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Design In Automotive Industry

Prepared by: Muhammad Azry bin Hashim

Computer Aided Design CAD

The use of computer technology to aid in the design of a product also is used to design, develop and optimize products.



CAD Benefits
Faster Easy task Editing No repeat Accurate Standard (library)

CAD Software
CATIA Pro/Engineer Solidworks Autodesk Inventor AutoCAD TurboCAD WorkNC-CAD

Computer Aided Engineering CAE

CAE use computer to tasks such as analysis, simulation, design, manufacture, diagnosis, and repair.

CAE Benefits
Reduce product development cost and time Improving the safety, comfort, and durability.

CAE Software
Pro-Mechanica Simulia HyperSizer ANSYS MSC Software Nastran

Computer aided Manufacturing CAM

Assistance of computer in manufacturing planning and processes. Uses CAD data to control automated machinery.

CAM Benefits
Increase productivity Reduce scrap and rework Shorter lead time Reduce maintenance Better understanding

CAM Software
NX (Unigraphics) Mastercam CATIA Edgecam Solid CAM Pro/Tool Maker Space-E/CAM WorkNC CAMWorks

CNC global roughing machining.mp4 CNC - 2 to 5 axis milling machining from WorkNC, Sescoi CAD/CAM CAD CAM Fundamentals - CAD CAM Videos.flv CNC-3 axis milling machine

Automotive company use

Proton Nissan General Motors Toyota Renault Ford Motor Company ALIAS, CATIA CATIA GMSolid TOGO, CADETT UNISURF PDGS,FIDES


Produce 150000 car 2010 CAD/CAM/CAE in 1996 CAD/CAM: surface modeling CAE: Engineering & Testing Development

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