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Corporate Overview

ESOL International Corp. (OTC: ESIT) is a well rounded

investment and service organization.

ESOL International Corp. presently owns 100% of the stock of two

subsidiary companies.

J.G. Capital Corp.


International Country Club Corp.


ESOL International Corp's mission is to constantly build

shareholder value by providing the global market with an
affordable product in the private country club sector.

ESOL International Corp. can and will furnish the financing,

management, marketing, and technology to enable International
Country Club Corp. to meet its goal of having one million members
in the next five years. One million members of the International
Country Club program will represent in excess of one billion dollars
USD in annual revenues for ESOL International Corp.
J.G. Capital Corp.

J.G. Capital Corp. presently has a 50 million dollar net worth

comprised of marketable securities in publicly traded companies,
cash, and real estate holdings.

J.G. Capital Corp. will not only help finance the expansion of
International Country Club Corp. but will continue to help finance,
package, and consult selected companies to enter in the public
stock arena.

J.G. Capital’s goal is to consult, package, and assist a minimum of

one to three new companies each year.
J.G. Capital tries to select companies it feels will generate a
potential profit of at least ten million dollars USD for its assistance
in each new public company endeavor.
Country Club Corp.
ICC is focusing on hundreds of millions of potential members worldwide
with an annual income over $60,000 who are active in golf, tennis,
horseback riding, indoor racket sports, scuba diving, sport fishing and
many other recreational activities. This group represents 85% of the
potential private country club lifestyle market, but most are not members
because of the high cost of belonging to most private clubs. ICC offers an
affordable membership program that has more benefits and services than
existing private clubs, at a fraction of the price of their fees and dues. The
best part about the plan is that members can save more money through
the club’s member benefits than the monthly fees of only $125.00 per
month. In other words, the club pays you to be a member!
ICC is constantly adding new services and benefits for its members thru
the Members Enhancements Programs.
Enhancement Programs
The Company has selected a ‘Complete Dude Ranch’ concept as its first
featured Member Enhancement Project. ESOL International has identified
the members enhancement program as a key investment strategy that will
augment and enhance membership sales worldwide while adding a
significant profit as a recreational tourist attraction and real estate
subdivision project. This market niche establishes the International
Country Club as a unique, stand alone player among the multi-million
dollar resorts located at the high traffic tourist destinations.

Robert Remington, Chairman of the Board, a seasoned Executive; shareholder

and CEO of Crescent Heights Investment Corp., which is an international real
estate and development company. Mr. Remington has spent the last 25 years
as a successful principal in real estate development, raw land investment and
business consulting.
Kelly Boothe, MBA, Ph.D., President, has over 15 years of experience in
supporting companies through critical start-up or turnaround situations, and
coordinating rapid-growth market expansions. He holds an MBA in Finance and
a Ph.D. in International Business, and is an expert in directing and evaluating
overall strategic and tactical planning. He also serves as an effective
organizational liaison with a diverse national and international community.
Chaz Robertson, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, brings over
25 years of direct sales management, recruiting and training to ESOL
International. He has extensive experience in building an organized approach
to sales and marketing teams. As a former professional golfer, he also brings
an astute knowledge of the country club industry to ESOL's groundbreaking
International Country Club program.

Michael Smith, Executive Vice President, Operations, is a former director

of information systems for several colleges and Chief IT Architect and
manager of advanced technology research for a regional bank in Utah,
California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado (making it the first regional bank
to offer Internet Banking in 1995). He has more than 20 years of
experience in electronic commerce and Internet technology and holds a BA
in Human Development.
Keith Harary, Ph.D., Vice President, Creative Marketing, is an award-
winning public relations and marketing consultant and media
spokesperson. He has managed projects for many international
corporations, including Microsoft, Sears, Budget Rent-A-Car and others.
He is the former Editor at Large of Omni magazine and was a key
contributor to Omni’s award-winning Internet edition. He has published
more than one hundred articles and numerous books. He holds a Ph.D. in
Psychology and has given dozens of invited lectures for leading
universities and other scientific and cultural organizations.
Executive OverView

The Company has selected a ‘Complete Dude Ranch’ concept as its first
featured Member Enhancement Project. The concept is simple. Each year
millions of tourists are attracted to sunshine/beach high tourist destination
resorts around the world. The average family comes for a 7 to 10 day stay
and usually spends the first couple of days on the beach. After soaking up
too much sun then they begin looking for other recreational activities in the
area for their families to enjoy together. The complete dude ranch concept
is the answer.
Executive OverView

A complete Dude Ranch is the space that ICC occupies, ICC offers a
unique alternative package that has something for everyone in the family
to enjoy. Our complete ‘Dude Ranch Experience’ will consist of horse back
riding, an equestrian centre, heliport pad, an 18 hole championship golf
course, driving range, putting green, golf instructions, a day spa, gym,
tennis, fishing, wildlife excursions, elegant dining experiences and nightly
live entertainment. These subdivisions will all be gated communities
offering all of the above amenities and complete services of electricity,
water, and sewer within a short drive to the beautiful beach locations.
Executive OverView

ESOL International has identified the Members Enhancement Projects

(Dude Ranches) as a key investment strategy that will augment and
enhance membership sales worldwide while adding significant profits as a
recreational tourist attraction and real estate sub-division project. This
market niche is significant not only in the terms of branding our own
corporate image but establishes the International Country Club as a
unique, stand alone player among the multi-million dollar resorts located
in these high traffic tourist destinations. The company has selected the
Cancun Caribbean Ranch as its first Member Enhancement Project.
Other targeted areas ICC plans to focus on and apply its Dude Ranch
Recreational Concept include :

Mazatlan Puerto Vallarta Acapulco Tulum

Belize Costa Rica Dominican Republic

Executive OverView

All these activities are proven successful business models operating as

stand alone entities in every sunny beach high tourist destination in the
world. ICC will limit the outside use of its facility to a maximum of 300
visitors per day on a pre-booked reservation system for outside tourist
excursions. The company expects to be overbooked because there is no
other attraction comparable to the complete dude ranch package.

This source of revenue will contribute approximately $10 million per year.
Executive OverView

Real Estate Investment Strategy:

The company will enjoy income from two sources: as a tourist attraction
and from the sale of lots in a huge sub-division in each Membership
Enhancement Project. Each complete ‘Dude Ranch’ will have a minimum
of 8000 – 1012 m2 residential lots.
Executive OverView

Market Analysis and Marketing Plan:

The profile for being a potential client or end user of a Dude Ranch
Residential lot could be someone who is a candidate for a second home, a
retiree, a member of ICC, a tourist taking a day excursion with his family or
a real estate investor interested in the growth potential of the Cancun
area. These high destination areas are renown for real estate
appreciation and ESOL expects an even greater demand in the future.
Executive OverView

Market Analysis and Marketing Plan:

The Cancun Market and every high traffic beach destination that has been
targeted for a complete dude ranch location all possess the same basic
market characteristics.
Each high destination area has had a phenomenal appreciation in real
estate value over the past ten years and we expect even a greater
appreciation in value as the areas season in world wide appeal and
accessibility in the future years. Out of the millions of visitors each year
that come to each destination, a vast majority recognize a tremendous
real estate investment opportunity that exists in these areas. The problem
that confronts the potential investor is that the majority of the real estate
opportunities that exist all start at a price point of four or five hundred
thousand dollars, which places 80 percent of the potential buyers out of
the market.
Executive OverView

Real estate sales agents located in any of these high destinations areas
are very interested in representing real estate products they can be
offered at a price point under one hundred thousand dollars that has
potential for appreciation in the future. The Cancun Caribbean Ranch sub-
division and future similar ranches solves this need. It offers a product for
delivery at under $50,000.00 per lot at pre-development prices that should
soar in price value as the development is completed. This product will help
satisfy this great void for a real estate investment under $100K in each of
these high destination areas. It is ESOL International’s goal to appoint and
maintain over 200 successful real estate agents as a semi exclusive
Cancun Caribbean Ranch agent in his/her area on a procurement
agreement. These real estate sales agents will have a minimum quarterly
commitment of 12 lot sales each to validate their sales procurement
agreement. Each approved real estate sales agent will be required to
complete a training program by ESOL International.
Executive OverView

The company will pay a full 6% real estate commission to its selected agents. This
would generate over $12,000.00 USD monthly commissions from only 4 sales each
month. This is a very attractive listing for each of our selected real estate sales
agents. They will be given complete sales packages and trained to sell a package of
one to 25 lots to each investor. The company expects through its targeted real estate
procurement plan these select real estate group will sell a minimum of 2400 lots each
quarter or over 8000 lots annually.
The sales plan for houses in the ranch is very simple; the company will offer up to four
models all with a rustic hacienda Tex-Mex look. All houses are built by the company to
maintain the continuity and rustic look. The floor plan will vary from a 2 bedroom to a 4
bedroom hacienda type layout. The price points will start at $85,000, $100,000,
$125,000 and $150,000.00 USD. These houses can be placed into our managed
rental plan which could easily give a 15% to 20% annual return on only a 50% rental
occupancy at a $200.00 per/night rate. This rental program opens up the second
home market to the world. The ranch will have a free round trip service to all guest
and residents six times per day to the Cancun beach area or to the ICCC’s private
residents beach. There is presently no real competition in any of the selected
markets of high destination locations for our complete Dude Ranch concept.
Executive OverView


One can easily conclude that the market for a finished product of a three
bedroom hacienda on a beautiful lot in a gated sub-division (with
unbelievable amenities within few minutes to the beach) for $149,000USD
will be absorbed quickly by this huge market.
International Cancun
Caribbean Ranch
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview

Overview of Cancun Caribbean Ranch:

General Description

The property consists of mostly pristine jungle and is approximately 4500

acres (1825 hectares) in size and is located approximately 22 miles (55
kilometers) north of the Cancun airport. It is close to Cancun and yet
seems like miles and years away from civilization. The close proximity
makes it relatively easy to travel to and from, while at the same time being
remote enough to make it peaceful, quiet and unhampered by the lights or
sounds of the city. The lodge, powered by a self-sustaining power grid and
water system, is a luxury oasis from ordinary travel destinations.
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview

Present Development

In its present configuration, the

property is much like a small town with
its own water, sewage and electricity.
A satellite system provides television
and telephone service. There is no
dependence on outside sources for
any basic services. Much of the
produce is also provided right at the
property (eggs, vegetables and fruit).
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview

Presently the
property has a large
house built in the
ancient Mayan style
with a palapa roof but
thoroughly modern in
every aspect. It has a Kitchen
large commercial
kitchen, maid
quarters, laundry,
coffee/bar area, large
dining room, spacious
living/seating areas.
Living Room
Dining Room
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview
In addition, there is;
five large bedrooms, a
viewing area on the
top floor where one
can appreciate a
breathtaking view.
Also we have on the
property an Olympic
size swimming pool,
water softening
equipment, completely Bedrooms
air conditioned. This
house could easily be
a small hotel or offices
with living quarters.
Olympic size swimming pool
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview

Cenote: A large
natural cenote (deep
spring) is located near
the Guest House. This
cenote has
approximately 100
feet -30 meters- of
water (depth) and is
held in high regard by
the Mayans. There
are other smaller
cenotes on the
International Cancun Caribbean
Property Overview

Experience refined
gourmet Mexican and
international cuisine,
an Olympic size
swimming pool, take a
dive in an ancient
Cenote, ride horses,
view and walk
amongst mystical
Mayan ruins, see rare
and beautiful wildlife,
take a side trip to
dozens of popular
Mexican destinations
and much more!
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Main Lodge Ranch and18 Hole Golf Mayan Arqueological Ruins


Condominium Complex Area Residencial Areas

Cenote Wild and Recreational Areas

International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Main Gate and Entrance

International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Residencial Areas

Residencial Areas

2 The “Cenote Encantado”

International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Residencial Areas

3 Horse Stables 6 Spa & Gym 9 Condominium complex

4 Main Lodge Ranch 7 Mayan Arqueological Ruins 10 Restaurants
5 Sport Centre 8 18 Hole Golf Course 11 Heliport (2)
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Residencial Areas

Residencial Areas

13 The “Casa del Cocodrilo” Lake”

14 The Lovely Yucatan Lake, Trophy Fishing Lakes
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans

Sample Hacienda Home Model

Price $149,500.00 USD includes complete hacienda and one lot
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans
International Cancun Caribbean
Conceptual Site Plans
Economic Overview

ESOL International Corp. carried out a market study and appraisal of the
analyzed properties, which are located in the State of Quintana Roo,
based on information published by the Ministry of Tourism of State of
Quintana Roo, ICCC´s internal information system and its analysis and
expertise of the national tourist industry. The main characteristics of the
State of Quintana Roo are presented next pages.
Economic Overview

• Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product: 1.5% of National GDP

Output per Sector: 91.9% Services

6.3% Industrial
1.9% Primary Sector
Economic Overview
B. Quintana Roo’s Tourist Market
Quintana Roo is the most important tourist state of Mexico. The lodging infrastructure of
Quintana Roo is experiencing strong growth and is one of the largest in Mexico, with 759
hotels and 57,758 guestrooms with an average occupancy rate of 80.6% during the first half of
Room Supply and Visitors Arrivals in Quintana Roo
Economic Overview
C. Tourist Market Analysis
The growth of supply in the State detonated visitors demand, mainly foreign. During the first
half of 2004, the number of visitors in the Mexican Caribbean has increased by 16%; these
tourist generated earnings of more than US $2.124 billon.

Visitors Affluence to the Riviera Maya Region

Economic Overview
From January to June of 2004, Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and
Chetumal lodged 5.5 million tourists and visitors. Quintana Roo, in total, received 700
thousand tourist and visitors, more than the same period in 2003. Its tourist centres are the
most important for domestic tourist, attaching more than 6 million tourists in 2003, of which
72% were foreign visitors.

Visitors’ Origin in the Main Destinations of the Region

Economic Overview
There are international Airports in Quintana
Roo, most important being the Cancun
International Airport, followed by the Cozumel
and Chetumal Airports.

Numbers of Flights and Passengers in the main

Airports of the Region
Economic Overview
D. Hotel Market Analysis

Hotel Supply

In its most dynamic growth phase (from 1975 to 1995), Cancun increased
its guestroom supply from 1,300 to 20,200 guestrooms, that is, an annual
average increase of 950 rooms, reaching its stabilization phase around
1999 with 25 thousand guestrooms. In its current phase (since 1995 until
now) the Riviera Maya presented an amazing guestroom supply growth
from 1,500 to 22,600 guestrooms, that is a 2,625 guestroom average
increase per year. According to ICCC´s estimations, it is expected that
Riviera Maya will reach stabilization in 2008 with approximately 30
thousand guestrooms.
Economic Overview
Guestroom Supply Growth by Development Stage

Real Projected
Economic Overview
Guestroom Distribution by Category

Cancun Riviera Maya Cozumel

0% 5% 2% 0%
19% 51%

68% 70% 19%

Ultra Luxury 5 stars 4 stars Others

Economic Overview

Hotel Demand

The high demand levels existing in the main destinations of

Quintana Roo are reflected in the occupancy rates maintained in
the region for several years. Since 1975, the main destinations all
together, have not reported occupancy rates below 50%. During
the last ten years, Cancun has not presented occupancy rates
below 65%, and the Riviera Maya has not reported occupancy
levels below 72% since 1995.
Economic Overview
Occupancy Rates

The trend in the region’s occupancy rates support the State’s new tourism development
stage, forecasting development similar to the destinations already positioned in the world
Business Resume

c) Phase I lot sales offered at pre-developed price of $39,500.00 USD for
the first 1000 lots with a two year hold clause to buyer.
d) Phase II lot will offered at $49,500.00 USD up to a limit of 2000
additional lots with a two year clause.
e) Phase III 2000 lots will be sold at $59,500.00 USD.
f) Phase IV 3000 lots will be sold at $69,500.00 USD
g) 1000 lots at $39,500.00 = $39,500,000.00 USD
2000 lots at $49,500.00 = $99,000,000.00 USD
2000 lots at $59,500.00 = $118,000,000.00 USD
3000 lots at $69,500.00 = $208,500,000.00 USD
Total 8000 lots, sales 2 yrs. = $465,000,000.00 USD
Business Resume


Two Years Gross Profit………$388,500,000.00

Year One………………………$147,300,000.00
Year Two………………………$241,200,000.00
Business Resume

a) Development lot sales to begin by September 2006 and end by

September 2008.
b) No income is projected in this two year forecast for home or rental
income sales.


f) $ 18,500,000.00 USD approximate road cost at $100,000.00 per Km.

g) $ 17,500,000.00 USD approximate cost all of improvements for first
two years.
h) $ 46,500,000.00 USD marketing cost at 10% of gross sales.
Business Resume


Cost per sq. meter of undeveloped land.

The Cancun Caribbean Ranch cost per square meter is $50.00 USD.
With all recreational and touristic amenities.

g) Puerto Cancun: Located 2 km from Hotel Zone in Cancun.

Sq. meter $ 600.00 to $ 900.00 USD.
i) Playa Mujeres Resort: Located 15 km from down town Cancun.
Sq. meter $ 400.00 to $ 600.00 USD.
k) Residencial Lagos del Sol: Located near down town Cancun.
Sq. meter $ 170.00 to $ 220.00 USD (limited amenities).
m) Jardines de Bonampak: City of Cancun
Sq. meter $150.00 to $ 180.00 USD (no amenities).