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What is an Interview
It is a planned conversation aiming to collect

essential information about the candidate. Interview is a formal occasion but its process is usually informal. Informal process ensures spontaneous flow of information from the candidate. A written exam does not reveal many personality and competence aspects of a candidate. Hence an interview brings out personality traits and leadership qualities of candidate.

Personality Traits Tested in Interview for An Officer

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Effective intelligence, Sense of responsibility, Self Motivated, Initiative, Judgment (under stress), Ability to reason and organize, Communication skills, Determination, Courage, Self-confidence, Speed in decision-making, Willingness to set an example, Compassion Grasp, Imagination & mental Alertness. Physical and mental Stamina. A feeling of loyalty to National Insurance Co. Ltd..

Essential Preparation needed to face an Interview

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Know your organization. Refreshing academic achievements for graduation / post graduation level. Updating information Base. Making short notes on latest information Displaying Knowledge of what you claim Explain hobbies / sports meticulously. Expressing Ideas effectively. Organizing Mock Interviews.

Before the interview

Research the company 1. Being well informed about the company and industry provides you with a competitive edge. It also conveys a clear message to the interviewer and that is: 1. You are career oriented and want to build a career within the industry 2. You understand the intricacies of the industry 3. You are wholeheartedly interested in working for the company 2. Read up as much as possible about the company and the industry. Appearance 1. First impressions are made within the first few minutes and are very important for a successful interview. It is preferred, candidates wearing formal attire (Indian or western). Dress soberly and neatly. It is better to be conservative in the choice of clothes. Avoid flashy clothes or strong perfumes. Jewellery should be at a bare minimum. 2. Have your clothes ironed and keep it ready in advance. This also avoids last minute problems like a stained shirt, wrinkled tie, missing buttons or unpolished shoes. 3. Looks matter! Pay a visit to the salon, to get an appropriate haircut. Trim your nails. Remember, a professional look is the first step to making the great the first impression.

Dos and Donts of an Interviews

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Express Clearly Stay Cool Avoid Putting an Accent Good mannerism Helps Displaying Over Confidence is not desirable Watch your body language Prepare in planned and systematic Manner Honesty is the best policy Display enthusiasm Throwing Humour

I- Identify weak areas of your personality N- Notice Correct Dress Code T- Truthful and trustworthy Answers

E- Eye to eye contact

R- Result Oriented Outlook & Self Confidence V- Verify and Update data & info on current topics

I- In-depth Knowledge of your subjects and Hobbies

E- Ensure logical & Convincing responses W- Working towards adapting a positive body


SMART Tips for Managing Interview Stress

Breathe Easy Dont Alter Routine Drastically Sleep Adequately Find Time to Relax Consolidate Efforts Remain Positive Be Organized

Physical Exercises Help

Avoid Anti Anxiety Medicines Balance your diet.

During the Interview

1. Stay focused; put away any worries 2. Switch off your cell phone before an interview starts 3. Eye contact conveys confidence 4. Introduce yourself clearly with your first and last name 5. Smile at appropriate times 6. Take time to understand the question and then answer it. It is not a question of how fast you answer but how well you answer 7. Be expressive, talk crisply and slowly. Do not mumble, stammer or use a monotone 8. Keep the answers to the point. Avoid rambling 9. Be forthright and direct. Do not be evasive or beat around the bush 10. Never lie in an interview 11. Never blame or badmouth anyone during an interview 12. Never argue, always give polite responses 13. If you do not know the answer be frank, admit it

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Our Company Performance

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