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Name : K. Srinivas
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Branch : DCCP
Institute : SGM Govt. Polytechnic,
Year/Semester : II Yr / III Semester
Subject : Quantitative Techniques - I
Sub.Code : CCP303
Topic : Dispersion, Range & Co-
Efficient of Range
Duration : 50 Mts
Sub-Topic : Importance, Objectives &
Applications of Measures
of Dispersion
Teaching Aids : PPT & Animations
CCP303.54 to 55 1
Objectives :

On Completion of this period, you would be

able to understand:

 Objectives of Dispersion
 Importance of Measures of Dispersion
 Applications of Measures of Dispersion

CCP303.54 to 55 2
Recap :

 Measures of Central Value (Arithmetic Mean,

Median, Mode, etc.,) are insufficient
 Measures of Variability or scattered or
dispersion needed

CCP303.54 to 55 3






CCP303.54 to 55 4
Introduction :
Need for Measures of Dispersion
 Interested in the amount of the variation
from Mean
 Its degree
 But not in the direction
 In other words
 It determines uniformity or consistency

CCP303.54 to 55 5
Measures of Dispersion :

Example 1:
 A measure of ‘6’ inches below the mean is
same as measuring dispersion of ‘6’ inches
above the mean

CCP303.54 to 55 6

 To determine the reliability of Average

 To serve as a basis for the control of the
 To compare two or more series for variability
 To facilitate the use of other Statistical
Measures like Analysis of Variance, Statistical
Quality Control (SQC) etc.

CCP303.54 to 55 7
First Objective:

To Determine the reliability of average

 Points out as to how far an average is
representative of the mass

CCP303.54 to 55 8
First Objective Contd:

What if dispersion is
 Small
 Large

CCP303.54 to 55 9
If Dispersion is Small :

 Average closely represents the individual

 Reliable as it is a good estimate of the

CCP303.54 to 55 10
If Dispersion is Large :

 Average not so typical

 Average may be quite unreliable unless the
sample is very large

CCP303.54 to 55 11
Second Objective:

 To serve as a basis for the control of the

 Determine nature & cause of Variation
 To control the variation itself

CCP303.54 to 55 12
Example 2:

 Regarding Health, for example

 Variation in
 Body temperature
 Pulse beat
 Blood pressure

CCP303.54 to 55 13
Example Contd:

 The parameters are considered as Basic

guides to diagnosis
 By which variation can be controlled

CCP303.54 to 55 14
Example Contd :

 What we can observe from Example?

 Measurement of Dispersion is basic to
the control of causes of variation

CCP303.54 to 55 15
Third Objective :

 To compare two or more series with regard

to their variability
 Points out how far the average is uniform
and consistent

CCP303.54 to 55 16
Example 3 :

 How to compare consistency?

 High degree of variation
 Low degree of variation

CCP303.54 to 55 17
Example 3 Contd:

 High degree of variation means little

uniformity or consistency
 Low degree of variation means greater
uniformity or consistency

CCP303.54 to 55 18
Importance :

 Central values give one single figure that

represents entire data
 Averages alone cannot describe set of
 Study the variations between the sets of
observation, Dispersion is essential

CCP303.54 to 55 19
Applications (Uses):

 In Engineering problems
 Measures of Dispersion are often
specially used

CCP303.54 to 55 20
Applications (Uses) Contd:

 In Social Sciences Problems

 Special problems like measurement of
 Of distribution of income or wealth etc.,

CCP303.54 to 55 21
Properties of a Good Measure
of Dispersion :

 Should be Simple to understand

 Should be easy to compute
 Should be rigidly defined
 Should be based on each and every item of the
 Should be used for further statistical analysis
 Should not be affected by extreme items

CCP303.54 to 55 22
Summary :

Measures of dispersion helps

 determine the reliability of average
 compare two or more series regarding their
 further statistical analysis

CCP303.54 to 55 23

1. How many basic objectives of Measures of

dispersion are there?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

CCP303.54 to 55 24

2. Two or more series compared for their

a) Variability

b) Uniformity

c) Consistency

d) All of the above

CCP303.54 to 55 25
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Explain the objectives of Measures of


2. List out any two applications of Measures

of Dispersion.

CCP303.54 to 55 26

1. Explain the need for Measures of Variation.

CCP303.54 to 55 27