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x About W. L. Gore & Associates

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Leading manufacturer of thousands of advanced technology products for the electronics, fabrics, industrial and medical markets.

Which industries and businesses W.L.Gore is doing business in?

Dental floss High tensile strength fibers Packing materials

Endoscope sheaths Medical instrumentation cable sheaths Oil exploration probes

Fuel cell electrodes Battery electrodes and separators High frequency data cables Waterproof, breathable laminated fabrics Space exploration wire and cable Electromagnetic interference shields and gaskets Surgical implant patches and meshes

Applications of Gore Products

Industry: Military/Defence

Products: Fabrics Aircraft Sealant Protective vents

Industry: Medical Products: Medical implants Surgical barrier fabric Medical membranes Medical OEM products

More than 35 million implants attest to Gore's commitment to improving the quality of patients' lives around the world.

Alliance of W.L. Gore with the Swiss company Sefar AG for the production and selling of TENARA
Combines Gores patented technology and innovative expanded fibers (ePTFE) with Sefars expertise in weaving

Increasing the quality of the product

In the spirit of collaboration and in the interest of advancing scientific and medical understanding, W.L.Gore has very recently acquired assets and intellectual property of NMT Medical Inc. In that way the company has enlarged the already extensive Gore Medical family of products, providing even more creative and efficient therapeutic solutions to complex medical problems.

W.L.Gore has joined forces with leading running company Brooks Sports Inc. Gore will supply its GORE-TEX brand Following its mission to provide the best running experience for the customers, the footwear. Playing off of each others' strengths and best-in-class technologies in order to build Brooks footwear enhanced with the GORE-TEX brand.

W L Gore focuses on establishing longterm relationships with its partners. 15 years together with Richardson Electronics, Ltd. Producing and selling high-tech line of surface mountable EMI shielding materials.

Maintain a reputation for the product New products, better solutions Precise understanding of what the consumers want