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The Agnya Chakra

Intermediate Course Week 7

The Agnya Chakra
We’ll talk about

• Knowledge
• Experience
• Benefits
• How to balance

Agnya Knowledge
“The Agnya Chakra, sometimes called the
third eye, is situated at the center of the
base of the brain area, and represents the
sixth stage of man’s evolution.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Agnya Knowledge

at the base
of the brain
(at the level of
the fore head)

Agnya Knowledge

• 2 Petals
• Element: Light
• Color: Silver
• Physical plexus: Crossing of optic thalamus
(pineal and pituitary glands)
• Planet: Sun
• Place on hand: Ring finger
Agnya Knowledge

• Sight
• Hearing
• Thinking

Agnya Knowledge
The divine aspect of the Agnya chakra
is the power of forgiveness within us.

This aspect is called:

Lord Jesus Christ
(Mother Mary)

Agnya Knowledge
Mantra for the Agnya chakra

AUM twameva sakshat

Shri Mary Jesus sakshat
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
Shri Nirmala Devi
Namo Namaha

Agnya Qualities
• Forgiveness
• Thoughtless awareness
• Resurrection
• Humility and compassion

Agnya Benefits
• The power to forgive
• Humility
• Makes is peaceful
• Makes us compassionate
• Mental silence

Agnya How to Balance
Causes of problems

• Uncontrolled thinking • Self-pity

• Fanaticism • Can’t forgive yourself
• Worries • Living in the past
• Sexual fantasies • Aggressive attitude
• Flirting, pornography • Egoism
• Unforgiving nature • Futurism

Agnya How to Balance

• Too much ego

• Too much super-ego
• Deseases of the mind
• Deseases of the brain

Agnya How to Balance
The Center Agnya chakra

• Use the mantra of “Shri Mary Jesus” or “Shri Mahavishnu”.

• Use the affirmation “Mother, make me a forgiving and sacrificing person.”
• Give vibrations to the Agnya chakra.
• Know that when the Kundalini rises to your Agnya chakra, all your past
sins are forgiven, and your Karma is dissolved. Forget the past, the future
does not exist, just be in the present.
• Develop the state of thoughtless awareness - alert but not thinking.
“Nirvichara Samadhi”. Use this state to dissolve your tendency to think too
• Say the Lord’s Prayer with your whole heart.
• Watch the Agnya of Shri Mataji’s photograph through a candle light.
• Apply vibrated kumkum or sandalwood oil on your Agnya chakra.
Agnya How to Balance
The Left Agnya chakra

• Use the mantra of “Shri Maha Ganesha” or “Shri Maha Bhairava”.

• Use the affirmation “Mother, by your grace, please forgive me.”
• Give vibrations to the back of the head.
• Without feeling guilty ask for forgiveness.
• Avoid all impure use of the eyes.
• Use candle treatment on the back of the head.
• Tapping on the back of your head, left hand towards the photo.
• Do not live in the past. Break any useless conditionings and habits.
• Surrender to the Super Ego of Shri Mataji.
• In severe cases use burning camphor bandhans on the back head.
• Rub Tigerbalm on the back of your head.
Agnya How to Balance
The Right Agnya chakra

• Use the mantra of “Buddha” or “Mahat Ahamkara”.

• Use the affirmation “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone, including myself”.
• Give vibrations to the forehead also left top of head.
• Forgive everyone.
• Don’t allow unrealised people to touch your Agnya or your eyes.
• Where there is excessive heat in the front and left side or top of your head
put an ice bag.
• Stop all meditative practices which involve the Agnya. Do not use
concentration or visualisation techniques and abandon “mind control”
methods, clairvoyance, hypnosis and other “Siddhis”, they are
possessions and must be removed.
• Don’t be futuristic.
Agnya How to Balance

• Mother, I forgive everyone and I forgive myself.

• Mother, please forgive me any mistakes against my
spirit, made either knowingly or unknowingly.

Let’s meditate now