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Project Details

Project Name: Global Warming

Name & Surname:- Raffaele Nardella

Address/Nation: Milan (ITALY)

E-mail ranardel@libero.it

Profession: English Teacher in ITIS Giorgi di Milano

Role in the initiative/project: tutor

Brief description of the initiative/project
Using the Kyoto Protocol as a starting point, the project looks into the
concept of renewable energy, the use of energy throughout history and
the relationship between renewable and non-renewable energy.
The aim is to acquire competences in analysis and synthesis by asking
the students - also through the use of the English language – the link
between energy consumption, renewable sources and the quality of life.
Subjects: Electronics and Telecommunication, calculation, English,
maths, history.

Target: 2 year course in a II degree Secondary Schools.

Brief description of the adopted methodology

Outline of the problem

What is renewable energy?

How has Man used energy during the centuries?
What is the Kyoto Protocol?
What is the advantage in using renewable energy?
Where can renewable energy replace non renewable energy?
Brief description of the adopted methodology


strengthen research ability by using search engines

teach students to set up statistics questionnaires
interpret results through electronic spreadsheets preparing diagrams
using the data collected
explain the benefits of new technologies for data transmission
explain the advantages of team work for a common goal
Brief description of the adopted methodology

Activities, steps and timetable

data collection on the effects of global warming (3 h)

statistics study on how much your family and friends know about this
problem (5 h)
organise a debate on the consequence of the increase in global warming
(2 h)
prepare a presentation on the research carried out (8 h)
present the project to other teachers and students in the school (2 h)
Brief description of the adopted methodology

1. research on Internet or multimedia encyclopaedias on the subject.

2. the group should be divided into sub-groups, each one dealing with
one specific part.
3. the topics should be divided as follows:
- a study on global warming
- the mechanism of global warming
- greenhouse gases
- emissions
- climate changes
- effects on humans
- effects on the environment
Brief description of the adopted methodology


Develop a questionnaire for family and friends on the following lines:

1. understanding global warming
2. source of information
3. consequences of global warming on the environment
4. consequences of global warming on humans
5. strategies for a solution
6. steps taken by various countries to solve the problem
7. statistics analysis of the research through diagrams showing the
Brief description of the adopted methodology


Organise a round table where every sub-group will present and comment
the results of its own research. Teachers will in turn act as moderators.


Prepare a Power Point presentation using all the material collected. The
computer science teacher will give the students basic information on the
use of the program to prepare the slides.
The slides can be printed and pasted on posters to be exhibited during
the final presentation.
Brief description of the adopted methodology


The teachers who are taking part to the PBL project will organise a
meeting with their colleagues and students of other classes and present
their results highlighting both difficulties and advantages of PBL. This
sharing experience will encourage other teachers and students to try
using the PBL method as a better and more complete approach for
students towards the acquisition of new skills and their ability to use
them in an interdisciplinary context.
Brief description of the adopted methodology


the work-group will be divided into sub-groups

(max 6 students each group)
there will be 5 steps to the project and will have to be carried out in
each sub-group will have to take part to all stages
the work will have to be shared with the other groups
Brief description of the adopted methodology


use of internet
basic knowledge of statistics
use image processing programs
use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OPTIONAL :have an internet connected computer at home
Brief description of the adopted methodology

Technological Setting

a computer for each sub-group in the lab
a scanner
a printer
internet browser
image processing program
word processing program
electronic spreadsheet program
multimedia program
Brief description of the adopted methodology

Abilities, introduced or consolidated

use of internet for research

text formatting and composition
tables and charts using an electronic spreadsheet
preparation of slide shows
image processing
Brief description of the adopted methodology

Log Book

presentation of the project to the work-group

discussion of the feasibility study of the project with the students
outlining difficulties encountered by the students
division in sub-groups
task assignment
analysis of activities, steps and timetable
estimate of total time required (20 h)
Brief description of the adopted methodology


STRENGHTS (Focus on innovation)/

CRITICALITIES (Focus on barriers and difficulties)/

OPPORTUNITIES (Focus on added values)/

THREATS (Focus on limits of time, space, country….)/