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Ú Yelagiri (also spelt Elagiri on some signboards) is a town in Tamil Nadu, a
state in the south of ñndia.
Ú ñt is located at a height of 1410 meters, stands majestically amidst four mountains.
Ú This hill station with a salubrious climate prevailing throughout the year is about
150km from Bangalore.

Y A large resort* surrounded by openness and beautiful scenic nature.

Ú ñndividual cottages/suites that have a rustic yet luxurious country feel .

Ú Easily accessible and yet provides all the privacy that is required.


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O Explore Nature O Grooming Tips & Demonstration
Courtesy : Shevar Spa n Grooming Parlor for
O Trekking with Doggies Pets

O Doggie Socialization O3 month free subscription to all participants.

Courtesy : Woof! The Mag with a Wag !
O Bonfire
O Exclusive family Photo shoot & photo
O Agility course coverage of the event
Courtesy : Giggles Photography
O Canine Counseling
O Post event Photograph & Video curators
O Customized prizes for winners of the fun Courtesy : www.DogSpot.in

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Ô 11:00 am Ȃ 1:30 pm: Arrive at the resort in time for mid
morning tea and biscuits, soak in the place & settle in.
Ô 1:30 pm : Lunch
Ô 3:00 Ȃ 5:00 pm : A slow start to the slow day with some
not so active games but fun nevertheless.
Ô 5:00 pm : Snacks and Tea
Ô 5:30 pm Ȃ 7:30 pm : A nice warm up session of Agility
Ô 8:00 pm : Bonfire & socializing
Ô 9:00 pm : Dinner

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Ô [:30 am Ȃ 8:30 am : Trekking
Ô 9:30 am : Breakfast
Ô 10:30 am Ȃ 11:30 am: More interesting games & Activities
Ô 11:30 pm : Mid morning Tea
Ô 1|:00 noon Ȃ 1:30 pm: Games and activities contd.
Ô 1:30 pm : Lunch
Ô |:00 pm - 3:00 pm : Canine Counseling & Grooming tips
Ô 3:00 pmȂ 5:00 pm: A friendly competition of Agility
Ô 5:00 pm : Snacks & Tea
Ô 5:30 pm Ȃ [:30 pm: A leisure walk to Sunset Point & back.
Ô [:30 pm Ȃ Depart from the Farm

p    .
Founder & Pack Leader of Anvis ñnc.
Anand has worked with dogs for the
last | decades. Has bred,
competed and won numerous
accolades in various dog
competitions with his dogs.

He is certified as an ñnternational
Dog Trainer and Behaviorist
under The Northern Centre For
Canine Behavior, UK

Event : Doggies Day out Ȃ Theme ǮMy Dog Super Dog!ǯ
Date : |7th March |011
Venue : 10-Acre Farm in Bangalore
No. of Participants : 45 doggies & 100 owners
Highlights of the event : Swimming, Agility, Scenting & Tracking, Canine Counseling
Pictures : http://www.facebook.com/anvisinc.pets

Event : Woofathon Ȃ Ǯ|| tricks to a smarter scooby in | daysǯ

Date : 14th & 15th May |011
Venue : 10-Acre Farm in Bangalore
No. of Participants : 40 doggies & 80 owners
Highlights of the event : Obedience training, Agility & swimming
Pictures : http://www.facebook.com/anvisinc.pets

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More Details on the link below
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Official Event Photo Official Prize Sponsor

Official Doggie Official Online Partner
Magazine Partner

 p   p   
Cottage per couple Rs.5000/- Rs.[000/-
Extra person/ | kids Rs.|000/- Rs.|500/-

Kids below 5 yrs Ȃ Free

As per our tradition Dogs are always Free!!

Entry Fees include :

Ê Accommodation for both the days
Ê Lunch, Snacks , Dinner & Tea/Coffee for 1st day
Ê Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Tea/Coffee for |nd Day

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Anvis ñnc. is ñnternationally recognized as ñndia's First ñntegrated Pet Management Company.

Our company portfolio consists of three main divisions - ^ ¦  ^ ^  
 ^ M   

p  ^ ¦   cater to everything, you as a pet owner would need for the up keep and well being of
your pet.
-ñdentifying Breed, Breeder and Puppy
-Dog Walking & Grooming
-Pet Boarding/ Foster Homes/ Pet Sitting
-Pet Transportation
-Emergency Services
-Breeding your dog
-Show Handling

p  ^ ^   has a wide and diverse range of Pet foods, Accessories, Toys and medicines.

p  ^ M   manages and personalizes Educational and Entertainment based events.

-Pet Holidays
-Pet Camps
-Pet Seminars
-Pet Parties

Like our tagline aptly summarizes, we are all about Ǯ¦    

ǯ !!


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