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Eaton Energy Management System (EMS) Upgrade Kit

Jonathan Rodriguez
Product Manager

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Why do customers need this product?

41.7% of data centers will run out of power capacity in 2009. -Uptime Institute
Energy capacity management is a critical business need, and Eaton can provide you with a premier solution.

EMS applications summary

Power distribution units (PDUs) Remote power panels (RPPs) Power distribution racks (PDRs) Wall-mount panel boards Rack power modules (RPMs) Eaton EMS Upgrade Kit for legacy/third-party equipment

Integrated power management for any existing infrastructure.


Importance of energy management

1. Is your rack power density continuously going up? 2. How often do you add/change breakers?
How do you achieve load balancing at the branch breaker level in such an environment?

3. Can you identify trends in power consumption due to applications, seasonality or period?
How do you ensure your breakers dont experience overload?

Metering parameters
Input voltage: L-L Output voltage: L-L & L-N Phase output current Neutral and ground current Total harmonic distortion (THD) kVA, kW Frequency Power factor/phase Percent load/phase Branch level load w/adjustable warning and alarm levels

Integrates with Power Xpert Enterprise Monitoring Platform Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 card


Over and under voltage (input and output) High current (3 phases, N, G) Phase rotation (Input & Output) Phase loss Voltage THD Current THD Over/under frequency Output overload (three levels) Building alarms (four programmable) Real time stamp on all events

Load profiling
Unique differentiating feature Localized load profiling data storage On-board real-time clock on all time-stamped events Monthly profiling
Min and max V, I, Hz, kW

Highest readings captured monthly over 24 months Long term load trends
Help power optimization and data center planning

EMS Upgrade Kit

Key features
Monitor energy usage in existing PDUs, RPPs or panel boards Self contained packaging Up to two 42-pole panels per unit No disconnection of branch circuits required Flexible mounting options Remote communication Clamp-on CTs Set-up CD enables user configurable settings

EMS Upgrade Kitwhats included?

EMS control module and mounting bracket Connection and wiring harnesses for one or two panelboards Power Xpert Gateway 1000 remote monitoring card Voltage monitoring taps (also powers the control unit) Split-core branch circuit CTs Optional Ground and neutral CTs Optional main input CTs Optional subfeed monitoring CTs Optional conduit boxes Optional LCD

EMS Upgrade Kitother features

75A or 100A clamp on CTs for BCMS

Every kit includes Power Xpert Gateway 1000 Card standard

Terminal connections for four building alarms (N.O. or N.C.) Summary alarm contact DB-9 serial service port to configure firmware (configuration tool included on CD)

How does it work?



Connection overview



Main and branch circuit CTs

Split-core CTs can be installed without disconnecting the branch circuit or panel main wiring



Voltage and current sensors

Voltage taps can be added to existing branch circuit wiring, or wired into 3-pole breaker in panel

Split-core CTs easily clamp over branch circuit wiring

All CTs can be added without disconnecting wiring to loads



Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000

Feature overview

Real time power monitoring presented how you need it

Standard on-board Web pages Integration with Power Xpert Software Interface with third party network or building management systems

Enables remote configuration of your EMS

Independent, redundant Ethernet ports support high-reliability systems Supports Eatons Environmental Monitoring Probe Customized e-mail messaging

Event notification and periodic status updates

Easy integration into existing Ethernet infrastructure

Communication protocols supported:

Web server Modbus TCP/IP SNMP, SMTP, NTP



All parameters, including real-time values and alarm status, are readily available via a pull down menu.


View the 42-pole breaker panel layout and associated data via the pull down menu.



Managing the data and event logs is simple. View and save logs for power quality analysis, load management and trending.



Easily configure breakers in panels from a browser. Save and restore panel configurations in multiple units. 18

Quickly reference the Web site or supporting MIB documentation to facilitate integration into thirdparty building management and network management systems.



Best monitoring package!

The most complete monitoring package in the market today Ability to monitor alarm parameters at all levels: Main inputs/outputs, subfeeds, panel main and branch breakers Load profiling as standard feature Power management and capacity planning tool 24-month profile log Best-in-class communication capabilities

Integrate all of your power distribution equipment into one EMSeven third party and legacy equipment!