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Electricity Scenario in India

Installed Capacity : 1,52,360 MW (64.1% Thermal, 24.4% Hydro, 8% Renewable, 2.7% Nuclear) GDP Growth Rate : 8% (Electricity demand increasing at 5%, supply demand gap increasing at present about 12%) Only 83.1% villages are electrified. (56% households do not have access to electricity) Per capita consumption is 704 kWh/year

Electricity Scenario in West Bengal

Installed Capacity : 8500 MW (Including Central Sector) Villages electrified : 99% Household Electrification : 46% Per capita Electricity Consumption : 611 kWh/year Household Electrification in Islands of Sundarban : 20%

Potential of Renewable Energy in West Bengal

Biomass including Rice Husk Wind Power Small Hydro Power Tidal Power Waste to Energy Solar Power 400 MW 450 MW 250 MW 100 MW 169 MW 16000 MW **

** With Present Level of Technology and Available Waste Land. Roof top not considered.

Achievement Made So Far

50 3 30 7 2,00,000 Nos.


40 40 24 4 7.5 30

Biomass including Rice Husk Wind Power Small Hydro Power Tidal Power Waste to Energy Solar Power (PV) Solar Home System

Countrys first MW level Grid Connected SPV Power Plant under operation in the State

Biomass Gasifier Power Plant in Sundarban under Operation for last 10 Yrs

Solar PV Power Plant of Capacity 50 kW under Operation in Sundarban for last 12 Years

Solar Home System in Sundarban. About 1,50,000 Systems are now working in the State of West Bengal

Countrys first Solar Housing Complex located at New Town, Kolkata


In order to harness full potential the state needs huge investment. In addition the state also encourages investment in the manufacturing of RE products. In the recent past Rs 400 crore (USD 80 mn) have been invested in the state only in the SPV manufacturing sector. Some investments have also come in the green Building sector and LED manufacturing units. National Action Plan on climate change and National Solar Mission will open up many more new investment areas in the state of West Bengal.


Ministry of Power, Government of India has also announced DDG scheme for Remote Rural India. Sundarban area of West Bengal is ideally suited for such scheme. The State has identified 44 nos. of remote villages in Sundarban where 24 hours electricity will be available on commercial basis through DDG mode. Rural Electrification Corporation has agreed in principle to support the project. Technology : Solar PV, Biomass and Bio Diesel. Renewable Energy could play a major role in India and in the State of West Bengal since West Bengal is 97% dependent on coal based thermal generation.


Provisions for Renewable Energy E Act 2003

Section 86(1)(e) : The State commission shall promote co-generation and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy by providing suitable measures for connectivity with the grid and sale of electricity to any person, and also specify for purchase of electricity from such sources, a percentage of the total consumption of electricity in the area of distribution Licensee. Section 61(h) : The appropriate Commission shall, subject to the provision of the Act, specify the terms and conditions for the determination of tariff and in doing so, shall be guided by the promotion of co-generation and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy.


Renewable Energy Tariff in the State of West Bengal

Tariff order issued by SERC which is under revision
Biomass Wind Small Hydro Biogas Solar PV Rs 4.00 (9 US cents) per kWh plus 2.5% escalation Rs 4.00 (9 US cents) per kWh Rs 3.60 (8 US cents) per kWh Rs 5.00 (11 US cents) per kWh Rs 15.00 (33 US cents/kWh) with MNRE, GOI / Rs 11.00 (26 US cents/kWh) plus accelerated depreciation benefits (Under Sec-32 of IT Act) To be decided on case to case basis


RPO to reach 10% level by 2012


Incentives for Solar Industry

100% Foreign Investment is allowed Customs and Excise Duties: Zero or low customs & Excise duty on most items presently used in commercial production of Solar Cells / Modules Concessional custom duty and no excise duty on Solar Thermal concentrator starling Engines, etc. 80% accelerated depreciation in the first Year Tax - holiday for setting up units in backward and specified areas and power generation projects Grant/Loan support R&D


Keeping in view the above the state has created a new Corporation styled as West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation Limited to attract investment in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector. The Corporation is one of the most active Renewable Energy Organization in the country.