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Meet AkzoNobel Tomorrows Answers Today

Our company in brief

The worlds largest paint and coatings company and a world leading chemicals producer Committed to delivering Tomorrows Answers Today Global Fortune 500 company For five consecutive years listed as one of the leaders of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (Chemical sector)

Values Focusing on our customers future first Embracing entrepreneurial thinking Developing the talents of our people The courage and curiosity to question Integrity and responsibility in our actions

AkzoNobel key facts

2009 Revenue 13.9 billion 57,060 employees EBITDA: 1.8 billion* EBIT: 1.2 billion* Net income: 285 million Credit ratings: BBB+ (S&P) and Baa1 (Moodys)

Revenue by business area

EBITDA* by business area

37% 37%

29% 29% 43%


Performance Coatings

34% 34%


Decorative Paints Specialty Chemicals

* Before incidentals 3

AkzoNobel is the worlds largest Coatings supplier

2008 revenue in billion 10

Excellent geographic spread of both revenue and profits

High-growth markets are important (37% of revenue)
% of 2009 revenue

39% 21% 7%
Mature Europe North America Emerging Europe


Asia Pacific

Latin America


High-growth markets profitability is above average


Strong emerging markets growth potential

Mature Per Capita Emerging Per Capita

Architectural Paint Industrial and Special Purpose Coatings

8 liters

< 2 liters

13 liters

< 6 liters


~100 kg

~20 kg


~170 kg

~25 kg

Source: Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, 2005 data for paper and paperboard; Plastic Europe Market Research Group (PEMRG) 2005 plastics data; Euromonitor 2007 coatings data; WorldBank population data

We have strong brands across the full spectrum of our business

Biggest brands, per business area
% of 2009 revenue

25% of Decorative Paints

23% of Performance Coatings

18% of Specialty Chemicals

Successful customer focus

Sikkens Autoclear LV Exclusive Self-healing clearcoat
A high gloss clearcoat that is not only highly resistant to scratches and easy to apply, but also features self-healing properties when exposed to heat.

Ecosense better for your world and the world

To be launched in March, the Ecosense paint line offers no added solvents making it virtually odor free. It also has an improved ecological footprint reducing waste, water and CO2 with up to 50%.

Compozil Fx Better performance. Exceptional results

A wet end management system for the largest and fastest paper machines helping to deliver top quality paper faster with higher productivity, better economy and reduced environmental impact.

Stickerfix Easier than easy!

You can repair and protect your car using a unique easy to apply and remove vinyl technology. Its coated with professional car maker approved repair systems of Sikkens, Lesonal and Dynacoat.

Dulux Ecosure Matt Light & Space

Uses revolutionary LumiTec technology to reflect up to twice as much light around the room making even the smallest of rooms look and feel more spacious compared to our conventional emulsion paints.

Low fixed costs as a percentage of revenue

% of 2009 annual revenue* 100% Raw materials, energy, and other variable production costs Fixed production costs Selling, advertising, administration, R&D costs EBIT margin 0% Decorative Paints Performance Coatings Specialty Chemicals AkzoNobel

* Rounded percentages, all data excluding incidentals 9

Sustainability is integrated in everything we do

We have set ambitious sustainability targets: Remain in the top three in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes Reduce our total recordable injury rate Deliver a step change in people development We focus on long-term performance. By 2015 our ambition is: That Eco-premium* products will make up 30 percent of sales To reduce our cradle-to-gate carbon footprint with 10 percent To achieve sustainable fresh water use on all our sites We have linked remuneration to these targets and ambitions: Our executive bonuses are linked to performance in the leading sustainability index (DJSI)

* Higher eco-efficiency than main competitive product 10

AkzoNobel strategic ambitions

Leading in value creation Outgrow our markets EBITDA margin > 14 percent by end 2011 0.5 percent improvement in operating working capital (OWC) level, p.a. Leading in sustainability Top 3 Dow Jones Sustainability index Reduction in total recordable injury rate* to 2 Step change in people development

Tied to incentives, both for value creation and sustainability

* Total recordable injury rate refers to amount of incidents per million hours worked 11

Trusted portfolio of global brands


Brands and products that...

Protect the worlds buildings and infrastructure Bring color to all aspects of our lives Promote safety and good health Supply industries worldwide with ingredients for lifes essentials Allow us to travel and communicate Furnish our homes and offices Help society respond to the challenges of sustainability


Organizational overview
Supervisory Board

Board of Management

Corporate Staff Departments

Business area Decorative Paints Continental Europe Northern & Eastern Europe UK, Ireland & South Africa United States Canada Latin America China & North Asia South East Asia & Pacific India and South Asia

Business area Performance Coatings Industrial Finishes Powder Coatings Marine & Protective Coatings Car Refinishes Packaging Coatings

Business area Specialty Chemicals Functional Chemicals Pulp & Paper Chemicals Industrial Chemicals National Starch Surface Chemistry Chemicals Pakistan



Decorative Paints

Decorative Paints key facts

2009 Revenue 4.7 billion 22,210 employees EBITDA: 492 million* 36 percent of revenue from high-growth markets Largest global supplier of decorative paints Many leading positions, strong brands

Some of our strong brands

Revenue by geography
4% 10%



Asia Pacific North America


Latin America Other regions

* Before incidentals 16

Decorative Paints
AkzoNobel is the worlds leading decorative coatings company with strong positions in all regions of the world Our Decorative Paints business supplies a full range of interior and exterior decoration and protection products for both the professional and the do-it-yourself markets The product range includes paints, lacquers and varnishes as well as products for surface preparation (pre-deco products) We also supply building adhesives and floor leveling compounds for tile, floor and parquet layers.


Decorative Paints
Architectural coatings Interior & exterior wall paints and trim paints (lacquers) Woodcare & specialty products Lacquers and varnishes for wood protection and decoration Specialty coatings for metal, concrete and other critical building materials


Industry leading brands

Pre-deco products Fillers, wall treatments, sealants and putties for consumers and professional Adhesives for the building and renovation industry Tile and floor adhesives and floor leveling compounds used for building and renovation


World leader
Geographic expansion into high growth markets Leadership position in developed markets Global decorative coatings market of around 34 billion Worlds leading decorative coatings company



Performance Coatings

Performance Coatings key facts

2009 Revenue 4.0 billion 19,880 employees EBITDA: 587 million* 45 percent of revenue from high-growth markets Leading positions in performance coatings Innovative technologies, strong brands

Revenue by business unit

Revenue by geography

Industrial Finishes & Powder Coatings Marine and Protective Coatings Car Refinishes Packaging Coatings

6% 8%

20% 41% 20% 41%

Asia Pacific North America Latin America



Other regions

* Before incidentals 22

Performance Coatings
Were world leaders when it comes to performance coatings Performance coatings have hundreds of uses and weve divided them into five businesses: Industrial Finishes, Powder Coatings, Car Refinishes, Marine & Protective Coatings and Packaging Coatings We supply a wide range of industries and sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, aviation, shipping and leisure craft, sport equipment, construction, furniture, and food and beverage


Industrial Finishes


Industrial Finishes
Wood coatings to decorate and protect furniture, kitchen cabinetry and building products Coil coatings applied to coiled steel and aluminum prior to fabrication Used in roofing, siding, garage and entry doors and gutters, air conditioners, heaters, furnaces and ventilation units and appliance markets Extrusion coatings applied to some of the worlds most prestigious high-rise buildings Plastics coatings supplied to: Consumer electronics industry for cell phones, audio equipment and computers Cosmetic packaging and sporting equipment industries for bicycles, helmets, ski equipment etc. Wood adhesives business supplies bonding solutions for laminated beams, wood flooring, and furniture


Powder Coatings

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Powder Coatings
We are the largest global manufacturer of powder coatings and a world leader in powder coatings technology Powder coatings are solvent-free paints applied to metal and other conductive surfaces. They are used on metal furniture, window frames, radiators, pipes and cars, and even wood and plastic We supply eight key market sectors appliance, architectural, automotive, functional, furniture, general industry, general trade coaters and IT with our global brands Interpon and Resicoat


Marine & Protective Coatings

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Marine & Protective Coatings

We are the global market leader for marine paints, antifoulings and protective coatings We produce paints and antifouling materials used in shipbuilding, ship maintenance and repair, and by yachts and other pleasure craft We also supply protective coatings for bridges and buildings, and fire protection products for large plants and off-shore installations Our International brand has been used by famous customers including Sydney Harbor Bridge, the London Eye in the UK and the Beijing Olympic swimming complex Marine & Protective Coatings is also home to AkzoNobels Aerospace Coatings activities


Car Refinishes


Car Refinishes
If youve ever had your car resprayed, chances are it involved one of AkzoNobels car refinish products We are one of the worlds leading suppliers of paints and services for the car repair, commercial vehicles and automotive plastics markets Distributors, bodyshops, fleet owners, automotive suppliers and major bus and truck companies all choose AkzoNobel because we treat our customers as partners Our brands include Sikkens, Lesonal, Dynacoat, Wanda and Autocoat BT We have operations in more than 60 countries and offer outstanding customer service, top-notch training, full technical and logistical support, and detailed local knowledge


Packaging Coatings


Packaging Coatings
Our Packaging Coatings business leads the way in hi-tech internal and external coatings for food and drink packaging We make and distribute a huge range of products that keep food and drink fresher for longer With nearly 90 years of experience, we have built our success on understanding exactly what our customers need We have significant positions in the established markets of Europe and North America and the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America



Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals key facts

2009 Revenue 5.2 billion 13,250 employees EBITDA: 814 million* 32 percent of revenue from high-growth markets Major producer of specialty chemicals Leadership positions in many markets

Revenue by business unit

Functional Chemicals Industrial Chemicals Pulp and Paper Chemicals National Starch Surface Chemistry Polymer Chemicals Chemicals Pakistan

Revenue by geography

7% 10%



13% 18% 17%



North America Asia Pacific Latin America



Other regions

* Before incidentals 35

Strong platforms for growth

AkzoNobel is a major supplier of specialty chemicals with leading positions in selected market segments Our products are used in a wide variety of everyday products such as ice cream, soups, disinfectants, plastics, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, paper and asphalt


Functional Chemicals


Functional Chemicals
Effective January 1, 2010 Polymer Chemicals has merged into Functional Chemicals Very diverse product offering, used in many end-use applications Our Functional Chemicals business makes chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and end-products Our portfolio includes cellulosic specialties, chelates, ethylene amines, metal alkyls, micronutrients, organic peroxides, polysulfides, redispersable powder polymers, salt specialties and sulfur products These chemicals are used in everyday items such as detergents, vinyl, automotive parts, agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, food products, wallpaper adhesives, plastic bags and cosmetics


Pulp & Paper Chemicals


Pulp & Paper Chemicals

We have been helping paper manufacturers to improve their products for more than 100 years We are the leading global supplier of bleaching chemicals used in pulp manufacture, and performance chemicals used for the production of paper and board We also make specialty chemicals used in water treatment and as separation products in the pharmaceutical industry Our Expancel microspheres are used as additives to reduce the weight and improve the properties of printing inks, paper, polyester and underbody coating We trade under the name of Eka Chemicals


Industrial Chemicals


Industrial Chemicals
Our Industrial Chemicals business makes salt, chlor-alkali products and derivatives such as monochloracetic acid (MCA) These products are essential for the success of the chemical, detergent, construction, food, paper and plastic industries Our portfolio includes chlorine, hydrochloric acid, caustic lye and water treatment chemicals. Were also Europes largest producer of vacuum salt We supply electricity, gas and steam to plants, mainly through combined heat and power generation plants


National Starch


National Starch
Leading global supplier of specialty starches with a principal focus on supplying the food industry. Our core products can be found in the best selling foods everywhere. More than 20 percent of packaged foods utilize specialty starches to deliver enhanced processing, improved shelf life stability, freeze/thaw characteristics, improved aesthetics, enhanced texture, mouthfeel and other sensory benefits. Key market segments for the food business include bakery, beverages, cereals, dairy, flavors and encapsulation, noodles and pasta, pet foods, snacks etc. Also serve niche papermaking markets and supply high-value industrial starch applications for a variety of other consumer and industrial products and processes.


Surface Chemistry


Surface Chemistry
We are a leading global supplier of surface-active agents and specialty polymers Surface Chemistry are chemicals that combine or separate two different materials, they are remarkably flexible and can be used to emulsify, disperse, clean, wet, aggregate, foam, defoam, disinfect or soften Theyre used in a huge range of industrial and consumer products including cleaning goods, oil field applications, printing, paints, fabric softeners, flooring, food packaging and electronics They can also reduce the need for solvents in paints and cleaning products Specialty polymers for personal care provide the holding power in hair sprays and gels and add softness to mousses, conditioners, shampoos and other styling aids. They are also used in cosmetic and beauty products, like sunscreens, hand and body creams and lotions Specialty polymer products also include dispersants, anti-scalants for water treatment and detergent builders, as well as thickeners for the carpet, adhesive and detergent industries

Chemicals Pakistan


Chemicals Pakistan
Global is good, but sometimes local is better. Which is why we set up our Chemicals Pakistan business, which focuses exclusively on Pakistan. The geographic focus is deliberately narrow, but the number of different sectors we serve certainly isnt. Our main areas of expertise include specialty chemicals, polyester fibers and soda ash. We work with companies that produce consumer goods, electronics and engineering products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and textiles.


Creating one of the worlds leading industrial companies

Worlds largest decorative paints company Global leader in performance coatings Leading specialty chemicals business