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Name : B. Balaji
Designation : HOD
Branch : Electronics & Instrumentation
Institute : Govt. Polytechnic for Minorities, Guntur.
Year/Semester : V - Semester
Subject : Process Control
Sub. Code : AEI - 504
Topic : CNC Machine
Duration : 100 min
Sub Topic : Definition and block diagram of CNC
Teaching Aids : Diagrams
AEI504.88 to 89 1

On completion of this topic, you would be able

to know about

• What is a CNC machine

• Advantages and disadvantages of CNC

• Block diagram of CNC

AEI504.88 to 89 2
What is a CNC machine ?

• Computer numerical control (CNC) is the control of a

machine tool using numbers and letters.

AEI504.88 to 89 3
• It is a system in which programmed numerical values are
directly inserted and stored on some form of input
medium and automatically read and decoded to cause a
corresponding movement in the machine which it is

• CNC is also called soft-wired NC.

AEI504.88 to 89 4

AEI504.88 to 89 5
• High degree of quality due to accuracy, repeatability, and
freedom from operator-introduced variations.

• Reduced scrap: Errors due to operator fatigue,

interruptions, and other factors are less likely to occur.

• Simplified inspection: Once the first piece has passed

inspection, minimal inspection is required on subsequent

AEI504.88 to 89 6
• Lower tooling costs due to less need for complex jigs
and fixtures.

• Reduced lead time.

• Complex machining operations are more easily

accomplished due to advanced machine control.

AEI504.88 to 89 7

• Tools on CNC machines do not cut metal as faster than

conventional machines.

• CNC does not eliminate the need for expensive tools.

There is also a greater initial cost involved with the
CNC machine.

AEI504.88 to 89 8
• CNC will not totally eliminate errors. Operators can still
fail to push the correct buttons, make incorrect
alignments, and fail to locate parts properly in a fixture.

• Selection and training of programmers and maintenance

personnel is required.

AEI504.88 to 89 9
Block diagram of CNC

• The following are the elements of CNC:

• Input unit

• Control unit

• Memory unit

AEI504.88 to 89 10
• Arithmetic unit

• Output unit

• Operator interface and machine interface

AEI504.88 to 89 11
Block Diagram of CNC machine
Control unit

Memory Output
Input unit

Arithmetic unit

Operator and machine

AEI504.88 to 89 12
Input unit

• It receives all the commands from operator interface and


• All the input signals are compatible by input unit to be

understood by control unit .

• When no. of inputs are many , multiplexing technique is

used .

AEI504.88 to 89 13
Control unit

• It takes instructions from the memory unit and interprets

them one at a time and processes information received
from the operator and machine interface.

• The information is interpreted and manipulated with

hardware logic and computer programs .

• It sends appropriate instructions to other units to cause

instruction execution .

AEI504.88 to 89 14
• It sends appropriate instructions to other units to cause
instruction execution.

• It turns ON and OFF machine outputs and controls

machine motion via machine interface.

AEI504.88 to 89 15
Memory unit

• It stores instructions and data received from the input

and also stores the results of arithmetic operations and
supplies information to output unit.

• The size of the programs and space required to

manipulate data determine the amount of memory
required .

• Fixed programs are stored on ROM which stores

information permanently.

AEI504.88 to 89 16
Arithmetic unit

• It performs calculations and make decisions and results

are stored in the in the memory unit.

AEI504.88 to 89 17
Output unit

• It receives the data from the memory and these signals

are made compatible with output devices , so that
commands issued by output unit can be obeyed by

• Digital signals are first converted to analog form to

control servo motors .

• Output signals are used to turn ON and OFF devices,

display information , position axes etc.

AEI504.88 to 89 18
Operator interface

• Punched tape is most commonly used input system for


• CRT, LEDS and plasma displays are used for displaying


AEI504.88 to 89 19
Machine interface

• It consists of all devices used to monitor and control

machine tool like extreme travel limit switches,

miscellaneous position location, solenoids for hydraulic

and air control, control valves, servo mechanisms etc.

AEI504.88 to 89 20

In this period, you have learnt about

• The following elements of CNC are discussed

• Input unit
• Control unit
• Memory unit
• Arithmetic unit
• Output unit
• Operator interface & Machine interface

AEI504.88 to 89 21

1. CNC comes under the category of

a) Hard-wired NC

c) Soft-wired NC

e) None of the above

AEI504.88 to 89 22
Frequently asked Questions

1. Define CNC

3. Draw and explain block diagram of CNC

AEI504.88 to 89 23

• List the advantages and disadvantages of CNC.

AEI504.88 to 89 24