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Attack the block (2011)

A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion.

The trailer


How is the genre of the film conveyed?

The genre of the film is first established with the tone and colour of the shots, we are introduced to the setting of the film a block of flats or estate, which is a common setting featured in grime, urban films. There is a blue, grey tone on the shots which builds suspense and makes the audience experience unease. The title that follows reads the deadliest species in the galaxy, the font and style of the title is futuristic and super-natural, which indicates that the film genre could also be a thriller, that will revolve around the theme of extra-terrestrials. The characters appear to be mostly young males that live on the estate: again a common aspect of grime films. There is a series of quick cuts and we see what appears to be an alien. This keeps the trailer concise and packed with action; therefore leaving the audience wanting to watch on.

How has the trailer been structured? Structurally, how are temporal shifts denoted through use of transitions?

The trailer is structured in a relatively liner fashion, the trailer begins with an establishing shot, and then a long shot of the young males, here we are introduced to the setting and the main characters, briefly. The editing then speeds up as we see a series of jump cuts showing us an alien, the jump cuts create suspicion and makes the action intense. The trailer then progresses and we see the reaction of the teens to this alien invasion in this way the trailer would appear to follow Todorovs narrative theory; equilibrium disruption attempt to resolve disruption. There are temporal shifts to enable the trailer to be fluid and concise for example there is s sound bridge of the protagonists saying Check it dem tings throughout the trailer we see more and more shots of an alien invasion, which sets up the narrative of the film and keeping the trailer tense and exciting. Only key lines are used in the trailer such as right now, I feel like going home, locking my door, and playing fifa this adds an element of comedy, however a lot of the key lines are used to keep the action fast paced and intense for example Im killing them, Im killing them straight.

Which parts of the plot have been included? How do these seek to achieve narrative enigma?
The most vital parts of the plot have been included which indices the audience making them want to watch more, we are only briefly introduced to the characters and setting to enable us to get a feel for the genre and narrative: so that we have some idea of what to suspect. Aspects of the narrative is not fully revealed in the trailer therefore building suspect, a build up to the film. An example of this is the aliens, we dont fully see the aliens only the concept is implied this builds suspicion and makes us want to watch on. Key lines are included and often overlay action shots - rather than the original shot, as featured in the film. This helps the audience to uncover aspects of the plot and grasp the intense story-line.

What kind of audience do you think the trailer attempts to appeal to? What other films would this be in line with?

I believe that the target demographic of the film is young adults and teens, the trailer conveys this as it contains comedy, action and exposes themes of gangs and the hierarchy of an estate: themes that a teenager of this generation would be able to relate to. I believe the audience is the same in all the grime trailers I have looked at, typically they are aimed at 15-25 year olds of mainly the working and middle class, people that can associate themselves or people they know with the characters of the film. The friendship group of young boys we see in the trailer, seems to play on the typical friendship group there is a variety of different characters and personalities, therefore we should be able to see ourselves in at least on of the characters. The comedy aspect of the trailer makes the themes light hearted and enjoyable to watch, all factors that teenagers generally look for in a film.

What connotation does the film titles typography create? When does the title appear? How has text been used to convey key points or create narrative intrigue?

The sans serif font is commonly used in grime trailers, it makes the film appear more hard-hitting. Where as if a serif font was used the film might look more appealing to an upper class demographic and might seem to be focused on more trivial themes. Lines come up in-between shots and read: The deadliest species in the Galaxy Is about to encounter The ultimate enemy an aspect is comedy is incorporated in the titles which contrasts with the fast paced action, this intrigues us and makes us want to see more of the characters and their quirky personalities.

What connotations does the use of colour/mise en scene have in the setting up the audiences expectations of the film?

There is a blue, grey tone to the shots which create intrigue and suspicion, it ties in nicely with the super-natural themes, and action. The mise en scene and setting is like most grime films, set on an estate which therefore targets a working class audience as they can relate to the setting, we associate the setting with action and often violence, this assumption is confirmed when we see weapons used to kill the aliens.

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