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Bag it Today is an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where members discover premier brands, private sale products, each open for a brief time span. Their focus is to provide a collection of sought-after offerings selected from the best brand names in the world - combined with great service.

Membership, while free, is by invitation only. Members shape the community by inviting new members and get rewarded whenever a new friend places his/her first order.

Digital cameras Mobile Phones DVD players, Watches Electronic products Home Dcor Jewellery Banded Shoes Branded sunglasses Clothes



The business models used by Bag it today is: B2C ( Business to customer ) which includes all the transactions carried out between the customers and the Bag it today while buying of the voucher of the various service provider. Competitive Environment : The major Competitors of Bag it today are Sosasta.com, Delhimart.com , etc..

Bag it today generates revenue from a number of fees such as insertion fees, promotional fees, and final value fees, subscription fees. Insertion fees: When an item listed on Bag it today, than nonrefundable fee is charged. Promotional fees: Fees that charged for additional listing options that help attract attention for an item, such as highlighted or bold listings Subscription fees: Fees charged by the customers who want to become a member of bag it today.

For transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web is Secure HTTP (S-HTTP). S-HTTP is designed to transmit individual messages securely. Whereas SSL creates a secure connection between a client and a server, over which any amount of data can be sent securely. Both protocols have been approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a standard

They accept all mode of Payments i.e. All Visa/ MasterCard Credit Cards and Debit Cards of following banks: SBI ICICI Bank HDFC bank debit cards & Net safe Cards Axis Bank DB KYB Corp Bank IOB Kotak (Net Card) are accepted & Online Bank Transfer available.

The information gathered by India Today Group Digital falls into two categories: (1) Information voluntarily supplied by visitors to their websites through optional registration and (2) Tracking information gathered as visitors navigate through their sites.

E commerce Marketing Strategies

Bag it today has mainly used the Umbrella e commerce Strategy The model is about having a large user base and selling them all what they want. Bag it today is using corporate umbrella strategy under which a firm can provide multiple product offerings under one firm. Bag it today is also using the heavy discount as one of the major strategy.

Some fraud case of Bag it today

Do not ever trust this india today group book club offers.

DO NOT EVER TRUST THIS INDIA TODAY GROUP BOOK CLUB OFFERS. I had bought reebok sunglasses with watch free for Rs 1298/-. Soon after receiving it , i found that the watch used to run 20-30 mins slow everyday!!! After i contacted them, they asked me to give them for 7 days, and that was because it was 7 days to go for their warranty period. After waiting for 10 days, when i contacted them, they are saying your warranty is over on this date!!!!! Such scamsters and cheaters, i've never seen in my life!!!!!!!! Moreover, i think they are selling cheap fake products in the name of brands! You know, a country of billion people, if you con few million even once, they are making billions of rupees!!!! God save them for their hideous sins.. One last caution for those who have not yet being capped, DON'T FALL PREY TO INDIA TODAY BOOK CLUB

BAGITTODAY.com registered me as a customer with my e-mail address

:drilling@bol.net.in and membership no. ITBC 10235416 and sent me e-mails offering various products under huge discounts. Being a shopping website of INDIA TODAY GROUP, I placed an order no. 0GA 100002511 on 01 February 2010 for Benetton ladies Wallet and Belt set and paid Rs 999/= by using my Citi Bank Credit Card. The offer also included that this being my first purchase from BAGITTODAY they shall also give a Reebok Wrist watch absolutely free. The promised delivery of the product was to be made within 3-4 weeks. However, when more than two months elapsed I started contacting the customer care at their telephone no. 40502424 and spoke to many of their executives, at interval of 7-8 days ( Mr. Kuldeep, Mr. Pawan, Ms Jagriti, Ms Prachi, Mr.Bala, Mr. Arun, Mr. Rashid Hulak ( Sr. Executive), Mr. Neeraj and finally Mr. Adiel Asgar. First of all they told me that the packet containing my goods has returned Undelivered due to wrong address provided by me. When I told them that this is absolute nonsense, because firstly my house is never locked, secondly I used to receive minimum3-4 couriers everyday at the same address without any difficutly and thirdly the address provided is complete and is situated in a very renowned and post area of Rohini, Delhi. Upon this they asked me provide nearby landmark for the address for which I provided them with 2 famous nearby landmarks and they promised to send the packet once again. When I did not receive the packet, I contacted them again and asked them to provide me the depatch details alongwith the courier name and consignment no., they told me that the same is not available. After that despite exchange of various e-mails, promises from customer care executives the product is not received till date. On 19th April 2010 when Mr. Arun let me spoke to their Sr. Executive Mr. Rashid Hulak, I was informed that all the despatches were dummy despatches and that is why they do not have any shipping details. Actually they do not have the product in stock. Mr. Rashid suggested me to send them an e-mail, requesting theirein to CANCELL the order. I told him that as per terms and conditions, I cannot cancel the order, and even if I do, as suggested by Mr. Rashid, they shall forfeit my entire money. To this he has no answer


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