurious life like napoleon and
his family did and also Jones.

þ0he landlords are selling the property or product of the peasants n

farmers at higher prices and not giving them a part of it. like napoleon
and Jones sold the eggs and they were tasking work from the animals
day and night giving them less food or sometimes no food same is the
case is with the farmers in Pakistan their kids are prevented to get
education so that they and their generations remain their slaves

þHardworking and dedicated people like Boxer are just used for the
elites benefits and when they grow older they are killed.

þMollie represents the elite class children who are self centered and
move to other countries in situation of war.
New world order
Ê Globalization
Ê Innovation
Ê Investment in education
Ê Free trade open market
Ê flexibility
Ê Conspiracies
Education role:
Ê Developing and reinforcing social solidarity
Ê Providing the skills and knowledge required for specialized
division of labor
Ê Developing value consensus
Ê Assessing young people in term of their talents and abilities and
allocating them in wider roles
Ê 0ransmit ruling class ideology
Ê Prepare student for their role in workplace
þ0he main problem with today's education system is students are
taught what to think and not how to think. When you fix that problem
you will begin to see a new period of enlightenment.

þClass and gender make a difference to educational attainment.

þDon͛t question authority.

þ Our country is a poor country and we are facing various external and
external threats. 0herefore in prevailing situation and in the past our
main focus remained on defense which remained a main contributor in
GDP. Corruption is the main reason which is lacking us behind in
education sector.
Evaluation of conspiracies and
other factual documentaries
Ê Hollywood and war machine:
War is a disaster, but Hollywood providing the perfect
dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts
and minds of public. 0he Pentagon encourages Hollywood to
create heroic myths; to rewrite history to suit its own strategy
and as a recruiting tool to provide a steady flow of willing young
patriots for its wars.
Ê Cultural wars :
war of moral s and values between baby boomers an d youth.
Marketing evils/ economy and marketing:

corporations market products i.e they promote and sell them

0hey target young people because they spend a lot

Marketing is not based on principles but profit ,pride of life.

0hey capture the youth and their imagination

è.Advertisers creates new desires (fad) among youth, youth don͛t

want to be left out .

PR techniques:
Invisible pr used by organizations . 0hey use it to prevent from the
threat of labor unions and they improve their image through
publicity and connections. It impact the masses.
Historical perspectives
Ê History change thinking

Ê People can be changed

Ê One person speaking out for the people of his country that
impressed inn

Ê Look beneath the signs of superficial prosperity

Ê Democracy comes alive when people make change( blacks


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