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10-12 May 2007
Palermo, Italy

May 2007
16/10/08 1

Preparation for the submission of the project’s proposal.

Approval of the Project by the Prefectural Council of


Approval for financing issued by the Prefecture of

Heraklion and amount approval of 20.000euro from
resources of the Prefecture of Heraklion transferred to a
bank account that has been opened to the Pan Cretan
Cooperative Bank for the projects’ transactions

16/10/08 2
Decision of the Prefect for a 3-member Technical
Committee under determined roles for the smooth
operation and implementation of the project

Participation in the 1st Transnational Meeting of all

Partners that took place in Palermo from July 26 to 29,

Information of the European Deputy Mr. Stavros

Arnaoutakis regarding the object of the project and
cooperation with him for its promotion

16/10/08 3
Cooperation with the Prefecture’s Directorates involved
in this project, i.e. Directorate of Fishery, Directorate of
Secretarial Support of Collective Bodies, Directorate of
Planning and Management of Programs and
Investments in order to constitute the Project’s Work
Team. Their part will be consultative.

Assignment of the project for the translation of all related

documents, the preparation, the translation of the
proposal and the contact with the partners and

16/10/08 4
Assignment of the project for the correspondence with
the partners for the budget modification, the actions’
modification, the project financial planning followed by
the proportional timetables

Employ of exterior collaborators for the implementation

of MeSFiDE project for the following specialities:
Maritime Studies, Secretarial Support

Agreement with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

for its scientific contribution to the project

16/10/08 5
Agreement with a Biologist for the scientific contribution
to the project

Purchase of technological equipment for the support of

the project

Folders printing for the project

Participation in the ARCHIMED Working Seminar that

took place in Athens from September 14 to 15, 2006

16/10/08 6
Research for the present situation of Fishery in
European, as well as in local level and for the
capabilities as well for further development of this sector

Data collection of the fishermen and the Piscatorial Fleet

of the Prefecture of Heraklion

Data collection of the fishmongers of the district of


16/10/08 7
Questionnaires’ distribution to the fishermen and the

Questionnaires’ analysis for the first data extracting and

graphic presentation of them

Realisation of informative meeting with all the involved

and directly interested authorities as well as with
representatives of the Fishermen Associations of the
district of Heraklion

16/10/08 8
Participation in the partners meeting that took place in
Athens in order to allocate the actions of each partner

Definition of the persons related to the Technical and

Pilot Committee of the project

Realization of the 2nd informative meeting of the

fishermen of the South coast of the island ,attended by
the Prefect of Heraklion, the directress of the Directorate
of Fishery and the Harbor Master of the Port Authority of
Kokkinos Pyrgos

16/10/08 9
Photographic image of the port-fish market and the fish
market that operates in the city of Heraklion ,
supplementary to our research for the traditional auction

Contact with the Hellenic Food Authority in order to

provide us with the civic-national legislation regarding
the certification, the specifications and the hygiene
conditions of the fishes

Gathering of laws

Gathering of traditional fish recipes

16/10/08 10
Questionnaires’ distribution to the fishmongers of the
district of Heraklion
Meeting with the fishermen of Heraklion city in the port

Researches in progress:

Α) “Fishing” in History.

1. Sea environment and human societies.

2. Fishery in Paleolithic and Neolithic Age, in Ancient,
Minoan and Mycenaean times, up till the recent past.
3. Fishery Techniques of the past.
4. Fishermen manners and customs, habits and stories,
through time.
5. Fishery and Art.

16/10/08 11
Β) Sea Environnent.
1. Significance of the term “life”.
a) Chemistry of «life».
b) Nature of «life» in sea environment.
2. Animals Classification and Phylogeny.
3. Constitution sea resources.
4. Features of Sea Water.
5. Sea environment:
a) Features of sea bottom.
b) Sea organisms’ types and Classification.
c) Ecological Classification of Sea environment.
d) Significant Sea Ecological factors.
e) Mediterranean specific Sea Ecological factors.
6. Biotic structures of sea environment.
a) Sea communities.
b) Larvae.
c) Pelagic environment.
d) Pelagic food chain. Drugs from the sea.
16/10/08 12
C) Fishes.
1. Fishes origin.
2. Fishes biology.
3. Structural and Functional Adaptations
a) Suspension and Navigation Mechanisms.
b) Movement through sea water.
c) Nutrition habits and models.
4. Emigration
5. Reproduction.
a) Perpetuation of life and effective reproduction models.
b) Reproductive isolation –strategies.
c) Reproduction of Mediterranean Fishes.
6. Sea zones
7. Greek sea fishes.
8. Fish species monthly availability.
9. Sustenance of fishes.

16/10/08 13
D) Fishery.
1. Traditional Fishery.
2. Fishery kinds (open sea, inner water sea, middle sea).
3. The importance of weather in fishery, fishermen glossary

and symbols.
4. Fishing fields.
a) Global level
b) National level (natural and artificial fisheries).
5. Marketable fish catches.
6. Fishing Legislation.
7. Modern Fishing Techniques.
8. Sea recreation ecosystems.
9. Fishing tourism.
10. Sea shelters.
11. Coastal fishery.

16/10/08 14
Ε)Fishery in our days.

1. “Marketable fish catches” in relation with population

2. Human influence on sea environment.
3. Aquaculture.
a) Basic types.
b) Species and Area selection.
4. Mediterranean Fishery.
a) Over-Fishing
b) Sea Water Pollution
c) Fishery Boats
d) Cretan Sea.

16/10/08 15
F) Fishery and Sea Environment Management.
I) Environment
a) Maintenance and upgrade of Sea Environment.
b) Feature prospects.
c) Environmental Ethics.
II) Europe
III) Greece
a) Fishery Management.
b) Fishery fleet.
c) Fishery Stock Management.
d) Fishery products – Certification.
e) Fishery products promotion (Processing, Commerce)
f) Legal protection of fisherman while commercialize.
g) Legal protection and advices of consumer.
h) Programmes, activities about fishermen professional
i) Women and youths in Fishery.
k) Athletic Fishery.
l) Science, Technology, Art and Fishery.
IV) Island of Crete
16/10/08 16
“Mercato alla Voce” in Heraklion

For the time being we are in discussion with the authorities

that have under their responsibility the existent traditional
market (Mr. Antonakakis – Vice President of the Heraklion
Port Authority and the fishermen of Heraklion city who operate
this fish market and are willing to make suggestions for the
better promotion of the traditional market).

16/10/08 17
The fish market is located in
one of the most tourist
places of Heraklion city. It is
almost in the gate of the
Venetian Fort of Koules,
which especially during the
summer season attracts a
huge number of tourists.

16/10/08 18
Aspects of the traditional fish market:

16/10/08 19
THON.DOC Project

MeSFiDE project is
being supported by
another project, called
THON.DOC (Interreg
III B Medocc) which
refers to fishing
tourism. By
developing fishing
tourism, fishermen
have the opportunity
to maximize their
16/10/08 20
Below we mention the conclusions that
resulted from the informative meetings with the
fishermen and the authorities. :

The informative meeting of MeSFiDE and THON.DOC

was attended by representatives of institutions and
fishery associations. At the meeting, the two European
projects MeSFiDE and THON.DOC, concerning the
fishery sector, were presented along with their
objectives. The problems associated with the coastal
fishery in the Hellenic space and in the local area were
also discussed.

More specifically, the issues that should be taken into

16/10/08 21
Harmonisation of the national legislation with that of the
European Community. Legislative readjustment of the
piscatorial periods.

The fact that the young people do not tend to become

occupied in fishery. The majority of the personnel
working in fishing boats are immigrants.

The insufficient education of the fishermen, which may

lead to the unintentional damage of the marine
ecosystem (fishing of protected species, fishing of small
fishes due to the use of small nets etc.)

Over fishing.
16/10/08 22
Sea Pollution by chloride from the swimming-pools of
the hotels and by the waste water produced by the olive-
oil factories.

Fishermen from other countries make use of a more

developed technology. Larger piscatorial ships are used
and thus bigger quantities are fished in international

Lack of a fish-pier within the boundaries of Heraklion


The rules for hygiene are not usually followed at the

fishing markets.
16/10/08 23
Insufficient representation of the fishermen in their

Mesarra's gulf has a severe pollution problem.

For the above issues, the following were proposed:

For the legislative reformation we should address to the

Ministry of Agriculture, which is responsible for the
legislation that refers to the fishermen.

16/10/08 24
To create a School of Fishery in which the fishermen will
have the opportunity to learn the suitable piscatorial
periods for the different fish species and the fish biology.
In this way, they will be well informed about the
reproduction periods of each fish and they will be able to
avoid fishing these species during the forbidden periods.

To create a Registry of Fishermen, in which only the

professionals will be included. Funding subsidy will be
given only to the professional fishermen.

16/10/08 25
To aid fish farming development in Cretan waters by the
consortium of fishermen.

To create a fish-pier, with suitable storing facilities and

space for sailing fish. The fishermen would prefer the
central facilities to be based in Heraklion, and a branch
to be created at the southern region of the island.

16/10/08 26
To continue the efforts currently active at European
level, regarding the coding of piscatorial tools, in order to
be clarified which tools are permitted for use and which
are not.

To create the proper conditions, in order the profession

of fisherman to become competitive and profitable, thus
motivating young people enter this profession.

Subsidies have to be provided to fishermen whose boats

or equipment have been destroyed due to bad weather
conditions or by big fishes.

16/10/08 27
Fishermen, having smaller boats, should be entitled to
receive financial support in order to purchase larger
fishing boats for their profession to become viable.

Producers need to be grouped into organisations, for the

management of fish catches in the fish market. In this
way, they can claim better prices and also to negotiate
more favourable legislation for them.

Establishment of a “Maritime Week” with the event of

“Fisherman’s Feast”, to strengthen the relationship
between fishermen and consumers.

16/10/08 28
Photos of the 1st informative meeting

16/10/08 29
Photos of the 2nd informative meeting

16/10/08 30
Meeting with local fishermen of Heraklion city

16/10/08 31
Thank you for your attention

Prefecture Authority of Heraklion

May 2007
16/10/08 32