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DaimlerChrysler EBOKs

Srinivasan S Subhash M Sumanth P Sunny Kataria (180) (181) (182) (183)

Case facts
1980 : Chrysler corporation survived bankruptcy; revamped its approach to business, suppliers and its workers. 1987: Acquired American motors corporation
Developed and deployed advanced dedicated platform design and production methods Started working on a new model engineering and design facility

1998: Daimler Benz became the majority owner of Chrysler corporations Daimler Chrysler corporations

The transformation.
Traditional practice of organizing the new designs by organizational functions (silos) done away with. Cars were now designed by a single team considering customer needs and preferences. Engineering teams focused on a single type of car platform A CONCEPT to PRODUCTION system adopted to work on new models. The result reduced costs, increased quality, increased market responsiveness and time to market reduced.

Problems with the new approach

Unexplained errors in the new platforms Organizational memory problem
The same mistakes were being made repeatedly. Mentoring and peer support had become limited. Professional collaboration ceased. Problems and solutions were not being documented or shared.

The Revolution


Engineering Book Of Knowledge Chryslers intranet supporting a knowledge repository of best practises and technical know-how Employee participation at grassroots level - a key element Written in GrapeVine, runs as a Lotus Notes application, accessible with Netscape browser and NewsEdge.

Working of EBOK
The Tech Clubs - an iterative team approach used to explore and enter knowledge into EBOK. Best practises are identified, refined, confirmed and then entered into EBOK. Comments are invited on a new proposed best practise. The Book Owner is responsible for approving new entries and changes made to the Book.

EBOK the living book....

Emerged as DaimlerChryslers official design review process. Contains best practises information about DCs competitors Functions both as best practises tool and a collaboration tool Continuously updated with changing environment and new technological developments

Another feather in the cap

1999: ProBench an information sharing project was introduced to help Chrysler and Mercedes optimally utilise each others manufacturing expertise Benefits:
Mercedes gained Chryslers expertise in launching new vehicle models Engineering strengths of Mercedes made available to Chrysler - $600 million saved!!