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Mrs. Felicia Chitra, Principal I/C College of Nursing, MTPG&RIHS, Puducherry

Clinical teaching is that part of teaching of students that is done in the wards of the hospital in special departments or clinics or in various clinical settings. The term clinical setting applies to any context where patient or client groups are provided with services relating to the health and should not be restricted to its literal meaning of bedside, since much of nursing occurs outside the hospital frame work, in peoples homes, clinics, health centers. Students need to be allocated to spend time in day care centers, nurseries, social service departments or in industry as part of their education.

Introduction contd.
Clinical teaching is combined with ward practice to enable the student to become proficient in nursing skills. It makes classroom teaching more meaningful to the student when she can see a practical situation and have the problems and solutions explained.


To pass on skill and knowledge that have been acquired To encourage the student to add her own contribution in the profession she has chosen. To allow the student to learn on the ward what she has been taught in lectures and demonstrations in the classroom.

Goals & Aims

The primary goal of clinical teaching is patient care. To make sure that patient safety is maintained Its making sure the patients gets taken care of and the student feel good about themselves. Facilitating students fit. It is enabling their connecting with themselves, the patients, the units, etc. To help students enjoy what they are doing in the clinical area

Goals & AimsContd

To help students to gain confidence in their own proficiency, their own skill and thereby increasing the interest in nursing and promoting a life long learning. Make students know about resources for learning and maximize their own ability to ask themselves questions and find answers to them. Not to give the students all the information but to teach them how to think about the situation and figure it out for themselves.

Factors contributing in a good ward teaching program:


A planned program formulating objectives determining the students knowledge planning the content for ward teaching organizing the program a qualified teacher

Attributes of faculty members

Knowledge of self Share themselves are human beings Reflectiveness on their clinical and teaching practice Sense of humor, empathy, honesty, directness, openness and taking a holistic view of the learner. Deep respect towards learners as human beings Show concern and caring relationship Commitment to the students and their future Confidence conveyed in the learner Fully accessible to the students Clinical expertise of faculty

Aspects of clinical learning environment:


Nurse Teachers Clinical Nursing Staff Ancillary Staff Nursing care Delivery Systems Patients and significant others Resources Educational Opportunities Student nurses Other Professional staff Other aspects

Difficulties in conducting clinical teaching in clinical area:


Partnership between education and service Inequality in nursing education Attitude of doctors and allied health personnels Physical environment Values and morale of service and college faculty The attitude of the staff nurses or charge nurse to learning within in the ward The awareness of all trained nurses of their teaching responsibility. Actively encouraging questions