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The Individual and Organization share a special relationship among themselves . The organizational experience influence how we evaluate self-worth and achievements. An individuals organizational experiences result from the attitudes,beliefs,preferences,and abilities the individual brings to the organization how the organization influences the individual and types of relationships the individual develops. Individuals develop relationships with others both within and without the organization. The organization in turn develops goals,policies,reward systems etc that influences individual.

Individuals have a complex mix of internal and external motivators that influence individual responses to managing information, problem identification and taking decisions. Individual differ with regard to : Leadership responsibilities Communication responsibilities & participation

Individuals bring to organizational experience diverse value systems and ethical framework. Values can be described as organized systems of attitudes that define for individuals the relative worth of a quality or object. Organizational values not only influence the behaviors of current members but also contribute to the type of person who get hired and the types of career experiences employees are likely to behave. The similarity between individual & Organizational values has a effect on organizational commitment, employee work satisfaction & turnover.

Ethics are the standards by which behaviors are evaluated for their morality their rightness or wrongness. Ethics are moral principles that guide judgments about the good and bad, right and wrong, of communication. Values are measure of importance, whereas ethics represent judgments about right and wrong its a powerful influence on individual behavior


Most Organizations encourage members to identify with the organization. The individual and Org. Goals must be compatible with each other. The person who identifies is likely to: i. accept the organization's decisional premises or reasoning. ii. be influenced positively by the organization.

Power has been defined as an attempt to influence another persons behavior to produce desired outcomes. Power process occurs through communication and is related to resources ,dependencies and alternatives. Power is one of the central issues for leadership and primary to the functioning of organization as well as to individuals.


Dimension Telecommunications: A local, long distance, and wireless telephone provider company.

Headquarter is in Denver, Colorado.

20,000 of its employees working in colorado and scattered among 24 buildings, In 50-mile area.

Paige Martin: A fresher passed out of State University. Got a job in Dimension Telecommunications. Nervous about the first day in the company. John Reuter Worked as a contractor for past 5 years in dimension Hired just as full time employee. Kelly smith New recruit in dimension but earlier was working with Yikes!Jeans for couple of years . Peter Geller A employee working in Dimension almost 10 years . And person who leads the orientation programmes.

Paige entered his office with a deep breath and met Margaret Adams who snapped the picture and asked Her that her badge will be ready at lunch and showed Her the way to breakfast and said Enjoy it. It may be the Last At each seat was a sheet of white paper, a marker, a black cloth briefcase with the Dimension logo on the side, & a red & white booklet with The Dimension Drama emblazoned across the front. Mr. Peter Geller (trainer) entered into the room , introduced himself & described the difference between his orientation and the one which he was going to start. The meeting was began by showing the recorded message of Mr. Jim Duncan, CEO of Dimension Telecommunication in which he welcomes all and specified the Contents of the Orientation Program i.e., Mission, Goals and Values.

free meal you get from Dimension. Welcome to the Company. You are going to like it.

Peter asked everyone to write down what they think it means to provide Exceptional Customer Satisfaction and 3

Paige excitedly scribbled notes on her note pad. Completely amused By the Vision of Dimension and its history as shown by Mr. Peter

He asked everyone that after writing it turn to the other people at your Table, introduce yourself and compare notes. After writing her thoughts Paige met John Reuter who have worked for Dimension for the past five year as a Contractor and now hired on full time. She met Kelly Smith who have worked for Yikes! Jeans and heard good Things about Dimension. Three of them put across their thoughts about the Customer Satisfaction

ways Dimension will be able to Improve Customer Satisfaction

John corrected the ideas of Paige by saying that Welcome to the Work World, Paige and laughed The focus is on what makes the company money, not what customer likes. Leaving them alone doesnt grow the business or the new customers People shared their ideas like relationship, knowing different Departments , Speed etc.After two more spin and buzz sessions and listening to the new hires Paige felt even more confused and thought it is hard. She thought, All Her experience with the phone is just talking on them and paying Bills. I dont think like a company. Peter put across the story, how Dave one of their employees come up with an innovative package, and gain a new customer, balancing all three Goals i.e., customers, Companys and personal.

John couldnt believe Daves story and said Dave begged his boss to let Him add services to the deal, he had to come on weekends & made long Distance calls from his home i.e., loads of extra work and hell lot of time To crack the deal. Kelly John sounds Melodramatic regarding Dave because all Companies do the same thing, they give the paycheck to the employees And wants a lot in return. Argument heated up between Kelly and John as John said Its all about Money for the Company but Kelly said The company making more money Spends more money on employees and she had student loans to pay off. But for Paige money is nice but there was more than that like helping People, and she wanted to be a part of something important.


Johns Its all about money for the organizations & hard work take time takes to get noticed. He had pessimistic view towards the organization working Due to his experience considered as practical person but shares only negative or bad experiences. Kellys Company earning more spend more on benefits. She had optimistic view as her experiences show that money issues happen in all organizations.

After listening to Kelly and John Paige had an impression:

Big Corporation just may not be right for her.

She dont know what to think or who to believe. She dont know whether she think like a business person, Not like someone whos supposed to be Dimensions future. Would she be happy there or should she start looking again?


She should continue working with the organization . Should interact with more people of her own department. Should experience herself before coming to any final decision keeping John and Kelly's views in mind.


Should not form any preset notions or opinions before experiencing. Individual should try and match there personal goals with the organizations vision. Opinion formation should be based on oneself and some additional advices of many other. Decision making should be based on his own abilities and potential too.