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Name : K.S.Sandhya Vani
Designation : Lecturer
Branch : DCCP
Institution : SRRS GPT, SIRCILLA, KNR(Dist)
Year/ semester : I - Year
Subject : Computer Fundamentals
Subject Code : CCP-105
Topic : Components of a Computer
Duration : 50 Mts
Sub topic : Secondary storage devices
Teaching aids : PPT, Animations & Images

CCP105.9 1

On completion of this period, you would be

able to :
Know the following devices and their functions
 Floppy drive
 Hard disk drive
 Tape drive
 CD Drive

CCP105.9 2
 Mother Board
 Main board in the Computer.
 Ram
 Part of a Computer’s Main Memory
 Temporary in nature.

 Rom
 Part of a Computer’s Main Memory
 Permanent in nature

CCP105.9 3
Examples of Storage Devices
 Magnetic Storage Devices :-
 Floppy disk, Hard disk, Tape Drive
 Optical Storage Devices:-

CCP105.9 4
Storage Devices

CCP105.9 5
Floppy Disk
 Portable storage device
 It is commonly used to move files between different
 It is also used to load new programs onto the
 It helps in keeping backup of data

CCP105.9 6
Floppy Disk Drive

CCP105.9 7
Floppy Disk

 Floppy disk is used to store a small number of files

 Can hold 1.44 MB of data and is usually of 3.5”
 It is not very reliable and can be damaged easily
 Existing information can be erased and new
information can be stored (re writable)

CCP105.9 8
Floppy Disk Drive

 It helps in reading data from floppy disks in

 It also helps in writing data on floppy disks
 It also helps in deleting files on floppy disks

CCP105.9 9
Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)

Access LED
Eject Button 10
Hard Disk Drive


CCP105.9 11
Hard Disk Drive (HDD – I)

 A hard disk drive consists a number of disks and

also read/write head
 The disks are made of a magnetic material and are
sealed inside a case
 Hard disk drive can read from and write to the disks
inside it
 Hard disk can be partitioned for better organization
of files in its disks

CCP105.9 12
Hard Disk - II
 Hard disks hold more data and are faster than floppy
 They can held up to one Terrabyte (1024 Giga bytes)

CCP105.9 13
Hard Disk
 Hard disks are very reliable as compared to
 Rewritable
 They are many times faster than floppy disks

CCP105.9 14
CD ROM Drive

CCP105.9 15

 CD-ROM is the acronym for Compact Disk Read

only memory. It is a compact disk which is used
to store data

CCP105.9 16
Speed of a CDD

52X = 52 x 150 Kbps = 7800 Kbps

CCP105.9 17
Compact Disk (CD)
 Contains digital information, which can be read
but cannot be rewritten
 It can hold vast amounts of information such as
full-motion videos, animation, music, text, etc

CCP105.9 18
Compact Disk (CD)
 CD is fairly a simple piece of plastic, about four
one-hundredths (4/100) of an inch (1.2 mm) thick

 It is portable. Its capacity usually ranges from 650-

700 MB

 Most reliable for long-term storage

 There are separate CD drives for reading only or

writing only or for both operations

CCP105.9 19
Digital Video Disk (DVD)
 DVD looks similar to a CD
 A DVD is faster than CD
 A DVD can store cinemas like with better quality

CCP105.9 20
Pen Drive
 Pen drive are also called thumb drives, jump drives,
mini USB drives, and pocket drives
 To access a pen drive you must plug it into the USB
 They can hold information up to 8 GB

CCP105.9 21
Tape Drive
 Is also a secondary storage input device which is
used to read /write information on magnetic tapes
 They contain a read/write head connected to the
 Contain two spools to contain tape and move it past
the read-write head

CCP105.9 22
Tape Drive

 All this is contained in a box which is called tape-drive

 Tape drives may be in-built or independent
 Tapes can store enormous amounts of data
 But tapes can be read or written on only sequentially
and hence slower than disks

CCP105.9 23
Tape Drive

CCP105.9 24
 Secondary Storage devices:
 Magnetic Storage Devices
 Floppy Disk

 Hard Disk

 Tape Drive

 Optical Storage Devices

 CD

CCP105.9 25

1. How are floppy disks are different from Hard

disk drives
2. State the capacities of different storage devices

CCP105.9 26
Frequently Asked Questions

 Explain the functions of floppy and hard disk

drives and tape drive.
2. Give a brief description of a floppy.
3. List some examples of secondary storage

CCP105.9 27
Any Questions …

CCP105.9 28
CCP105.9 29