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Substance Abuse

Derived from the coca plant of South America

Marijuana(also known asas grass, pot, weed, herb) Overview Cocaine (also known crack, coke, snow, rock) Tobacco Alcohol
Cannabis sativa alcohol, and substances produce some form Short-term effects Abused tobacco for varied implicated reasons, butPleasure it is clear that *pleasure first society pays people use Often, theallourillegal drugaalso can cost. Can bedrugs significant of toll for this abuse can be seen in our hospitals intoxication that alters judgment, these The Nearly *improved performance and control. perception, attention, or physicalvigilance and emergency departments through direct produce a cite many reasons foras phenomenon known Relaxationby substance abuse and its link to People delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol Produces Paranoia Smoked damage to health tolerance where and prisonsInjecteddailylarger use *using tobaccoyou mustof ona the curbing hunger can bring blood (THC) trauma. Jails physical substances Constriction tally Many Snorted Impaired coordination and memory amount of thevesselscrime heartthe drug to produce strong connection between L/t and drug withdrawal-an effect caused by cessation * relief depression can also be dependencesmoked, but itorswallowed some Usuallyofof abuse. Althoughstroke eaten same levelandin the amountuse the intoxication. of of or reduction damage drugs such as cocaine has declined, use of other Irregular heartbeat * weight heroin substance control drugs such asused. and "club drugs" has

Common effects of marijuana use People abuse substances such as drugs,


Methamphetamines (also known as meth, Heroin (also known as smack, horse) Club drugs crank, ice, speed, crystal) Effects of heroin Liquid XTC, Adam, STP) ) GHB (also called intoxication Ecstasy (also called MDMA, G, blue nitro Rohypnol (also called roofies, roche) Long-term effects Can be: The club scene and rave parties Drowsiness Once sold at health foodinjected Paranoia use may haveLong-termof an assortment of popularized Effects include: Destruction and A stimulant effectsthesnorted stores, GHB's cause valves Hallucinations young your heart damage to are related to otherLow blood pressure people drugs. Many Pleasure used to improve hallucinogen sedative that can dose. another Drugs smoked HIV/AIDSability Abused Weight Effects range harmless or Thisbrain'sloss to arefrom is Dizziness believe these drugs Infectionsoftenmaintaindateregulate to relaxation mood andsleep, pain, eaten Destruction cramps the more beGHB is mildofused as a drug. used as These a Abdominal date-rape evenTetanus because it are healthy.breathing Slowed and rape drug memory, coma oris tasteless, energy,Confusion all-night teeth often for death. Botulism and acts popular club drugs.as a colorless, to emotions. powerful sedative. Impaired memory. dance parties. Heart damage

Substance Abuse Causes

Substance Abuse Symptoms Substance Abuse Causes

Substance Abuse Causes

Use and abuse of Certain risk factors may increase substances such as Taking risks, includingtoto Feeling up past activities sexual Giving rundown, hopeless, get Getting drunk or high on drugs Having likelihood abuse someone's to drink moresuch as cigarettes, alcohol, and riskssame high or hanging depressed, orbasis driving out Drinking and sports, homework, suicidal on a regular even the substances. Having selfish andorder to Soundingfriends from school with new"blackouts"-forgetting in Lying, particularly aboutbegin how Suspension in not shy behavior in Believing thatmay caring illegal drugsdid the night * Inappropriatelyor or about others she other drugs he or what he or aggressiveenvironment Declining you home drink or much alcohol need to have fun grades alcohol or or of room deodorizers and work the Chaotic an classroom for Useis using childhood or parenting before coping and Aggressiveness skills irritability she other drugs the teen use * Poor social Ineffective drug-related incident in incense Forgetfulness Avoiding friends or about Constantly talking family * Poor school performance Frequent hangovers and years. get using other valuables Lack of such as baggies, Paraphernalianurturingdrugs * Association with a deviantor Disappearing money high group order to or drunk or peer drinking
* Perception of approval of drug use paper small boxes, pipes, and rollingbehavior parental attachment use other drugs Getting in trouble with the law

Pressuring others to drink or


Substance Abuse Treatment

Medical Treatment


Often,substances abusers underlying Most a drug user has an believe mental disorder, one that increases they can stop using drugs on their risk for substance abuse. try do not own, but a majority who succeed. Such disorders must be treated Treating and through counseling medicallysubstance abuse depends on both the person and the along with the drug abuse. Reference: substance being used. http://www.emedicinehealth.com