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Russian Jewish Youth Congress presents

Today young people more and more move away from the distant heroic age of the Great Patriotic War. And if the history of the country has preserved memories, the history of the Jewish people during these years is remembered by a few. Meanwhile, during the Great War, Jews became a nation, accepting the most terrible blow of Nazi brutality. In those years Jews were heroes, who fought for a united homeland for their families. It was then, during the war years, heroes of our people gained the right of all Jews to return to Eretz Yisrael.

It is essential that Jewish youth of the twenty first century will understand the scale of the disaster and the courage their people in those terrible years. Boys and girls will be able to pass the knowledge to their children only in the case if they feel that the breath of war is not only in the pages of books and photo albums, But also in the stories of veterans of the fighting parties and prisoners of concentration camps.

For the first time a project to restore the historical memory of the young people will be realized in the form of a flash mob: in one day in 50 cities of Russia Jewish communities will recall their heroes: dead or alive today. We will show young people that Jews in the World War II were heroic people, who defended their families, their people, who had won the right to live in the Holy land. Jewish youth of the country knows about the huge number of Jewish Heroes of the Soviet Union who have won the title in spite of persecution and repression. Together we will learn history, not only written in the scriptures, but the one that was written by the blood of our people.

Attract at least 30 youth community members in each of the 50 regional offices of Russian Jewish Youth Congress to hold a series of meetings, interviews with WWII veterans and prisoners of Nazi concentration camps.


the history of our people through the fate of the participants of important events; Involving youth in the affairs of Jewish communities to care and help the older generation; actualization of the value and importance of the older generation in the present day; Creation of video archives of meetings with veterans and prisoners of concentration camps in the Jewish

Project participants will be young people from regional branches of Russian Jewish Youth Congress, war veterans and prisoners of concentration camps. The total number of participants will be about 5000 (at least 100 people in each city) . Number of cities where the action will take place - 50.

STAGE I Creating a group of participants on the pages of groups in social networks like "Vkontakte" and Facebook; Determination of the working groups in 50 cities of Russia for providing the action Determination of the place of the campaign in 50 cities of Russia Negotiations with representatives of public organizations, business, media, culture on participation in the action; Gathering information about Jews in the Great Patriotic War living in the city of the action. STAGE II Ordering transport for the delivery of veterans to the places of the action Making presentational products: flags and kippas with the logo of RJYC , flyers, making donuts. Developing a detailed program of the action. Negotiations with the management of institutions, which will be involved in the action .

STAGE III Working with the media: publication of all the information about carrying out the action in your city on the RJYC site . Mailing to news agencies, the media, Internet portals of press releases ,announcing of the action and information about RJYC activity ; STAGE IV Meetings with veterans: Carrying lectures on "War and the life" (stories of war veterans and prisoners of concentration camps), "Soviet Jews: as it was, "Life after the fight." Organizing photos and videos of the event.

STAGE V Rreading of the El Rahamim (memorial prayer) prayer together with rabbis and community leaders . STAGE VI Mailing of a post-release on the results of the action; publication of all the information about carrying out the action on RJYC site ; Comments of the participants on the pages of groups created in social networks like "Vkontakte" and Facebook. Monitoring of mass media on the results of the action. Preparing a photo report and a booklet on the results of the action. Placing videos of stories of veterans on RJYC site www.remk.org

Project`s budget for 50 cities $17500 $350 on a city