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Feb. 2012

y Roles of pharmacist expert - CMS warehouse receiving procedures & QA - Warehouse y -

management, organisation and stock-keeping procedures, inventory management and record-keeping of stocks Order processing at CMS Safety and security aspects in the warehouses Roles of the logistics expert Organisation and oversight of LMIS Safe and secure distribution system organisation and procedures Security organisation and procedures for storage and transportation of the products

Work plan: Q1 & Q2


Pharmacy: Improve layout and general storage conditions Dedicate one space for ATM commodities Secured stock and inventory management (batch, expiry, class) Improve the cold chain system Work on improving the stock records Write SOPs and provide training Improve receiving, picking, assembly, packing and dispatch procedures

Work plan: Q1 & Q2 (cont )

 Logistics:  Implement CHANNEL and ACCPAC - on the - job staff training - the receiving process is computerized - order entry is managed by CHANNEL  Ensure that the trucks are loaded properly  Distribution operations are scheduled and secured  Improving CMS T internal information flow  Write SOPs and provide training  Standardization and review of LMIS tools

Business Plan
y Financial Data

- Stock status -> physical inventory

- Salary scale y HR Data y Procurement Planning

Why do we need to conduct a Physical inventory?

y To verify the quantity of usable stock available for distribution or use y To identify discrepancies between actual supplies and the stock balance on the stock cards, bin cards, ACCPAC and CHANNEL software. y Establish the value of health commodities available in the warehouse. y To detect damaged/expired items y To provide an opportunity for store re-organisation

Who is responsible for the physical count?

y CMS T - HQ y PIC y Senior Stores Officer y Assigned staff

Preparation Phase
y Plan. - For a complete physical inventory, schedule the day(s) and time. - Inform all the clients about the physical stock taking days. y Assign staff. - at least two people/team conduct physical inventory and verify each others findings. y Organize all materials/equipment needed during the whole activity (Print out of channel/ACCPAC the inventory form) y The inventory includes items received on or before the selected date (receipts after that should not be included) .

Preparation (cont )
y Ensure all prepared orders are dispatched before

stock taking day ( no issue on inventory days).

y Organize the inventory area/store room.

- Ensure that cartons are neatly stacked and arranged according to class, FEFO and batch numbers. - Make sure open cartons and boxes are visible. - Separate damaged or expired products (fill in CMS expiry and damaged form). y Make sure that all the transactions have been recorded on the stock card and up - to date.

Actual Physical Inventory

y Count the usable products (Batch No., Quantity, Expiry Dates). y Count products according to the units by which they are issued (e.g., tab, cap, piece, test, cycle, vial ) not by the carton or box. y Observe and record the different strengths and pack sizes of formulations separately. y Begin at one end of the aisle/shelf and work to the other end before moving on to the next.


Actual Physical Inv. (cont )

y Start at the top of the shelves, and then move to the bottom. y Mark the expiry dates with clearly, with large, dark numbers on each box or carton. y Put a label indicating the lots which have been counted. y If there are discrepancies counted by different teams a final count is done by the PIC/supervisor. y If any products are damaged or expired, record in a separate column. Remove these supplies from unusable stock. y Restrict access to the warehouse to designated personnel only during the process.


Labelling the counted stocks


Updating DATA In Stock Records

y Update the stock - keeping records - Write the date of the physical inventory and the

words Physical Inventory. - Using a red colour, write the quantity of the product that you counted during stocktaking. y Enter the physical inventory data into CHANNEL
y Cross check the stock card, CHANNEL, ACCPAC and

the physical inventory figures.


Actions On The Results of Physical Inventory

y If the results of the physical inventory differ from the

balance on the stock/bin card, update the balance by adding or subtracting the excess or missing quantities. y For either of the above, identify, document, and correct the cause of the problem. y Dispose of damaged or expired products found during the physical inventory (next steps).


Discussion On The Findings of the Physical Inventory

y Discuss the findings of the inventory with the facility

staff. y Congratulate the staff, if appropriate. y Take corrective actions, if required.


Reporting & Feedback

y Write a report regarding the physical inventory using physical inventory form (by the PIC). y All variations have to analysed and explained in the report. y The report should include measures taken with regard to stock on hand/balance variation(s) to avoid happen again. y The discrepancies considered as important and/or the one that could not be explained should be seriously investigated and corrective measures should be to be taken timely. y The report should be sent to CMS - T HQ and accounts y Feedback should be given by the CMS T


y The inventory control system is used for:  requisitioning and issuing medicines;  financial accounting;  preparing the consumption and stock balance reports necessary for procurement. y Establishing and maintaining effective inventory records and procedures are the basis for coordinating the flow of medicines through the distribution system and the primary protection against theft and corruption. y Inventory SOPs should be understood very well and implemented in every scheduled inventory.