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SISI are now known as MSME-DI, Micro,Small,Medium enterprise- development institutes

After 1947 , Small scale industries received special privileges In the Indian economy.

Starting from cottage industry board to Comprehensive policy package.

Providing Institutional Infrastructure for SSI

SMALL INDUSTRIES SERVICE INSTITUTES (SISIs) There are 28 SISIs and 30 Branch SISIs set up in State capitals and other industrial cities all over the country. The main activities of these institutions are as follows:Assistance/Consultancy to Prospective Entrepreneurs Assistance/Consultancy rendered to existing units Preparation of State Industrial Profiles


 Preparation/Updation of District Industrial Potential Surveys  Project Profiles  Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Assistance /Consultancy to Prospective Entrepreneurs

Assistance to Existing units

Preparation of State industrial profile

Progress made In ancillary development

Extension centers E.g.. SISI New Delhi

Extension centers

E.I Division

Current Progress And Tender Enquiries.

E.g. SISI New Delhi

Prospective entrepreneurs

Preparation of District Potential Survey

Project Profile


Existing SSI Or ancillaries

Different Products, different projects Guide scheme

Rehabilitation of Sick units

Venture, motivate, promote new entrepreneurs Prospective entrepreneurs


 Energy Conservation  Pollution Control  Quality Control & Up gradation  Export Promotion

Energy Conservation

Quality control and up gradation

Export Promotion

Pollution Control

Conducting Technical Seminars Training programmes

Seminar on ISO9000 Total Quality Manage ment

Training Programs in Export Marketing Export Packaging International Trade Fairs Documentation

Seminars, Training programs Waste minimization cleaner production

Coordination with DICs

 close Liaison with all the DICs and provided backup and support in development of small scale units  finalising the cases of small scale units  delivered lecture in EDPs organised by different DICs  Technical schemes were provided to DICs on their request


Linkage with state govt. functions  All the officers attending meeting called by Industries Commissioner, Govt of State for better linkages for the development of SSI units.  Attending Central Govt Employees Welfare Coordination Committee meeting  Attending and delivering lecture about the activities of SISI and the facilities available for industries in the orientation programme for NGOs organised by State Social Welfare Advisory Board.  Attending and delivering lecture during Management Development Training Programme and Entrepreneurship Development Programme.


 Necessary marketing support was extended to a number of SSI units by providing required information on Govt. purchase Policy  SISI involved itself in organising a seminar on export initiated by the State Directorate of Industries & Commerce  For getting more market opportunity, this Institute prepared a Directory on export worhty units located under its jurisdiction with details of data such as addresses, name of products manufactured, capacity, name of the countries where exported and name of the items having market potential.  . One Buyers-Sellers Meet and an Exhibition was also organised for building up a rapport between the SSi units and various large scale private and public sector undertakings.


 Advance Licence: The officers of this Institute regularly attended the Regional Advance Licence Committee (RALC) meeting organised by the Jt Director General Foreign Trade, Mumbai and scrutinised and provided comments on the cases referred for issue of Advance Licence. During the year 1997-98 about 1066 cases were scrutinised.  Foreign Trade Delegation: Delegates from the countries of Iran, Iraq & Russia visited this Institute, during which a meeting between the delegates and successful EDP trainees was organised at the Institute.  Modernisation of Library: During the year purchases of books, subscriptions to new Trade Journals and furniture were made for the Library. Modernisation of Workshop: Action was initiated and orders placed for purchase of new machines for the SISI, Mumbai Workshop.  Complaints of 90 small scale exporting units have been solved during the meeting of Export Facilitation Cell .


 Ancillary Development  Common Facility Workshop/Lab.  Preparation of Directory of Specific Industry  Intensive Technical Assistance


 Motivational Campaigns  Production Index  Management Development Programmes  Skill Development Programmes

Motivational campaigns

Production index

Management Development programs

Skill Development program

Short term Campaigns. E.g. SISI Agra

Quarterly computation of production. Comparison with last quarter

Training Programs Project profile Motivational campaigns.

There are 28 SISIs set up in state capitals and other industrial cities all over the country to help the budding entrepreneurs.