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e-Computerised Operations for Police Services

Presented By Ranjit Kumar Mallick Nihar Ranjan Sahoo

The Objective of eCOPS or e-Computerised Operations for Police Services is to maintain information, monitor and enhance the performance of the Police Department. The focus of eCOPS is to computerise the activities of controlling crime, administration and support services across the country in an integrated fashion so as to enable the division heads and senior officers to obtain the relevant information.

Problem Existing System

1. The main disadvantage of existing system is that the citizen has to go to a particular police station where he has to register a complaint. It takes more time for both the officer in charge and the citizen . 2. The citizen will not be able to withdraw /deposit the money when there is a holiday for the bank. Here the customer do not have direct relationship with bank. 3. The following fig show how it happen for both employee of bank And customer if they are applying manual process.

Manual Process for Citizen

Register a FIR or ask some other information



Police Station
Associated and integrates the information As needed The incharge checks the specification And answer the query

Leaves the police

Fig Previous system Overview of citizen

2 Previous Police Service Overview

Features Of the Project

All the police department are inter-connected with each other. The users of eCOPS can avail various facilities from any other police station located anywhere in India. These services are ;

1) eCOPS is intended to provide total computerized information system support for the work of the police. Its primary activities are not transparencyrelated, but help provide police officers with information on criminal cases and on criminals 2)eCOPS would also help provide division heads and senior officers with management information about crime control, and about administration and support services such as accounting and personnel management. 3)The system can also provide access to information from external systems in hospitals, jails, passport offices, etc. to help in gathering data on criminals, victims and witnesses. 4)FIR can be registered directly onto the system. 5)They can check their case processing details. 6)Everything works out in a faster rate than the existing manual system.

Hardware Specifications
The software has been developed on computers with the following specifications. The Client Machines: Processor : Intel Pentium IV Speed : 2.66GHz RAM : 512 MB

Hard Disk Key Board (104 keys)

: 80 GB : Standard

The Server Machines: Processor Speed Higher RAM Hard Disk

: Core2Duo :3.0GHz or : 4GB : 320 GB

Software Specifications

Operating System : Windows Vista Professional Language : JAVA, SQL Tools : JSP, HTML, XML, STRUTS,JAVASCRIPT,AJAX,HIBERNATE Database :ORACLE 10g

Modular interaction

In the flexibility of the users the interface has been developed a graphics conception mind, associated through a browses interface. The GUIS at the top level have been categorized Administration users interface Inspector users interface Normal users interface Administration users interface Administrator should be able to create /edit a virtual police station which represents a real police station at a first time set up, he should be transferable at later time.

Inspector users interface When a complaint is made it undergoes various processes like FIR, Charge Sheet, Property Seizure, court disposal etc., all these activities are performed by an Inspector. Traffic and Control has important part where the Traffic inspector would be filing a charge sheet from or PDA. Maintaining a criminal information state wise / area wise / age wise etc.
Normal users interface Citizen should be able to apply for various licenses like arms, loud speaker, hotel/lodge, browsing center, mass meetings etc., and the officer should be able to approve or reject which will be notified to the applicant via sms or mail. Appointing of police officers to a particular police station which is present in a specific zone or to a specific district as a first time set up, he should be transferable at later time. Police Station should have areas of control which can be be modified at later time.






E-R diagram



The project has been appreciated by all the users in the organization. It is easy to use, since it uses the GUI provided in the user dialog. User friendly screens are provided. The usage of software increases the efficiency, decreases the effort. It has been efficiently employed as a Content management mechanism. It has been thoroughly tested and implemented.

Future Enhancement

The application is capable of managing only the current site. It can be converted into general Web & Enterprise Content Management by providing a tight integration of the existing database with the one the site holds. The current database should be redesigned so that it can adapt to the changes with respect to the site.

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