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The Emergency Capacity

BuiIding (ECB) Project

approach to Joint EvaIuations
& Impact Measurement
Jock Baker, CARE InternationaI
Emergency Capacity BuiIding (ECB) Project Phase II
Collaboration between international NGOs 2008-2013
ocused on core themes 1) DRR, 2) National staff capacity building, and
3) improving accountability to disaster affected communities & developing
impact measurement best practice
country and 1 regional consortia angladesh, olivia, ndonesia, Niger
and the Horn of Africa) with representatives in each country
IobaI Advisor roups tackling shared challenges and programs for each
core theme DRR, Staff Capacity, Accountability & mpact Measurement)
IobaI Project team to support the structure Director, ield Manager,
Communications, M&E, inance and undraising, Knowledge Management
unding from ill & Melinda Gates oundation, DfD, ECHO, ODA and
What |s the Lmergency Capac|ty 8u||d|ng (LC8) ro[ect?
ECB Consortia - a group of Ns who are working together in
the fieId "to improve the speed, quality, and effectiveness of the
humanitarian community in saving lives, improving welfare, and
protecting the rights of people in emergency situations. '
pportunities to reach out to other countries, Ns and partners
in the region
AccountabiIity & Impact Measurement (AIM)
W Agreement on Key Elements of
W Development Good Enough Guide to
Impact Measurement & Accountability and
supporting communications materials
W Established an accountability standing
team of deployable staff
W Developing a new Good Enough Guide
to ust) Impact Measurement
W !iloted Joint Evaluations in four
W !iloted Joint Needs Assessment rapid
first 72hours) in 3 countries ACA!S
partners) training and data capture
W When does lL make sense Lo
do a [olnL evaluaLlon?
W When who and how?
W Pow Lo prepare?
W Pow Lo lmplemenL?
W WhaL ls needed for follow
W 8eal Llme [olnL evaluaLlons
whaL's dlfferenL?
eneflLs Challenges of !Ls
otent|a| benef|ts
W ee Lhe blg plcLure"
W eer learnlng
W 8elnforce coordlnaLlon
W More effecLlve advocacy
W CreaLer 1ransparency
W CosLs shared
W Loglcal sequence from [olnL
needs assessmenLs
W oes noL replace lndlvldual
agency evaluaLlons
W CreaLer complexlLy eg
More meeLlngs!!!
AgreemenL on ob[ecLlves and
evaluaLlve framework
need for a lead agency" wlLh
necessary capaclLy
1eam leader wlLh necessary
mpacL MeasuremenL or?
W AcLlon research ln Lwo counLrles wlLh Lhe
unlverslLy of LasL Anglla Lo examlne
conLrlbuLlon Lo change"
W AdopL a 'Cood Lnough' approach
W CapLure communlLy coplng mechanlsms
W evelop a Cood Lnough Culde and Lools for
undersLandlng changes ln llvellhoods followlng
rapld onseL naLural dlsasLers
E-mail info@ecbproject.org