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Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline In the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Jamaica, and under licence in the Philippines and Malaysia. Widely known as an easy to prepare malted food drink Horlicks is still the world's most widely consumed malted milk product

Horlicks in India
In its earlier days , Horlicks was imported into the country from the U.K Manufacture in India began in the year 1960 India is the biggest market Traditionally been marketed as 'The Great Family Nourisher.

Health drinks (Variants) Horlicks Junior horlicks 123 Junior Horlicks 456 Lite Horlicks Mother Horlicks Womens Horlicks Biscuits (Variants) Horlicks Biscuits Horlicks creams Junior Horlicks Horlicks cornlakes crunchy Biscuits

Horlicks Nutribar



To Establish HNA as a credible of source of Nutrition Expertise Shift/ Strengthen brand perception of HORLICKS around Nutrition and hence differentiating from Competitors Improving the Nutrition Education in the country It will also have a dedicated Product and Performance Research Centre where new and current products will be tested through a program of science-based performance research. Work in partnership with leading medical associations, universities, professionals, coaches, nutritionists and medical professionals to further understanding of nutrition and research new product

Meeting the tastes and preferences

The Indian formulation for Horlicks is slightly different than in most other countries, as there it is manufactured from buffalo milk rather than cows milk due to cultural concerns. New products have been developed specifically for India, such as alternative flavours and special formulations for young children and breast-feeding mothers

Horlicks Positioning Strategy

Junior Horlicks a 150 crore brand has positioned a product exclusively for children between the ages of two and five Horlicks Lite for the elderly who often have a sugar problem Horlicks Nutribar positioned on the twin planks of health and convenience Foodles positioned as evening snack Womens Horlicks positioned as health drink for women in the age of 19 to 50 having a stressful daily routine.

Branding strategy

"the brand today talks to every member of the family rather than the entire family."
(the idea is to address all age groups)

Market segmentation
The segmentation is largely on the basis of age. The advertisement and sales promotion focuses on kids by way of cartoonsfeaturing in the advertisements and also cartoons serial sponsorships.

Brand value proposition

Horlicks value-for-money positioning
Horlicks may not be a cheap product but it's been communicated as a value-for-money product Parents today are willing to spend more on nutrition for their children and that has helped GSK Consumer Healthcare

4ps of Marketing

New Horlicks with Smart Nutrients Horlicks in three new variants vanilla, honey and chocolate apart from the regular malt. Packaging
highest shelf appeal and maximum visibility contemporary packaging in hues of bright blue and orange More Convinient to handle jars



Distribution Center




The idea is to increase the retail reach by at least 30 per cent Horlicks reach out to around 25 per cent of the rural market and hope to extend this reach to about 40 per cent of the hinterland in a couple of years. In the urban markets, Horlicks has begun to work with retailers to create excitement and awareness Vending was identified as one of the important vehicles to make them conveniently available 'out of home'.

Pricing done considering the value addition done along with the consumer comfort ability Priced a bit high keeping in mind the value proposition

Running seminars about health concerns and health supplements. CLAIMS ADVERTISING PROMOTIONS TO CONSUMERS PROMOTIONS TO RETAILERS

BCG Matrix

Relative Market Growth




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