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6th Meeting of the partners

8th-9th-10th October 2007

Kavala 1
Actions’ report on behalf of the Prefecture
of Heraklion

• Data collection regarding the

Piscatorial Fleet, the fishermen, and
the fish mongers of the Prefecture
of Heraklion.
• We prepared and distributed
questionnaires to the fishermen and
we have extracted results that
present the existent situation of
the fishery sector.
• We prepared and distributed
questionnaires to the fishmongers of
our area. Unfortunately up to know
their response was limited.
• We have realized three informative
meetings, with the fishermen and
the involved authorities.

Photos of the 1st informative meeting
with the fishermen and local authorities

Photos of the 2nd informative meeting

Meeting with local fishermen of Heraklion city

• We have recorded the problems
that fishermen face today and we
have forwarded them to the
European Parliament, through the
European Deputy Mr. Stavros
Arnaoutakis. We have also
forwarded the problems to the
Ministry of Mercantile Marine and
to the Hellenic Ministry of Rural
Development and Food, through the
Prefect of Heraklion Mrs. Evangelia
Schoinaraki – Iliaki.

• We have collected traditional fish
• In cooperation with the Fishery
Directorate we have collected the
legal frame that concerns the
fishery sector.
• We presented a sample of the data
base for the fishery.
• A research has been made consisting
of the following chapters:
Α) “Fishing” in History.

1.Sea environment and human societies.

2. Fishery in Paleolithic and Neolithic Age, in
Ancient, Minoan and Mycenaean times,
up till the recent past.
3. Fishery Techniques of the past.
4. Fishermen manners and customs, habits and
stories, through time.
5. Fishery and Art.

Β) Sea Environnent.
1. Significance of the term “life”.
a) Chemistry of «life».
b) Nature of «life» in sea environment.
2. Animals Classification and Phylogeny.
3. Constitution sea resources.
4. Features of Sea Water.
5. Sea environment:
a) Features of sea bottom.
b) Sea organisms’ types and Classification.
c) Ecological Classification of Sea environment.
d) Significant Sea Ecological factors.
e) Mediterranean specific Sea Ecological factors.
6. Biotic structures of sea environment.
a) Sea communities.
b) Larvae.
c) Pelagic environment.
d) Pelagic food chain. Drugs from the sea.
C) Fishes.
1. Fishes origin.
2. Fishes biology.
3. Structural and Functional Adaptations
a) Suspension and Navigation Mechanisms.
b) Movement through sea water.
c) Nutrition habits and models.
4. Emigration
5. Reproduction.
a) Perpetuation of life and effective reproduction

b) Reproductive isolation –strategies.
c) Reproduction of Mediterranean Fishes.
6. Sea zones
7. Greek sea fishes.
8. Fish species monthly availability.
9. Sustenance of fishes.

D) Fishery.
1. Traditional Fishery.
2. Fishery kinds (open sea, inner water sea, middle sea).

3. The importance of weather in fishery, fishermen

glossary and symbols.
4. Fishing fields.
a) Global level
b) National level (natural and artificial fisheries).
5. Marketable fish catches.
6. Fishing Legislation.
7. Modern Fishing Techniques.
8. Sea recreation ecosystems.
9. Fishing tourism.
10.Sea shelters.
11.Coastal fishery.
Ε)Fishery in our days.
1. “Marketable fish catches” in relation with population rise.
2. Human influence on sea environment.
3. Aquaculture.
a) Basic types.
b) Species and Area selection.
4. Mediterranean Fishery.
a) Over-Fishing
b) Sea Water Pollution
c) Fishery Boats
d) Cretan Sea.

F) Fishery and Sea Environment Management.
I) Environment
a) Maintenance and upgrade of Sea Environment.
b) Feature prospects.
c) Environmental Ethics.
II) Europe
III) Greece
a) Fishery Management.
b) Fishery fleet.
c) Fishery Stock Management.
d) Fishery products – Certification.
e) Fishery products promotion (Processing, Commerce)
f) Legal protection of fisherman while commercialize.
g) Legal protection and advices of consumer.
h) Programmes, activities about fishermen professional

i) Women and youths in Fishery.
k) Athletic Fishery.
l) Science, Technology, Art and Fishery. 14
IV) Island of Crete
• We came in contact with the
Hellenic Food Authority and we
collected the civic-national
legislation regarding the categories
and the freshness’ criteria of the
fish as well as the legislation about
the selling standards of the fish in
the markets.
• Search on the possibility of creation
a Fishery Faculty so that the
fishermen can be trained on their
field and become more competitive
• We combined MeSFiDE project with
THON.DOC project which refers to
fishing tourism, so as to provide
fishermen with an alternative way to
grow their income.
• We organized the 1st Fisherman’s
Feast in the frames of Mercato alla
• Folders’ creation and printing for the

• Creation and printing of promotional
leaflets for the Fisherman’s Feast.
• Poster creation for the project.

Fisherman’s Feast
The Prefecture of Heraklion in cooperation with the
fishermen’s association organized successfully the 1st
Fisherman’s Feast in the frames of MeSFiDE and
THON.DOC project.

Actions to be done in near future

• We will organize at least one more

Fisherman’s Feast to a port in the south
coast of Crete according to the
demands of the project.
• We will distribute the questionnaires
that the Lead Partner will send us to
the fish consumers

• We will intervene to the traditional
fish market so as to make it comply
with the hygiene conditions.
• We will organize a training seminar
to the fishermen, the fishmongers.
• We will send the questionnaires to
the fish mongers for the 2nd time.
• Connection – creation of a trade-
chain among our fish markets. 20

Due to the problems that we had to

deal with (Managing Authority,
subsidy contract, budget modification
etc.), the progress of the project is
not the expected one. That is why, we
propose a four-month extension (April
2008), if all partners agree with that.

Financial item



1. PERSONNEL 30.000,00 0 0 0,00 30.000,00

MEETINGS 10.000,00 252,40 2443,39 2695,79 7304,21

ACCOMMODATION 17.000,00 3498,79 1727,48 5226,27 11773,73

PUBLICITY 35.000,00 102,82 778,78 881,60 34118,40
EXPERTISE 15.000,00 4.451,00 0,00 4451,00 10549,00
6. EQUIPMENT 20.000,00 1.729,07 2826,25 4552,320 15444,68
COSTS 3.000,00 296,48 0,00 296,48 2703,52
TOTAL 130.000,00 10330,56 7775,90 18106,46 111893,54
PERCENAGE 100% 8% 6% 14% 86%
Thank you for your attention

Prefecture of Heraklion
October 2007