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TEAM Siva Ranjani R (26042) Fathima Anila(26076) Jayashree N(26082) Kiruthika A(26085) Madhumithaa A( 26088)

Airtel is an offering from Bharti Airtel Limited, one of Asias leading integrated telecom services providers with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. Bharti Airtel since its inception, has been at the forefront of technology and has pioneered several innovations in the telecom sector. It is known for being the first mobile phone company in the world to outsource everything except marketing and sales and finance

Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven to seize the day with an ambition to become the most globally admired telecom service.

Target Audience
Earlier elite class above age group of 25 years was targeted and also Corporate people and business men. This was at a time when mobile phones were a luxury or a lifestyle statement. Again at another point they targeted youth by introducing YOUTOPIA plan. But in todays market scenario where competition is intense and grabbing a higher market share is the only way to survival, Airtel believes in customizing its offerings for the different customer categories, for instance there are student plans, friends offers, corporate plans, and separate plans for the rural segment. Airtel also targeted women and senior citizens by introducing post paid plans.

Key Insight
I should be able to communicate my feelings to my loved ones where ever I go.

Brand Positioning
Airtel is positioned as an aspiration and lifestyle brand, in a way that trivialized the price in the mind of the consumer. It was pitched not merely as a mobile service, but as something that gave a brand value

The country was divided into 23 circles (geographically; roughly along state boundaries) when mobile phones were introduced in the country. Separate licenses were given out for each of the circles in 1994. The circles were classified as Metros, A, B or C depending upon the revenue potential for the circle with Metros & A circles expected to have the highest potential.

Set of human characteristics and traits associated with a given brand.

Responses for Imagine airtel as a person. How will he/she be (gender,age, traits)?
age: 20-25, predominantly male, trying to remain young, trying to appeal to all the audience.

25 years old, handsome sexy guy fit for marriage

Age 25-30, perfect, kind, emotional

Male. Early 30s. Outspoken

probably a 2030 yr old guy, with a sublime taste in arts. 60 years male, caring, affectionate, loveable


How brand personality is created??

Product attributes affecting Brand Personality
Network, good signal -> reliable Costly -> High class

Country of origin
Indian. Not too modern or freaky. Conservative

Advertising style
Usage of middle aged men Shahrukh khan, AR Rahman Using family (vidya balan, madhavan) These portray Airtel to be a middle aged brand, successful, emotional

Airtel is a 15 year old brand.

Sunil bharti Mittal is a man in his early 50s. This is also one of the factors for making the brand appear older and successful.

Airtel super singer, Cricket sponsorships These are initiatives to show the brand younger and competent.

Simple, straight Red color Strong, confident I reinforces innovation, hence innovative personality.


Male Mid 30's

Successful, aspiring, strong, confident, reliable

AIRTEL Brand personality

BRAND PERSONALITY: How it creates Brand Equity

Self- Expression Model Relationship Basis Model
sense of pride in being a customer who is not frugal and customer of a premium brand.

Personal commitment I have been using Airtel for years together and have no reason to change. Partner quality I get quality customer service. The company treats me like a King.

Functional Benefit Representation Model

Reliable Good network at all times and places. Clean Bills. Upper class value for money Middle aged, successful market leader

Brand name- AIRTEL

Airtel was born free AIRTEL probably means Telecommunication via Air There is no change in the brand name since its inception. It remains the same


Strong, contemporary and confident symbol for a brand that is always ahead of the rest, always Intouch and on customers side. Image style- it incorporates two solid red rectangular forms whose counter form creates an open doorway Typographical style-the title case lettering with its capital 'A' chosen deliberately to reinforce the brand's leadership position. The red dot on the letter I cues Airtel's focus on innovation. The words express yourself are very much part of the brand identity

Taglines of brands
Power to keep in touch (1995)
Elite and premium brand

Touch tomorrow (1999)

With NTP99 ,prices could be dropped, started looking from regional to pan india position

Live every moment (2002)

To catch some emotions and feelings, brand of the masses

Express yourself (2003-2009)

To strengthen the emotional connect of customers,wanted a fresh and contemporary idea that built a brand their customers could identify with

Leadership: According to company executives, the idea of roping in Shahrukh Khan, Tendulkar and A.R.Rahman is because all the three are the best in their respective fields by the year 2003. So Airtel wanted to associate themselves with the leaders initially.

Emotional appeal: Chemistry between Madhavan & Vidhya Balan in movie guru was Superb. Their emotional appeal was quite good as compared to Abhishek/Aishwariya. Their main motto was to show the emotional appeal in the ad. This was the main reason to take Vidhya and Madhvan
Expressions: Bollywood real life couple Saif and Kareena are touted as the powerhouse couple. Their public display of personal emotions, fights, tattoos, love expression has done miracle


3 OCT, 2003

Signed as B.A for Airtel

Vidya/Madhvan, 23rd april/2nd feb,08


Signature Tune(2002)
Used for brand recallability A. R. Rahman Immediate association with the brand Most downloaded ringtone in India

Express Yourself Campaign

An awkward question. A difficult answer. Am embarrassing truth. A flattering lie. A frank yes. A blunt no. A warm hello. A cult good bye. A sincere sorry. A heartfelt thanks. Makes the most of ever moment. Leave nothing unsaid

Nigahen nigahon se mila kar toh dekho, Naye logon se rishta bana kar toh dekho. Hasratein dil mein dabane se kya haasil hoga, Apne hoth hila kar toh dekho. Khamoshi se kab hoti hai khwahishein poori, Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho. Jo hai dil mein usey kar do bayaan, Khud ko ek baar jata kar toh dekho.

Aasmaan simat jayega tumhare aaghosh mein, Chahat ki bahein phaila kar toh dekho.
Dil ki baat bata kar toh dekho.

Nigahhein nigahon se mila kar to dekho, Naye logo se rishta banakar to dekho.. With this the focus has shifted to vibrating the innermost core of a viewers heart. The ad is made up of five snippets, each one displaying the importance of reaching out to others. range of situations/relationships covered

Best part - never shows anyone using a cell phone !!



Colour of the Chip changed from RED to WHITE. Recharge cards having various offers, changing Brand ambassadors, and brand logo on them Changes made to signify that branding of airtel now changing according to the competition in the market.

Brand Color
Black to Black and Red combination The idea was just to refresh the brand and to give it a classic and stylish look. Changed COLOUR to give more energetic and younger look.

BRAND EQUITY- Asset categories

Brand name awareness Perceived quality

Brand loyalty
Brand associations

First mover advantage/ Product innovations

Electronic recharge/ micro prepaid
Airtel live

Hello tunes

Easy Music 18,000 songs, Available in Over 100,000 Outlets

Portfolio Manager (Stock Tracker)

Song catcher Call Home Service

Customer analysis
High saturation (4.6 billion mobile users) Moving beyond mere communication money transfer; location-based services; mobile search; mobile browsing; mobile health monitoring; mobile payment; near-fieldcommunication services; mobile advertising; instant messaging; and mobile music.

Growing rural market.


Mobile Services

Telemedia Services

Enterprise Services

Digital TV Series


According to the study it is evident that airtel is in the top of consumers mind with their strong brand personality and positioning. Though they have repositioned themselves several times they maintained consistency. One of the most important brand element of Airtel is their jingle which reached millions of mind and hence it is recommended not to change it over time. shal we say its current brand personality adds to the credibility of the brand and its better not to try making it a youth brand.