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A minute glimpse

Main objective of terrorists is to terrorize, or create fear in the minds of the people, to destabilize an entire country by shaking its very foundation the people.

Fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper. You can make a hundred brilliant saves but the only shot that people remember is the one that gets past you. -PAUL WILKINSON, London Daily Telegraph.

o Racial and ethnic profiling. o Hate crimes targeted towards Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and Asian-pacific Americans. o Discrimination at work place in terms of employment and wages.

We are all one, created by the one creator of all creation. No enemy, no animosity. Love for one, love for all. Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion


o Terrorism --- a new type of risk. o It Causes massive damage to property & harms the trading infrastructure.

o Terrorism disrupts communication & leads to market volatility & uncertainty.

1. Bank of New York and J.P. Morgan Chase, the two main clearing banks for government securities. (WTC Blasts 9th September,2001.) 2. Bombay Stock Exchange, financial nerve center of India (12th March,1993.)

o Difficulty in procuring visas & passports. o Increased security at airports, train stations, cruise ports. o Countries mainly dependent on tourism lose their business which impacts their economy. o Aviation industry is impacted drastically by terrorism which in turn affects the hotel industry & allied industries. o It not only affects the economy of the country but also damages the overall reputation which includes safety , attractiveness & comfort.


Terrorist attacks are meant to affect people. Victims and their family both are affected. Mental traumas caused by terrorist attacks.

Budget of 22 billion USD

Budget of 55 billion USD

Became third-largest department in federal government with 230,000 employees

As much as $60 billion in US funds has been wasted in Afghanistan over the past decade due to poor planning, lax oversight and corruption. The total operational cost for Afghanistan from the beginning of the conflict in 2001 through 2006 only slightly exceeds the amount spent in 2010 alone $93.8 billion. The projected total cost relating to Afghanistan in fiscal year 2011 is expected to be $118.6 billion.


AFTER 26/11

Total loss- Rs. 4000 cr. Deaths- 179 people, including 22 foreigners & 6 Americans. Estimated drop in no. of foreign tourists to India- 30 to 40% In the first weekend after 26/11. Pantaloon (Mumbai) observed 4.2% fall in overall sales. Multiplexes in Mumbai suffered 20% drop in seat occupancy.

The Indian Budget 2011-12, presented to the Parliament on February 28, 2011, has allocated Rs. $36 billion for the Defense Services that include three services (Army, Navy and Air Force), Defense Research and Development Organization and Ordnance Factories (OFs). Rs. $8.4 billion which has been earmarked to defray civil expenditures of Ministry of Defense (MoD) The Indian armed forces got a 34 per cent hike in the defense budget, the largest ever in the country's history.

What is money laundering? It is a process where cash raised from criminal activities is made to look legitimate for re-integration into the financial system.


Drug Trafficking o Money laundering o Pirated CD o Extortion and Kidnapping o Fraud o Gambling o Smuggling and trafficking in counterfeit goods o Contributions and donations or charities o Legitimate business activities. Increasing shift towards raising funds through criminality

o Educating the citizens and to be united. o Understand the differences in cultures, religions,

beliefs and human behaviors. o Establish surveillance and monitoring system on terrorism attack. o Improve protective system for citizens.

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Kaizeen Varun Jaisal Vinayan Rohit Shreya