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Debashish Brahma. IISWBM, Calcutta. http://debashishbramha.blogspot.


The changing face of radio over time

No TV TV the ruling king, Radio only Vividh Bharati Advent of FM Advent of Private Channels - 2-3 stations

Radio the leader in media

Radio - the dead media

Public broadcaster RJs Becoming staid Old time music Stuck in the past Slow songs RJs Classical Iconic Amin Sayani High incidence of speech programming

Revival of Radio
AIR FM starts with more hip and interactive programminghit musicrequest shows. dedications

Media Prominence

Radio The entertainment maestro

Private Radio Platform.buzzing with choicesalmost 10 in numberfighting for differentiation, yet to go niche

Small differences with non-stop music, English music...TV stars as RJs...mood led programming...etc

Fresh, new, and dynamic.. Music led, speech programming limited to jock-talk and programme formats built in music shows 2-3 channels fighting for market share with almost similar programming

The radio market is now virtually unrecognisable from the time when the BBC was dominant


Early 2000

Late 90s 80s early 90s


Spontaneous associations with radio

Peaceful atmosphere Music No loneliness

Time pass

Relaxation Good friend Fun No tension

Good songs Stress buster

Radio Jockeys

Five key Things About Radio Today

2. Radio is hyperlocal
you get to know the traffic update You are given current affairs newswhat's happening around Delhi They tell you about the weather, where to go in the weekend

4. Peoples attention slips in and out of the radio

you know the songs that are coming on radioand you sing along with itbut you dont really hear what the RJs say

3. Listening habits led by time and mood 1. Music and entertainment are key
Songs ..for all Radio jockeys Conversation Lively songs during day, slow songs in evening

5. Relationship with radio varies by segment

Students: companion
among crowd companion without intruding on space

Information/ traffic updates

Dial Ins/ Contests Happenings .. youngsters

companion whilst alone, connection to outside world


background filler with points of engagement

How people use radio - weekdays

In the background Self + kids Self + hubby


Family Self 8 p.m 10 p.m Self

(especially if unmarried)

Part of daily routine Background, non-intrusive Companion whilst alone Indulgence for self

6 a.m In Background 6 a.m 10 a.m On the road 9 10 a.m a.m College/ friends/ courses On route Self 2-3 p.m 5 p.m 1 p.m 5 p.m 6 p.m On the road 7-8 p.m

RADIO: Energising, off-set stress

Out of home activity.


Fill monotonous journey

10 p.m

In the background


Family Post return 8 p.m Self 10 p.m

RADIO: Time pass Private moments Energising, pep

6 a.m 8 a.m 10 a.m

Ad Revenue Landscape

Respondents placed stations on a ladder, based on their perception of how successful they are
Growing steadily Playing enjoyable, new music and also fun programming

Market Ladder

Strong imagerythat of spicy, young and dynamic Well known RJs and programmes Plays music resonating with young generation

Radio Mirchi Red FM Radio City Hit FM Fever FM

High awareness Popular among youngsters enjoying hightempo and English music Growing old Popular once upon a time but losing out as not very dynamic

New but fast gaining popularity

Not spontaneously recalledat probed level..no distinctive imagery

Radio One

Big FM
Old and boring Very new Name at times not spontaneously evoked..

Radio Mirchi, Times Business Solution

BCG Matrix

Relative Market Share High Low

Times Internet Limited, OOH, ABSL 360 Degrees Mirchi movie ltd Times music, zoom, Times Now


Product Sales Growth Rate

World Wide Media, Publishing Division

FM Radio - Evolution
2006- 07 Completion of Phase II Licensing Increased competition Improving Profitability Growth in radio spend

1999-2005 Phase 1 Licensing Limited Private Participation Strict Regulatory Norms

Before 1999 No privatization Government Run Radio Channel

Strategic Direction..
Expand our footprint in radio broadcasting Rapid roll-out of 22 new stations Explore opportunities in international markets Maintain market leadership in fast growing radio industry Development of listenership research standards and methodology; larger geographic coverage Keep investing in brand building and programming innovation Launch Visual Radio through mobile phones in other cities Leverage footprint to capture additional income sources Exploit additional revenue streams like Mirchi Activation

Competitive Strength
Largest operating network and reach among listeners Track record of developing innovative and creative content Proven ability to successfully operate in diverse markets Radio Mirchi brand is widely recognized Strong advertisement sales capabilities High quality studio and transmission equipment

Areas of Operation

Mirchi Activation

Target Listener

Types of Program

Segmentation of Program

Growth Drivers
GDP Growth rate of 8.7%, Ad spend growth 20%

Young nation with Higher spending Power Largest workforce in The world


Untapped rural market

Foreign Investment

SWOT Analysis on Radio Mirchi

Presence in major cities
High listenership

No subscription revenues in radio
Lack of differentiation between different FM radio stations

High music royalties Capital intensive business



Benefit from the robust growth Intense competition in the radio in the FM radio industry business Loss of listenership in radio business

Conclusion FM market 5 things to take away

1. FM radio programming is based on fun and entertainment, with all programes centered around music 2. Radio listening is mood led, and people tend to stick to a certain time of listening which fits in with their lifestyle 3. Few RJs have resonated with listeners, but those most successful have developed a strong relationship with the listeners as empathetic, friendly and person-next door 1. . with persona as fun, lively, youthful, smart and cool 4. Other than the government owned channel (AIR) which is associated with being boring and old, all other channels are fighting in the same space with little differentiation Mirchi is currently top.

5. FM has changed the market and radio is now unrecognizable from the old time