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What is a Noun?

0 A noun is a word that names something: a person, a

place, a thing, or an idea. 0 Nouns are organized and identified by:

0 Class 0 Number

0 Gender
0 Case

Classes of Nouns
0 A proper noun names a particular person, place, thing

or idea. Proper nouns are always capitalized

0 Jackie Robinson 0 Brooklyn 0 World Series

0 Christianity
0 Met Life Stadium

Classes of Nouns
0 A common noun does not name a particular person,

place, thing, or idea (general). Common nouns are not capitalized.

0 person 0 woman

0 president
0 park 0 government

Classes of Nouns
0 A concrete noun names a thing that is tangible (can be

seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted). Concrete nouns are either proper or common.
0 Grand Canyon 0 music

0 Becky
0 fabric

Classes of Nouns
0 An abstract noun names an idea, a condition, or a

feeling-in other words, something that cannot be touched, smelled, tasted, seen, or heard.
0 New Deal 0 freedom

0 awe
0 poverty

Classes of Nouns
0 A collective noun names a group or a unit 0 team 0 crowd 0 New York Jets

Number of a Noun
0 Number indicates whether the noun is singular or plural 0 A singular noun refers to one person, place, thing or idea
0 0 0 0

actor stadium Canadian child

0 A plural noun refers to more than one person, place, thing, or

0 0 0 0

actors stadiums Canadians children

Number of a Noun
0 It is important to notice the number of the noun

because it must match with the verb and pronouns used in a sentence.
0 The children is going to the mall. 0 The truth are going to set you free.

0 The German was upset because their plane was late.

Gender of a Noun
0 Gender indicates whether a noun is masculine,

feminine, neuter, or indefinite.

0 Masculine: uncle, brother, men, bull, rooster, stallion 0 Feminine: aunt, sister, women, cow, hen, filly 0 Neuter (without gender): tree, cobweb, garage, closet

0 Indefinite (masculine or feminine) 0 president 0 plumber 0 doctor

Case of a Noun
0 Case tells how nouns are related to other words used

with them. There are three cases

0 Nominative case 0 Possessive case 0 Objective case

Case of a Noun
0 A possessive case noun shows possession or


0 Like the spiders claw, a part of him touches a world he

will never enter.

0 - Loren Eiseley, The Hidden Teacher

Case of a Noun
0 A nominative case noun can be the subject of a clause 0 Patsys heart was beating very wildly beneath his jacketthat black horse there owed something to the orphan he had made. Paul Dunbar, The Finish of Patsy Barnes

0 A nominative noun can also be a predicate noun,

which follows a be verb (am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been) and renames the subject.
0 Mr. Cattanzara was a different type than those in the

neighborhood. Bernard Malamud, A Summers Reading

Case of a Noun
0 An objective case noun can be a direct object, an

indirect object, or an object of the preposition.


0 Keisha always gives Mylo science-fiction books for his